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  1. see if that mp3 file is located inside your project audio folder for that song, and delete it if it is there. who knows, that could be it. worth a try
  2. look into your Microsoft UAC settings. this is what may be preventing installation
  3. isn't this an error that people get if they have mp3 audio located somewhere in the project? i remember this happening years ago
  4. Cakewalk is Windows only
  5. if anything, i would, since i own Melodyne 4 Studio, downgrade to Editor. while the multitrack features are cool, i don't really use them enough to justify having them, and the sound editor is also a bit more than i need (though if that stuff were automate-able, i may feel otherwise). but man, version 5 looks pretty darn hot
  6. i had 2 bundle files become corrupt back in 2008, and that pretty much did it for me with them. i've asked on the forums, several times over the years, if anyone had created an application that would sort through a corrupted bundle file, but alas, the answer has always been "you shouldn't use bundle files"
  7. i like Massive X & those expansions have a lot of good sounds. just make sure your CPU is AVX-compatible first, or else it will not work!
  8. i use it all the time. love it
  9. does it need to be run in MIDI mode in order to be able to use those functions?
  10. i am a fan of NKS (since i use NI Maschine & Komplete Kontrol), but NKS only works for things that have NKS. download NI's free Komplete Kontrol software to get an idea of what NKS is/does, but if you don't own any NKS-plugins already, it will be tough to see what NKS is/does.
  11. many times that i've wanted to duplicate a bus +1
  12. i would like the Matrix to be WAY more developed. it kinda seems like an unfinished project
  13. as it turned out, the person i am collaborating with had the right & left channels on the Hardware Outputs sliders set at different levels. since i never have that visible, it took a while for me to figure out that there was the cause.
  14. i deleted the master bus & created a new one, and thru that process, i was able to fix my problem
  15. is there any other reason this panning issue might happen? i looked at all my tracks and busses, and they are all set to stereo interleave, but when i render to stereo master, the wav file's pan seems really heavy to the right side, even though i have nothing of any bearing to the song panned like that in the tracks and busses.
  16. i remember that the "Go to Start" button on the Transport Module used to rewind to the beginning of a looped region, if there was one, but now that does not happen. that is frustrating me
  17. i used to have this same problem with FL Studio, and i just couldn't take it anymore. i quit using it altogether.
  18. upon further review, looks like that 3 number is outdated. now it's 1 (Bento), but it's contained in a larger pack with other Blocks (Blocks Prime & Blocks Base). i guess NI thought they were giving away too much for free & cut it down. today i have been over at the NI site, taking account of what i own, and what i will be owning twice once i download my new Komplete 12 updates, and have noticed that their Blocks freebies have changed
  19. for awhile, i only had Reaktor 6 Player, but it came with 3 pre-built Blocks modular synths, each with about 20-30 presets that could be tweeked and saved.
  20. i use Blocks ALL THE TIME, and i don't build my own synths, as they come with pre-built ones. i do tweak the presets. also, the full version of Reaktor 6 comes with a bunch more pre-built modular synth Blocks. indispensable.
  21. i have learned the hard way not to trust a .cwb/.bun file as far as i can throw it. they seem to become easily corrupted & unusable
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