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    Dolby Atmos

    You have a 7.1.4 listening room?
  2. Update... installed Win 11 Pro on my non-DAW machine (i5-9400 2.90 GHz) and everything runs pretty snappy. I ran latencymon and it gets excellent grades, although I don't intend to use it for audio.
  3. I have multiple PCs. Will upgrade on the one which I don't use for audio engineering and run through its paces on that one. Just use that machine for emails and such so not much risk.
  4. As a corollary to this, I've created a theme named tester, then renamed it outside of CBB, and the old name persists in the directory. Must be a registry thing.
  5. Erik, I made a few minor changes. 1.) Stereo/Mono Interleaves (closer matching the prototype) 2.) Round Write Automation buttons. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vbtbhojkffnxb5b/Flat Minimalistic %26 Dark.sth?dl=0 Cheers!
  6. Microsoft hasn't supported Win 7 for quite some time but it seems like half the folks here still use it 😉 If the other options don't work for you, maybe try the last version of Automap. It worked fine on my SL a few years ago, but I confess I used it little because I use a Mackie Control Universal for my DAW control surface.
  7. Maybe I'm missing something but, why aren't you using Automap? Automap | Novation (novationmusic.com)
  8. Thanks for backstopping me, Erik. I'll clean 'er up a bit (if you happen to send me your icons it would be great).
  9. Well, someone had to haul off and do it then. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vbtbhojkffnxb5b/Flat Minimalistic %26 Dark.sth?dl=0 *updated 10/20/2021
  10. Erik, your burgers deliver the beef indeed. And as a user of your themes... thank you! That flat minimal thing... not so much.
  11. True. I've had great success with remote collaborations. My go to bass guitar and pedal steel guy even uses Logic (!) and we just exchange aiff files and are good to go either way. He hits me up for parts I can provide and we have a seamless process. No budget involved! Before the internet it wasn't possible.
  12. My suggestion, find a local Irish pub that hosts live music. Open mic nights draw a fair number of players of varying skill levels. Get acquainted and see if a fiddler can be wheedled into coming over and recording. A modest remuneration shouldn't be too much of a stretch. Might get someone who'll do it for free for various intangible rewards. You stand a decent chance at getting a track you'll really be happy with.
  13. As that old commercial asked, "Where's the beef?" 😄
  14. Correction, it was the M-Spec theme that matches with the Export dialog box nicely (not Silk).
  15. Matthew, your M-Silk theme matches up really well with the new Export menu IMHO.
  16. Umm... a harmonica is like $20 bucks. Easy to play, no lessons required.
  17. Every point in the signal path where you can increase or reduce the signal strength is a "gain stage". What you choose to do at each point has an impact on the final sound. There are well established best practices which can be found with a cursory search on the internet. At the end of the day it's voltage. The signal begins as voltage at a microphone transducer and ends as voltage at a speaker transducer. With MIDI VSTi you are in a somewhat different boat however, there's still a sweet spot. If you drive your digital signal path hard it sounds like crap at some point. Maybe that is what you as the mixer wants but most pros avoid the hotboxed territory.
  18. This happened to me a couple of days ago. I had to save, close the project and reopen. Then it was fine. As you say, nothing else would wake it up.
  19. ^^^Seeing this here, too. I am able to use the Open menu to open the project but it's not in the quick start list.
  20. I have two FreeG's, one is stereo and one is mono, both 64 bit VST2. Maybe try the mono one?
  21. Another option, insert FreeG as needed in the signal chain. You can always leave fader at unity so as to use only the metering. Or add gain where needed. FreeG - Sienda (sonalksis.com)
  22. Erik, this is really fun theme. I like your approach to theming, go bold as it were. The more variety in our theme collections, all the better! Thanks for your hard work.
  23. The whole idea behind Fraunhofer coded MP3 is to trade-off some audio loss to achieve a much smaller file size.
  24. What VI/sampler are you using to generate the sound? Might be a mapping issue... depending on the VI it might have preset key maps with one for your Crimson. Also, check and see if there is a local mode like with the Roland e-drums. That needs to be disabled.
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