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  1. It's true. But there's nothing preventing you from loading individual plugins by loading only that one plugin into the empty rack. As I was posting above, the CPU hit/difference is negligible. The workflow is a bit different, that's all.
  2. Based on my own experience, which seems to be echoed by what others who bought the rack have been posting for the past couple of days, this is not the case. I think most people who bought the rack will not upgrade to the full bundle, unless there's some crazy good offer down the road. The rack has all the main plugins in the bundle, and it doesn't come with any significant downside (in my case, the CPU hit of the empty rack is about 0.02%). If you also consider the fact that the 'little' plugins, which are not in the rack, have been on nice sales previously and people bought them in order to get better offers for the bundle, a lot of new buyers of the rack now have what, 95% ?, of what the full bundle offers. I would think Soundtoys are well aware of this. They leave a bit of headroom, so that those who want 100% of what they offer go for the bundle, while selling the rack to A LOT of people who were not heavily invested in their plugins before. I'd say it's a win-win.
  3. I jumped on this one. God knows how many times I tried to buy it for $99 a few months ago, with that weird only-works-if-you-got-the-free-demo voucher.
  4. Well. I couldn't help myself, and I'm 49 smackers poorer. I hope you're right, but evidence so far suggests otherwise. Upgrade/crossgrade offers haven't been great for owners of individual FX or packs. Seems like Arturia, in step with other companies, is focused more on trying to get new customers on board when it comes to their newest releases. It's not even clear when/if discounts down the road will match the launch price (see Pigments 2); it's inevitable that they will at some point, but it might be a long wait. In other words, if someone likes/needs multiple plugins from the FX collection, the smart money says grab them now. I decided that I'm more interested in the modulation pack than any other pack, so I can live without the full FX collection. I'd be (pleasantly) surprised if buying the modulation pack turns out to be a cheaper way to get the full collection.
  5. I like the free Blue Cat plugin pack. Also the free TAL chorus. Dimension D has more 'color', I guess in line with the hardware it's based on. So maybe less flexible, but a really nice, smooth, analog color. Demo it, you'll probably like it.
  6. I'll very likely get Kaleidoscopes at some point, in one of the Waves multi-plugin deals. It's inevitable. They've spammed me so hard for months now, there's probably a small, but measurable voltage difference in my brain by now. I thought that would settle it, but I demo-ed Dimension-D earlier today. I shouldn't have. It's one beautiful, sweet sounding chorus. I was thinking I might not be that impressed, since I demo-ed their spring reverb before and didn't think much of it (I much prefer Eventide's Spring). But Dimension D is NICE. Thanks, Arturia!
  7. Indeed, correlation does not imply causation. Validating the truth value of the previous statement, however, does not make correlation any less interesting.
  8. Interesting how Arturia's sale overlaps with Kaleidoscopes being released. I've been trying to find a video where they're demo-ed against each other (just for the sound of the individual effects). No luck so far.
  9. The year is 2023. The machines rose from the ashes of the nuclear fire. But we all bought this plugin for $14.99, courtesy of PA and our monthly vouchers.
  10. fitzroy

    Waves Kaleidoscopes

    Right, so following the logic from my initial post... ...you could get Kaleidoscopes and, say, SSL-E, plus one free plugin, for about $60, on audiodeluxe or everyplugin, or you could get the exact same thing from JRR for about $280. Too close to call?
  11. fitzroy

    Waves Kaleidoscopes

    Do you have access to some special prices on JRR? The only 2 plugins they have on sale are Kaleidoscopes and the Kramer guitar channel, as far as I can tell.
  12. fitzroy

    Waves Kaleidoscopes

    You'd get the plugin(s), but JRR is not running the Waves sale, so the Waves code for 40% off doesn't work. In other words, it would be cheaper to buy from Waves, let alone the resellers who are having the sale.
  13. That's funny. Why did you add Largo, since you already had it? Experimental shopping? You could write to them and ask about getting Studio 808 discounted.
  14. fitzroy

    Waves Kaleidoscopes

    I was looking at that earlier. The downside is that JRR is not in on the ongoing Waves sale (40% off + plugins), so you can't get Kaleidoscopes + 2 plugins for around $60 on JRR, but you can elsewhere (audiodeluxe, everyplugin).
  15. You should though, great stuff!
  16. Many of the H9 series plugins that had launch sales are back on sale. The Spring reverb is $24.35, while Crystals, Rotary, MangledVerb, UltraTap, and ShimmerVerb are $32.74. Undulator is still $19 on the mothership.
  17. Yup, nice video! Completely agree with the 'don't sell your bass part'. As a guitarist, getting a nice bass was one of the best gear-related decisions I've ever made. Not to mention that it saves you A LOT of time when recording, no matter how good bass VIs are. I only use the latter when traveling or when needing something 'different' (e.g. I have/use UJAM's upright bass, it's awesome!).
  18. fitzroy

    STL Tones AmpHub

    I'm sure that's true, given that I got a "unique promo code" from them as soon as I uninstalled the demo
  19. fitzroy

    STL Tones AmpHub

    For lack of something better to do, I guess, I demo-ed this. With the core pack. Clean/crunch, don't care much about the rest. Compared to the better plugins out there, the UI is terrible. Audio Assault level stuff. If people are actually paying what they charge for this, they should take 10% of that and pay a proper UX engineer to do the work. Forget about balance, emphasis, hierarchy, golden ratios. Basic stuff, scale, size, proportions, alignment. To my ears, it sounds ok. Not bad, not great, somewhere in that great between. I'm not sure I would replace anything I have/use with this. Plini, S-Gear? God, no. Kuassa, Amplitube Fender(s), PA, Nembrini? Nope. Bias FX? Maybe. Probably. I'm sure there's more to it than what I sampled. STL seem to be quite knowledgeable about profiling/IRs, one can tweak the amps/effects/cabs a whole lot more than I did, I didn't try any of the artist packs, and there's definitely people who like them, despite the pretty steep price. I just didn't get any spark out of it, whatsoever.
  20. fitzroy

    Kazrog 36 Hr Sale

    A minute ago I was reading about the dearth of sales this weekend. Now this. Sweet!
  21. Btw: you can STILL get Waves' Element 2.0 Virtual Analog Synth (and Thorn Solo) for free through July's issue.
  22. fitzroy

    Vertigo Synth

    (Sole) video linked on dealer's page is a testament to old school (well, 2011) efficiency. A 13 second microverse of pure genius. If you're not getting it, if you're not buying it, you're not worthy. YOU ***** NOOBS.
  23. It almost makes me feel bad for them. I like my Waves plugins. I'd probably get a few more, but they've had some better deals in the past (and everybody on the planet knows they'll get at least as good a deal as this in the future); this circus makes the company look silly. As if the WUP wasn't silly enough already.
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