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  1. Most dynamic processors have a gain reduction meter. To visualize by means of a waveform... is highly unorthodox, not something mixers typically do. And in the end the advice is always to use your ears and not your eyes.
  2. Sounds like you have the PCI card. I updated the RME USB drivers on 2/25 and nary a problem here. Smooth as silk.
  3. To each their own. ... never been a problem for me using bundle files.
  4. I was away for several years so I missed the introduction of the Pro Channel (the X years?). Anyway, I think it is under rated inasmuch as I am getting great results with just the built in Pro Channel processing. Any 411 on where it came from, who wrote the code etc.? The eq especially punches above its weight. I've been underwhelmed by not a few third party eqs that promised to be all that but in the end were just a pretty face. Not withstanding the inevitable hardware emulations (Pultec etc.) which have their own vibe, and which I do dig, the Pro Channel gets the lion share of use in my sandbox. Just looking to learn more about the Pro Channel.
  5. Mackie Control/MCU. It just works.
  6. I tried another DAW a while back and although I found it lacking in some regards, it has a nice feature that analyzes the relative polarity of every track and suggests which ones might benefit from flipping. It gives you various choices and tells how much dB increase it will yield.
  7. Thank you Noel! So glad you were able to figure it out. Sure enough, that works.
  8. I sent a Dropbox link for the crash dump file, to noel.borthwick@bandlab.com
  9. @Noel Borthwick Did the crash dump I sent ever yield any useful clues?
  10. To be clear, does this issue occur when exiting by closing the browser window (i.e., the "X" in top right corner), when closing the file (File>Close), or both? My issue is only with the File>Close function. If I close the whole window it does not hang.
  11. I hope this isn't taken as unwelcome advice but Melodyne is really a lot better than VV ever thought of being even on it very best day,
  12. +1 Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it :-)
  13. Think of a tree. Leaves are tracks, stems are branches and trunk is master out.
  14. Most of these mastering software apps like lots of headroom to start with, so make sure the file you export from CbC stays in the green is my advice.
  15. Try changing up the Key Map if you're in BFD. IME sometimes the Roland set that you are using might work best with another Key Map.
  16. That's great, Tom. I tried it, it did not work here. Then I remembered the advice that I've seen many times and I reset my aud.ini file to default settings. That seems (knock on wood) to have done the trick. I'd still be curious to know what Noel sees in the dump file... All's well that ends well!
  17. Thanks scook. That got it down to a 191 MB file size but the limit appears to be 4.88 MB.
  18. Noel, the size of the dump file exceeds what I can send you in a message. Edit: Noel, I put the file on Dropbox and sent you a link.
  19. Update... that did not fix the issue. Here's what I am observing. If I open a project and then immediately close it it does not present the issue. It is only after working in the project that something get instantiated that causes the hang on close. I will let you guys know if I see anything that clues me on why.
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