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  1. It's called Delay Compensation and is automatically calculated. In certain interfaces you can turn that feature off - so that you can do manual compensation which may be required for " real time " or Hardware inserted effects "
  2. You can select the whole track and ( bounce to clips ). This should render all ram based edits on the existing track which leaves all track settings intact. This will leave a single clip. Which creates a single file, depending on settings.
  3. I'm moving from a 2006 new construction house. The electrical is very nice in this house, 200 amp, everything grounded, the line in is buried. Next week I'm moving to a 1966 house - everything 2 wire , no grounds. One item on my future agenda is to run new electric everywhere I can access it. I'm getting too old for this stuff anymore. Luckily or not - my studio space is in the basement and running new lines there should be easier.
  4. also - a very quick method is to zoom out until the entire track length is visible in PRV. Go to the extreme right hand side and right click and drag your mouse left to capture only the velocity range you wish to edit. It should select only those notes defined by the window height that grabs the velocities. - hit delete. It becomes very quick and intuitive to select velocities ranges this way for other kinds of edits.
  5. One way to quickly que playback a few bars before recording is that I assign a keybind ( ctrl < to move back 1 measure and I set ctrl > to forward 1 measure. It becomes second nature and allows quick short movements. For other ques I use markers and set them a few bars ahead of basic punch points ( verses, chorus, bridge etc.
  6. Make sure when selecting Punch that you click the selection button just beneath it.
  7. Craig - superb Demo ! This is an excellent primer for someone starting out and needing clear concise examples.
  8. I think it may look strange to you because you're looking at the Clip Audio Transients view in the Before view and looking at the Clips view in the After view. It looks like the Audio Transients view markers are covering the initial transient of the wave. This would be normal. Maybe try viewing it in Clips view both Before and After. I would hope they look the same, that's how it appears in my CbB. Edit - Maybe I'm mis-understanding : is the issue that the scaling of the wave form is different ? Is it possible that you have increased the value of the automation lane? I seem to do that and not catch it until the waveform re-draws.
  9. I like the amp. I think it's horn loaded.
  10. Reminds me a little of PFM. The moog is the best part Bit, IMO. Is that a CP 70 for piano ?
  11. I sold a Taurus 1 a few years back after resuscitating it back from near dead. I bought it in a package deal about 25 years ago and lent it to my brother who let mice nest in it. ( nice ) so I was running out of room - and sold it to someone who said they've been wanting one forever and couldn't find them anymore. I got decent buck out of it - and was glad to let it go to some one who REALLY REALLY wanted one. The guy marked it up 800.00 bucks and sold it 3 weeks later. There is no lesson to be learned.
  12. Me and 3 of my friends all had mid 70's Pinto's, back in the late 70's . We used to go ice racing in them.... what a blast. Figuratively speaking.
  13. I get this occasionally as well. I believe that I've just run the I-lock license manager and it refreshes the license. I don't know for sure but I think there is a time out on the Lexicon licensing that requires a refresh. I assume that it's an anti pirating measure from the plug vendor.
  14. The install on Windows 7 operates perfectly on my ( quite - quaint ) old set-up.
  15. Install went smooth on my old WIN 7 System. The performance is stable, the update is great. Thank you bakers.
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