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  1. Actually, a similar thing happened on other Rigid Audio purchases I have done.
  2. I can't figure out RA's pricing. The advertised price is $8 but when I add it to my cart, it is $6.90. And I can still take another 10% off that price. I thought it might be due to VAT but RA is in Germany and German VAT is 19%. $8-19% is not $6.90. I am not complaining at all. I would gladly have paid $8.00 for this instrument, so $6.90 is an even better deal. But it is a head scratcher.
  3. True dat. Not sure PreSonus would see it that way though.
  4. Is there an English version of the current issue available?
  5. I just got this. It is actually for Reason 11 Lite which includes Reason Racks Lite.
  6. Wow. Absolutely wow! I have wanting this ever since it was released with Reason 11.
  7. Actually, this extended download option is a bit of a joke. All this gives you is the ability, for an extended period of time, to download the Microsoft Media Creator from the PCWorld store. The joke is that the Microsoft Media Creator is available any time from Microsoft, and does not even contain the final media you need to install Windows 10. Microsoft Media Creator downloads Windows 10 from Microsoft and either creates an ISO that can be burnt to a DVD or a bootable USB flash drive that can be used to install Windows. In this case, the extended download option is a waste of $3.95. I suspect that this option is available for all their software purchases. In some cases, it makes senses. In this case, it does not.
  8. Just picked up Motion, Orchestra Dust, FourTune, and The Grid Machine Drums. Good stuff. It reminds me a bit of HGSounds and Rigid Audio Kontakt instruments. Very fun to play with. I may pick up a couple more.
  9. No to pretty women or no to vst-club?
  10. Glad I saved a fellow person a few bucks. Wish this really was our 5 dollar bill. Live long and prosper.
  11. Try changing the currency to USD. It was 69 CAD for me, but when I first bought Pro, I changed the currency to USD and let PayPal do the exchange rate. It ended up being, 56 CAD for me.
  12. The license is not attached to anything. You do not need to download anything right now. In fact what you are downloading now is the Microsoft Media Creator which is used to download the current version of Windows 10. You can do that any time. Squirrel your license away and use it when you need to activate Windows 10 at a later date.
  13. Here is something interesting. I opted to purchase Win 10 Home (after buying a copy of Pro) from PCWorld. When I pressed By Now, it offered to sell me Pro for $34.99 rather than $39.99. I wish now that I had not purchased Pro already.
  14. I think he did that on purpose. Click bait and all. It worked on me, just to see the responses.
  15. Actually, Tassman 4 can still be purchased here: https://www.applied-acoustics.com/cart/add/2246/(note direct link to a cart with Tassman in it). It is being sold as is for $99. So I guess the above deal is not so bad, considering it includes Tassman and 4 other older synths.
  16. Note that this is for really old software. String Studio is now at VS-3, Lounge Lizard is at EP-4, Strum Acoustic is at GS-2, and, Ultra Analog is at VA-3. So the software in this bundle is at least one version, if not 2 versions behind the current version. Might be useful for an upgrade path or something.
  17. Maybe I have tunnel vision but I could not see any VST/AU at the links you gave us, only Kontakt instruments.
  18. I am trying to download the DVD portion of the magazine from here http://www.bit.ly/BeatDL174. It is asking for the second word of the big headline on page 64. The English version has Psytrance but I suspect that the German edition of the word is required. Can you give the me the second word of the big headline on page 64 of your German magazine? Nevermind. The third word actually worked.
  19. This is great. Comes with a free copy of Waves Element 2. I was just about to buy the magazine when I saw this. Thanks!
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