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  1. Hi Bill, thanks for letting us know. We can provide a theme to help address that before long.
  2. Jesse Jost

    White Christmas

    Happy holidays all!
  3. @Bill Schreiber et al - please go into your Account Settings and try again. Should be able to change it now. 👍
  4. Would I correct in presuming your display name, chamlin, is now as you intend it?
  5. All Cakewalk technology assets were acquired, including the instruments. Can't provide specifics at this time, but we haven't forgotten about instruments and effects.
  6. I just past the link - either from the address bar/: ...or the share link YT provides: Tip: Don't type 'return' immediately after pasting the link. Just paste, wait 1 second, and it should appear. 👍
  7. Great request! Different forum types have different capabilities. Voting isn't accessible in a standard forum type, but perhaps we can consider adding a Q&A sub-forum to this one. In the meantime, I think using Polls in this forum would be an awesome way to get feedback on specific ideas. Also the sorting feature can be useful, such as sorting this forum by Most Replies:
  8. @Bapu what limitations do you mean specifically?
  9. Hmm, your link works for me. I'll look into it...
  10. Unread Content is a really useful forum feature if you haven't discovered it yet (it's a pretty inconspicuous button). It allows you to sort different types of activity: followed posts, topics you created, etc. Click here:
  11. Certain links should embed automatically, YouTube being one of them. You’ll know right away if it works, as it will embed in the body of your post immediately upon paste, before you submit.
  12. There’s a 24 hour grace period from launch where anything goes. 😉
  13. By direct link: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/settings/signature/ By navigation: 1. In the user menu, click Account Settings 2. Then in Settings, click Signature
  14. We're still getting our sea legs here. 😅Staffers and Admins can see hidden posts, but Noel probably didn't notice the state. Anyway I don't think we need the hide feature, just seems confusing so I'll suppress it for now.
  15. The old forums will become read-only soon, but they'll remain in place as an archived resource. 👍
  16. Welcome back! If you want to use your old forum name, change your Display Name in Account Settings from your avatar menu.
  17. The 2018.11 release brings you file load performance enhancements, bug fixes, updated Overloud plugins, and a brand new export control bar module with seamless one click integration to export projects to the BandLab cloud and fast access to common file export operations. Features & Enhancements For details see New Features Export Control Bar module for fast access to common file export operations Publish to BandLab, with options for full mix, track stems, or bus stems, and full support for project revisions Updated BREVERB 2 Cakewalk full VST plug-in Updated version of Overloud TH3 that is fully compatible with Cakewalk by BandLab Project load optimizations, including faster load times of large multitrack projects and projects that contain many AudioSnap transient markers UI optimizations, including faster track scrolling and navigation in big projects Smaller update installer that will only copy the necessary files required for a given update (only able to install over the previous release version; full installer available when updating from older versions) Bug Fixes Slip stretching (CTRL+SHIFT+drag) is not possible with Edit tool Cannot preview M4A/MPEG-4 audio files in Media Browser Crash on project load using 2018.09 build 29 Closing toast notification for VST Scan should hide further toasts until scan completes Potential crash and incorrectly mapped parameters when opening Craig Anderton FX chain that uses Overloud TH3 Changelog for latest release is here. See prior release notes. Check out all new features released to date.
  18. On Wed, Jan 16, 2019, the legacy forums became read-only, meaning members can no long post there. However, they remain in place as a vital information resource, having proved valuable to the community over the years.
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