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  1. Hi guys , I just got one of my guitars back from a friend of mine . He held on to it for me for 25 years . What we have here is my 62 Fender double bound MIJ Esquire in Candy Apple Red . Pardon my fuzzy pics ..I'm not set up with the lighting over here I bought this guitar brand new in 1986 when I worked at Mannys Music on W 48 th . The first thing I did was to pull the neck off my Esquire and store it n a safe place . Since I wanted Jumbo frets , I walked over to Rudys Music and bought one of the necks he was using for the Pensa Suhr guitars of that era . BTW I waited 20 years to put the Esquie neck on one of my current Teles. I may show that one someday Last but not least , at the time I didn't have a Tele with a Humbucker in the neck position so I put one in a Gibby HB in back then ... This guitar is a keeper so I'm not at all worried about the rise and fall of guitar prices . all the best Kenny
  2. To say I had a rough time with this update would be a classic understatement . For some odd reason every time i went to download the bandlab assistant it would just hang in download mode and nothing got transferred ... Eventually I just moved on and downloaded it fine a day and a half later .... Thank you Bandlab everything is now fine . I'm happily updated and I'm very impressed with how well you guys are working together . all the best , Kenny
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