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  1. It sounds AWESOME right up until they explain it.
  2. Terry Kelley

    Arturia Pigments

    More info is needed. Does cakewalk even see it? And if so, what is happening that is the issue?
  3. 123? I'm still testing 099! "Cakewalk is pleased to announce ... YOU HAVE MORE WORK TO DO SO GET TO TESTING PEOPLE!"
  4. Check out AZ Web. It’s the basics but works . https://www.azslow.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=41 https://www.azslow.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=downfile&id=41
  5. Try selecting the tracks you want to change and then press CTRL, hold it and change one of the tracks. This works to change multiple tracks at once for many parameters. See if it works for your change.
  6. Does winning or losing the KVR contest matter to ANYONE?
  7. I recall Noel saying there was some architecture challenge (or limitation) to doing this. I agree, it would be nice. It might be on their to-do list though.
  8. I'm not clear on the purpose of doing this. It looks like an oversight rather than a feature.
  9. At least rule out that the CPU is not overheating and throttling. Get something like Core Temp. You have to eliminate all possibilities. I had this issue on my laptop. And for some reason recording increased the CPU temp and it hit it's limit and I started getting static. Just a thought.
  10. It appears to have fixed it. I tried BB=0 and 245 (which failed before.) If I see any other issues I'll let you know. Thanks.
  11. Lol. I meant something like clicking on the Arranger section and selecting Export to Wave or Save as .cwp. I know I can selected and go through the export toolbar or advanced export. Just a thought. I don't really need it.
  12. It would be nice to be able to just click on an arranger section and export it right there and then to a file.
  13. Older one's will slowly roll off as new ones are added assuming you add new ones. I don't think you can directly remove them. Maybe the developers or Scook can comment. You do have the ability to pin certain ones to the Startup (splash) screen by selecting the list view and clicking on pin symbol.
  14. Even at a cost, Cakewalk is competitive with all other DAWs and worth the effort to learn it.
  15. Right, I meant to type =. Oops. Render in Realtime is not checked if that is realtime bounce. I am also using Hardware Outputs (AudioBox ASIO Driver Output)
  16. Yes, it changes with the bounce buffer. I sent over two wave examples. One is with bounce = 0 and ASIO =256 (in sync) and the other is bounce = 250 and ASIO=256 (out of sync.) I'll forward that section of midi shortly. There is certainly a distinct difference in export speeds between the two. Edit: Changed -250 to =250
  17. Hi Noel, Left me see if I can pare it down and still demonstrate the issue. It's all midi using EZDrummer, Ample Guitar, Xpand!2 (several), Arturia Piano V2, True Piano and EZKeys Cinematic and Mellotron. Let me reinstall 99 and check the buffer settings. For the export buffer, I assume you mean the value in the advanced settings and not something in preferences? Terry
  18. There's nothing is EA99 that I need at this moment so I will wait for the dust to settle and stick with 058. I tried advanced too but not every combination of buffer and other settings. I would like a setting that is effectively "Just Mix Down The Whole Damn Song As It Sounds Like When It Plays" without wondering if I need some setting tweaked to accomplish what the toolbar Export does - when it works. I get that to be able to export the various buses, clips, tracks, etc. to do some pretty slick stuff requires the dialog to be rather complex. But a "Just Mix Down the Damn Song" button would be cool too in the Advanced settings unless advanced effects the tool bar export. I haven't tried that yet.
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