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  1. Sale excludes the Vintage Gent.
  2. That is how I discovered the link I posted.
  3. Hmm. It wasn't for me. Unless I missed it somehow. Anyway, I am happy with Humanized.
  4. What do we want? Our AAS Free Gift. When do we want it? NOW! Just discovered you don't have to wait for the eMail. Just go here... https://www.applied-acoustics.com/portal/gift/ log in and voila, you can pick your free gift! P.S. Analog Orchestra is not one of the choices. Humanized is though.
  5. But, but, but the banner says NEVER ON SALE. Are you saying you don't believe them? I am shocked!
  6. Interesting. I made the purchase at T&S at 7:38 PST and received the key at 7:39 PST.
  7. $25 vouchers are a sight more useful than the $50 vouchers.
  8. I just went to the subforum and found that the hierarchical library lists has been requested multiple times. It sounds like the feature request is pretty long. I realize that Unify is only a couple of years old and has lots of room for growth. It has come a long way though, and I am loving it.
  9. I used APD cash quite a bit back when I first started out but not any more. I have $528 in rewards and the scary thing is how it reflects how much I have spent there.
  10. So what is essential about this bundle again? I think I would call it "Muze Bloated Bundle".
  11. I have just started using Unify. It is a great piece of software, hard to descibe but really useful and fun to play with. I have Unified a bunch of libraries myself. I haven't submitted anything yet though. Having all those libraries Unified though makes me wish that Unify and a hierarchical library list. My Library list is starting to get a bit unwieldy. I also wish that when you select a library, the Categories and Tags were limited to what was found in the selected library. I suppose I should submit some feature requests.
  12. I wasted about 15 minutes of my life trying to figure out what I could use the coupon on and decided there was nothing I really wanted. And yes, Wavesynth Pro was the first thing I tried too.
  13. So will this be the last freebie, do you think? Or do I need to continue getting up at the crack of dawn?
  14. Which blurb is that? This is what I see on the web site which says 24.3GB Compressed NCW Format:
  15. Doug Rintoul

    OBS Studio

    This has got to be one of the best open source projects around. OBS absolutely delivers.
  16. But it has the word Free in the name. So it has got to be free.
  17. So if these are TABULAR bells, why are they arranged in a table?
  18. I have the same issue. Sent a message to support but have not heard back from them yet.
  19. This was free at AD last month too. And free at ADSR in Setember.
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