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  1. It depends on what you mean by usable. I can drag and drop samples from Cosmos onto a track in my DAW without needing to use CR8. I can also drag a sample from Cosmos onto SampleOne, the Studio One sampler. If you are wanting to do more than that, for example to manipulate the samples, define loop points, change the speed, and a whole host of other things, then CR8 will allow you to do that. It is up to you to decide if CR8 is better than the sampler that comes with your DAW.
  2. I tried to use ADSR, but every time I add sample folder to a folder, the parent folder gets grayed out in ADSR and I have to remove the parent folder and add it back in again for ADSR to be able to access it again. I am guessing you have not seen this bug.
  3. It does scan subfolders but it does not have a subfolder view. This is actually is one of the features that I am disappointed to not see. I am also seeing that it is very slow to scan. I initially added my whole sample folder but it looked like it would take days if not weeks to tag the whole thing. Right now, I am just adding subsets of my collection to test it out.
  4. Stefano's full quote was "Ethera is distributed in primis by Zero-G, marketed through several channels, like Best Services and T+S. T+S and Zero-G are not the same entity." As Larry has just stated, they are two separate entities. There is a long discussion on VI-Control with people arguing this fact with Stefano. Kind of funny actually.
  5. I think Simon's post was more a comment on your use of all caps in your original post.
  6. Stefano Maccarelli has stated on the Sample Libraries' facebook page that T+S and Zero-G are not the same entity. So it looks like Zero-G's fortunes are not entwined in T+S's.
  7. Can you reference the Facebook page? Who is Russ Hughes?
  8. Was trying to decide on this one, but I have already spent my limit for February.
  9. In the past, I have gotten coupons if I have already purchased another product from the same company from APD. I wonder if that is the case here. CGOA is my first Sample Logic product so that could be why I did not get a coupon.
  10. Really? UVI Workstation allows you to import all your samples, and will automatically tag them? How does it do that? I haven't been able to figure out how.
  11. Click on the blue circle with the squigglies inside and it loads Cosmos so you can select a sample.
  12. Did not see it for 9.29. But when I added it to my cart, it also automatically added the FEB2022 coupon code which brought it down to $9.29. Plus I had 3.09 in deluxe bucks so that brought the price down to a couple of cups of coffee. Makes it worth a punt.
  13. I am sure you did, and if you didn't you should have.
  14. Nothing on their Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page. I really hope it is just a website redesign, but I doubt it. T&S has had good customer service in the past and I would hate to see them disappear.
  15. Doug Rintoul

    Scaler 2 Sale!

    Sure there is...click on the trial version...
  16. Element shouldn't be taking over all your audio devices. You can specify which audio device it uses in the options. If you are using ASIO, then that is the nature of ASIO; only one application can be using an ASIO device at a time to reduce latency. You can use FlexASIO to allow mutiple applications to use ASIO at the same time, but you give up a bit of low latency to do that.
  17. I use them to increase my plugin count. The one with the most plugin wins, right? Actually, I am interested in other people's recommendations as well.
  18. Just in case others are wondering, Element is Juce based and you use Projucer to start the process. I have compiled it multiple times under Windows. I have also paid for the precompiled download a few times just to support the developer.
  19. I see said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and ....
  20. And I thought people around here knew how to use the Internet. Well, maybe they do but are just lazy bustards (TM). Thanks to abacab who is more thoughtful than me, people can immediately find this gem. I use it for a number of things, but especially if I don't want to fire up my DAW. It loads quickly and can host pretty much any VST2 and VST3 including audio and MIDI effects. A cool feature is that you can drop any plugin on it and it will use the plugin right away without having to do a complete scan of all your plugins. Doing so also adds the plugin to your plugin list. You can use it in a live setting but it also has a VST so you can use it in your DAW. It has very flexible routing options including routing MIDI between plugins. I can easily have one MIDI plugin like Cthulhu or Scaler feeding multiple synths or even have the output of Cthulhu feeding Scaler feeding a plethora of synths for some real mayhem.
  21. Who is Fleer? He is dead to me for doing such a horrendous deed.
  22. I use Kushview Element for this. It is a pretty amazing piece of software.
  23. Nevermind. We really need a delete post function.
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