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    I still hear you in the melodies, but your arrangement/mix has come a long way over the last year or so - very full, punchy and wide. Nicely done.
  2. As a prog lifer I very much enjoyed this! Great 70's vibe as mentioned above, and though fairly straightforward there were lots of interesting twists and changes all along the journey. Nice to hear keys and drums a bit up front.
  3. Yeah, the steps in the first instance are a bit unclear.... - ...I then choose it under preferences in Sonar: Which driver mode, what bit depth and sample rate? - ...route my MIDI tracks to the basic Cakewalk soft synth: You are routing existing MIDI tracks to. TTS1? If so, was that output routed to the Fast Track? - ...I lay down the vocals on some audio tracks: Are the audio track outputs routed to the Fast Track? - ...Then I shut off the M-Audio and go back to preferences. I choose ASIO: I don't understand this one. Shutting off the Fast Track and using what instead for playback? Is that something else using ASIO where the Fast Track wasn't? For the second case: - Does the VT-4 serve as an audio I/O interface? I understand it has a preamp (input) but what about its ability to route audio from the PC to some type of physical output? - ...If I shut the connection between the Cakewalk soft Synth: How exactly are you doing this? If you could better describe how your softsynth and audio tracks are routed it would be easier to troubleshoot.
  4. 52, Figured I'd give it a shot. 😊
  5. SteveC

    Time And The Machine

    Obviously the sounds are key, but yes, it certainly does have that slightly dark Floyd vibe. But that's a good thing. 😉 Slight nit - I'd love to hear more delay on that guitar.
  6. Wow, first to reply (that hasn't happened in a while)... The topic is a bit, odd, but that is some quality prog! Loved it. Shades of Gentle Giant, Genesis, maybe a little UK thrown in. Good stuff!
  7. There aren't many that can carry a subtle 80's cheese character quite that well... 😁 Loved it as per usual. It has your signature clean and tidy mix, vocals are in the pocket, and the lyrics are, well, just great. And accurate. And funny. And...
  8. SteveC

    Science Rock

    Late as usual... "Primus influence" isn't a combination of words I've come across often, if at all, but it seems 100% accurate in this case - that was a really cool piece. Off kilter and solid at the same time, and really nice open mix.
  9. Ditto, this is quite an endeavor, Colin. I know it's not 100% yet, but really useful.
  10. Mellow and atmospheric, and then BAM! - funkified it is. Good stuff, very enjoyable. Nice to hear clav out front like that. Also loved the fretless bass lines in the second half and then those horn hits on top. Groovy...
  11. SteveC


    Like others I am definitely getting that Paul Simon vibe - I think it's that naturally "airiness" you have in your voice (love it) and your cadence. Overall mix sounds good too, matches up well. FWIW, I think it's certainly worth redoing to get the drums/percussion better in sync.
  12. Yeah, that blues song made me smile. 😊 Lyrics were great, and the arrangement and mix were very complimentary. It reminded me a bit of something that Daryl would do (that is a compliment).
  13. SteveC

    Mondo Lynn

    Sounded great here! A really nice, detailed, yet wide open mix.
  14. Wow... that is some good stuff. I think it's safe to say that you're playing your @$$ off on this one. 😉 And yeah, those tones are really nice. PS... loved the wacky stuff at the end.
  15. I really enjoyed that... aside from a great combination of piano VSTs that sound perfect together, IMO it was your "touch" that really brought the piece to life. And as someone with a college sophemore I can identify!
  16. I've never actually had to do that before, but FWIW I sorta agree that 2/4 is probably what I'd want as well. If I delete the first bar I would expect it's time signature to be deleted as well, though bar 1 may be a special case as you said since there's nothing preceding it. Pre-roll?
  17. Wow - Jesse, doing straight-ahead rock? Who woulda thunk it! Nice job with this one, it feels very... "honest".
  18. Mix sounds good here, very clear, even with the layers of instrumentation. Really loved the vocal harmonies.... There's a sense of humor in the song that reminds just a bit of They Might Be Giants.
  19. SteveC

    An Artist - video

    Nicely done, Bjorn. Great tribute. My daughter is in her sophemore year of art school in Hartford, CT, so I can certainly appreciate Aunt Betty's talent!
  20. Yeah... loved it! You really did straddle the line between duplication and tribute quite nicely. And ironically, I was reading the lines above while listening to "ten years have got behind you"... 😉
  21. Nice one, Lynn... Loved the lyrics on this one, good stuff. And I agree with Tom - that guitar solo needs to come up a notch so that it's more front & center. About the only nit I'd have is that the drums seem a bit "static".
  22. A little late for a Halloween listen, but no matter... 😊 Yeah, it's what I would expect - ya just never disappoint. I liked that multi-track scream before the breakdown section. And the outro - that's some nasty stuff.
  23. SteveC

    Light Up the Dark

    Not a huge country fan, but that was really well done, songwriting to mix. And your voice just suits it perfectly... nice falsetto too.
  24. Very nice, Tim. It's a nicely complete piece. You certainly have a lot of orchestration happening... sounds like it took some time to arrange!
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