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  1. Just got my voucher! Got Post Rock, the only Strum 2 expansion I did not own. Joy!
  2. If you really want this and it is not working for you to get it through WAProd, you can get it from Plugin Boutique. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/54-Vocal-Processing/7167-Vocal-Limiter
  3. Doug Rintoul

    DearVR xmas sale

    Looking at the prices on the website, I can't believe I got DearVR Pro and DearVR Music for $24.99 and $14.99 respectively earlier this year at PA.
  4. Yup. This is weird. Site says my order was processed but it is still in my cart, and not in my account, nor did I get an email about it.
  5. Not got mine yet. Checked my spam too. Nothing. I own a lot of AAS stuff. Where do you check your settings?
  6. Aquiver is still available at audioplugin.deals. Base price is $4.95 if you have points. Hypernode also, base price is $11.99. You can also buy Aquiver for $131 at Rigid audio :)... Funny enough, I am actually a collector as well. I figure there are more expensive things I could collect with less value. I don't feel I have wasted my money yet with Rigid Audio.
  7. $5.46 CAD at the Rigid Audio site plus get a further 10% off with GIVEME10 coupon code. Larry, looks like your post got cut off.
  8. What is the deal with EZKeys? Is this an expansion and do I need to purchase the base software in order to use it? Or does this come with all that I would need to use it?
  9. Just bought Barbary. The AID25 coupon pushed me over the edge.
  10. Not a serious issue but it is Jon Meyer, not Jon Mayer. And he does great stuff.
  11. ADSR deal is no longer. $39 at pluginboutique + £1.46 in virtual cash. https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/4758
  12. I picked up Generate for $40 from Thomann, and the crossgrade to Elevate for $49 is available to me now at the Eventide site. So 89 for both Generate and Elevate is not bad.
  13. And the deal is done. I heard it was a pricing error like Generate has been at other sites. Generate is still available for $40 at Thomann.
  14. Some good games there. Unfortunately, I have all the ones I would even be remotely interested in.
  15. Regarding the DLL verses the VST3 extension, it may be that FL studio under Windows is a special case. At least according to this: https://www.image-line.com/fl-studio-learning/fl-studio-online-manual/html/basics_externalplugins.htm That said, all my VST3s have a .vst3 extension. I do not have FL studio, so I cannot say if FL studio handles the .vst3 extension for VST3s.
  16. Like I said above, the application has to support alternative scan paths for VST3s. If you don't add the new location in you list of VST3 locations, it ain't gonna find it.
  17. However, it looks like he has redeemed himself, at least in the eyes of some people...see https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=509385&start=330
  18. This is not strictly true. It is true that most installation programs default to this location for 64 bit VST3s, but you can put them in other locations if the installation program allows it, or you can move them later if you desire and you know what you are doing. However, your DAW or whatever you are using to scan for VSTs also has to allow for alternative scan locations for 64 bit VST3s as well. Most do. It should be noted that Steinberg does say that 64 bit VST3s should be install in C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 and 32 bit VST3s in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\VST3 on 64 bit Windows. Also note that VST3s have a .vst3 externsion. VST2s have a DLL extension. That is the standard at least for Windows VSTs.
  19. With Holy Verb button that places your Prayer Piano in a gentle worship hall. Is it compatible with their Horror Harp?
  20. Just bought the Eastern Percussion Module. It is actually a really good Eastern Percussion library for Kontakt Full.
  21. Great deal. I got the additional $10 off code. Now I need to decide if I would ever use it.
  22. Already had this thing and didn't know it so I got it again. I got too much stuff.
  23. I was about to ask what TTF was, even searched the net for the term, and then noticed the name of your Youtube channel...🤪
  24. Is this the one? http://forum.cakewalk.com/SOLVED-VST-Inventory-Utility-m3511638.aspx
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