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  1. I have the Asus VA32AQ. Its a few years old but still a pleasure to work with. It even looks great with its glass base. https://www.asus.com/ca-en/Monitors/VA32AQ/ What is tough to find is a pole high enough to hold the 24" on top of it. But I found one on Amazon. As you can see it is still a work in progress. I still need proper speaker stand. And working from home as a software developer has made a bit of a mess of my studio. Should be back to normal after this crisis.
  2. I love my 32" 2k monitor. It is center and leaves just enough room to have my audio monitors close by on each side. This makes an equilateral triangle between the speakers and my ears. And for good measure I have a 24" on top of the 32" so I can drag VSTs to it and keep the main Cakewalk window's on my main screen.
  3. Sanitized toilet paper of course! Nothing less!
  4. That's quite funny actually! 🙂 ...maybe not for the person that did the video though, little oversight...
  5. You can also skip the shareware on sale site and go directly to Paragon to get it: https://www.paragon-software.com/hdm-25-anniversary/
  6. I had the problem too. Re-authorizing fixed it. But, ya, it seems quite a few people had the problem unfortunately...
  7. We've been discovered! Hiiide everyone! 😲😂 Personally, there is no way I will wait that long to try it out. And, Peter, it is really nice to see a representative of IK reading this forum and hopefully taking cues from our comments.
  8. Wow, thanks Larry! This forum is a goldmine! I just saw Creative Sauce's latest video on mastering showing this plugin and thought it would be nice to try it out! Great timing!
  9. Thanks Mathew! I know the norm these days is for flat UI, but I am a sucker for a more 3d look like yours. Your theme is now my default! The changes you have made enhances the original Tungsten theme without making yours something completely different and unrecognisable like other themes sometimes do. It will not make it difficult going from one to the other.
  10. I am not sure your that old... you at least knew how to use a cell phone and how the turn the magnifying glass on! 😋
  11. Lots of stuff covered in this one! Worth the watch. I think this series highlight two things: Yes, you can record a great sounding song at home Be prepared to take the time to learn the craft! You can't just install Cakewalk on your computer and instantly be proficient at recording, mixing and mastering a song from the get go. There is quite a lot to learn and you should be prepared to put the hours. But its a fantastic rewarding journey if you do. What is nice, is that a video series like this ones help set expectations and give a tremendous head start compared to lets say: when YouTube didn't exist? 😊
  12. Unfortunately, that's not enough. We should also have an option similar to "Filter presets by owned modules". I have AmpliTube with a couple of modules. Navigating the list of presets and constantly hitting presets I don't have the gear for is wasting my time. We don't want to see presets that will load incorrectly because we are missing some gear. Not showing the message is potentially even worse since we will be loading incomplete presets that will not sound as intended and we will not even know about it. I love AmpliTube, but the preset browsing is a weak point that makes the experience of AmpliTube a lot less than it could be in my opinion. It is not that I don't want to see the message, it is that I don't want to see presets I don't have all the gear for, and there is no way do this presently.
  13. How do you use these!?!?! You record any guitar, it goes through the IR and comes out sounding like a Martin?
  14. The two eBooks on acoustics and studio monitoring do not download for me. When I click on the download button a blank page comes up and nothing else...
  15. They do 32c first and regular Mixbus after. It usually takes a few weeks before they roll out the new version of regular Mixbus after they release a new 32c.
  16. This series is full of excellent advice already and there many episodes to come! Thanks for your generosity Mike. I especially like that you are doing a song that is more inline with what I do. It is refreshing to see a tutorial that is not Edm, Dance, Hiphop, etc. All genres are equally valid, but each genre has its on way of doing things. With the song you are doing I am learning crafts that relate directly to what I want to record.
  17. I will be watching... as usual! 👍 Best of luck with the series!
  18. How do you like Chambers? I was contemplating getting it, worth it? I know everything is worth it at $26.98, but still...
  19. Got it, now it works, thanks guys! It just helps to add both plugins before entering the code! 😐 I just needed a second coffee to get the brain working this morning! 😉
  20. Hum... doesn't work for me. I tried buying the Q10 equaliser and I got 'Coupon code "1DOLLAR" is not valid.' 😕
  21. At least I learned something from this thread! I had never heard of The Mystery, just listening to them now. Pretty cool, especially that I am living in Quebec, Canada where they come from! 😲 A little less rock than Rush, more in the Saga style. As for the rest of this thread, go ahead and have your fun! 😎
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