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  1. Yeah, that's Frank-like but better sounding than Frank's stuff, IMO! Thanks for sharing this.
  2. Not autobiographical at all! I still have both legs. And thanks for the listens all!
  3. I'm sorry for setting this thread off in the wrong direction with my reply, Craig. I didn't realize what level of user you are, nor did I mean anything when I suggested you go back to Abelton. I thought I saw that you were an Abelton user in the initial post. I agree that Cakewalk has bugs. I can still crash it, but it's hard to point the finger at Windows, Cakewalk, or the writer of the old 32 bit VST or VSTi I have loaded. As a user, I just learn from experience and try not to do the things that "set it off" and make it crash. In Home Studio 2004, I used to have to save every time I hit record! Whether there are more or less crashes in CW than in other DAW software is undetermined. I'd like someone who has used all the buggy DAW softare out there to list the problems and maybe we could determine where Cakewalk stands in the group. In the meantime, I appreciate how you've defended your argument and how Noel and the guys/gals have tried to respond. Continue the dialogue. Tim
  4. Thanks Bjorn! It was a fun song to do, 14th on the album so it was where the meat of the action was taking place. Poor lead character cut off his legs for robotic ones, all trying to escape his birth and upbringing. Timbo
  5. Who is this u.k.jack c of which you speak? 😶
  6. Such a fun song! I like what you've done to your voice in this. Also impressed by the instrumentation/effects that you've added. Timbo
  7. But here's a song that I've worked on awhile - it's all part of a rock opera that I've recorded. It's a story of a person born with parts of both genders. Please tell me what you think, good or bad! Timbo PS Got permission from the scientist who took this cool photo of a spider embryo!
  8. Off topic but make sure that with your new antivirus that you exclude the locations of your virtual instruments and plugins (i.e. C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Vstplugins and so on). Speeds up my project loading time anyway. Timbo
  9. I know I'm late here, but I can make it happen if I open a project with lots of samples that are loading and close the project before they are all loaded. Bang, it will hang. Or if the project has a poorly written VST/i that doesn't give up easily!
  10. Dude, if Cakewalk doesn't agree with you, then you absolutely should use something else. Go to Abelton, if that's what you need. Cakewalk works for me, and has for more than 15 years, especially on the last album I recorded with it. Timbo PS Access was probably denied because you still had the application open (and therefore the dll) in some form. That's usually how the error happens.
  11. Good lord, this takes me back to Bowie in The Man Who Sold the World. Love it! Timbo
  12. Does it ever have a touch of old Dave! Thanks for this guys.
  13. Sorry to interrupt but once you render can you continue edit the track again using Melo? Or do you have to start all over again ... Just finished a 16 song project and it was a pain to deal with the auto scroll issue. Thanks, Timbo
  14. timboalogo

    Work It Out

    You're absolutely right - the artist rules. It's hard to critique stuff when you weren't there through the whole process.
  15. timboalogo

    Work It Out

    I was too busy tapping my feet the first time through to think critically. Good lord this is a fabulous tune. It's hard to get around the great playing and instrumentation to actually nit pick something! It was sheer genius in the first minute, by the way. I know it's too late now but the main thing that hits me is that the snare is a little bit thin. It cuts through real well but I'd like a little thonk on my forehead, if you get my drift. The kit sounds fabulous, love the player. The other thing, and its a personal preference I'm sure because you are such a terrific guitarist, is that the lead is a touch too forward (for example around 3:00). But this is being picky. Thanks for sharing another whirlwind of a song! Just wow. Timbo
  16. ummm, IMO I figure if Phil Manzanera upped the tempo of almost every track on Dave Gilmour's "On an Island", post-mix, then we all can too! I think it sold over 500,000 copies. Tim
  17. Oh Steve, that sounds frustrating. I'm assuming this is the Melodyne that comes with CbB ... I've upgraded from the free version. Just in case, when you click on "Window" on the menu, is it listed there? I doubt it, but it can't hurt to try. I've had weird things happen with Melodyne's windows in the past, with docking and undocking. I have cakewalk laid out as in the screenshot below, is it possible for you to lay yours out like this? I'm hoping the guys can help you - because what I would do was reinstall Melodyne as a start. Failing the ability to do that, can you reinstall CbB? Tim
  18. Hi musikman, I don't know about within cakewalk itself, but most would change the tempo of the mixed-down audio once you're happy with the mix. Wavelab among many others can do this. Timbo
  19. Been looking for this for awhile, checkebaby! Thanks for the solution. Timbo
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