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  1. I have transmitted this information and a link to this thread to Tim Shortle at SSL support. Thanks Noel!
  2. New inserted plugins of the same type exhibit the problem too.
  3. Thanks @Noel Borthwick. I am in contact with them and will post back results here from my inquiry when I get more feedback. I do agree that it does not seem to be Cakewalk related and I posted here mostly because this forum is so full of knowledgeable people. But the only thing that bothers me is that all instances stop working at the same time. Do different instances of a plugin share common code or memory that would explain that they would all stop working together? It would also mean that the two different plugin, channel strip, and bus compressor, would share common ressources. I am a software developer but I have no experience in VSTs. Are they a bit like DLLs and share common resources?
  4. Thanks for the info, that helps! That probably means there is something in my installation that is causing the problem. Strange though that it is the only plugins that exhibit this behavior...
  5. Good point! I just checked and my integrated Intel graphic driver is at the latest...
  6. I don't use other DAWs at the moment since I am quite satisfied using Cakewalk. Thanks for the link to the SSL support desk. I couldn't find it myself. I'll send them the problem and see what they have to say.
  7. The SSL Native 'Essentials Bundle' which includes: ChannelStrip and Bus Compressor. I have installed the latest version which is 6.5.
  8. I use two SSL native plugins: the channel strip and bus compressor. After a while working on a project, all instances of both types of plugins' UI becomes unresponsive. The VU's do not show anything, compressor leds do not lit, etc. But I can still turn pots and hear the plugin doing its work. So it seems it's only the UI that is affected. But all instances on all tracks and buses exhibit the problem at the same time, so I guess it could be Cakewalk related. I have yet to pinpoint what maneuver I do in Cakewalk that triggers this behaviour unfortunately. For now, closing Cakewalk and reopening it solves the problem, albeit being annoying.
  9. Worked fine for me, but it's not the first plugin I installed from them. The best way is to install their Aquarius app, login in it, open the 'Purchased' tab and you should see it there with the option to install it. Good luck! Btw, it is worth the effort...
  10. Don't you know? Everything ancient comes back with a vengeance... I am looong due for a come back... 🤪 BTW, I am currently playing this game for the first time. My now adult son, told me I had to play this classic. After I had played it for a while and told him I was enjoy it, he said kinda proudly: "you know dad when I was skipping classes, failing school, gaming all the time and simply giving you a hard time? That's the game I was playing!" 😱 I wish he hadn't said that! 🤭
  11. Select all the tracks you want grouped together and then hold the ctrl key while moving one of the volume slider.
  12. Hi Robert, Great video! Always informative and well made. You talk about screensets, but not workspaces. Do you use screensets exclusively or do you use both of them for different scenarios?
  13. These are the headphones: Monoprice DJ headphones Expect what you pay for. I own a pair, I use them when I need close back headphones, and I have Sonarworks. They are not bad, but I have never been tempted to even try mixing on them.
  14. I just had the same problem this morning. I finally traced it down to me setting ransomware controlled folder access to 'on' without taking the time to set exceptions properly. This was suggested in Pete Brown's tweaking guide. I just didn't the full job. Amplitude could not access its preset folder and it was crashing Cakewalk.
  15. Actually it does. In IK Product Manager, if you go to preferences (third icon on top right), you will see what the download directory is. You can even change it. By default you will find the downloaded file(s) under Documents\IK Multimedia\IK Product Manager. There will be a directory for the product you just downloaded with the zip in it.
  16. @Pete Brown I just went through your guide and it is excellent and thorough. Great stuff! One setting I haven't seen talked about in your guide, or I simply missed it, is the game mode. Since I do absolutely no gaming on my DAW's PC (I have a PS4 for gaming anyway), I turned that off. But I wonder if it has any real impact, negative or positive? I will put my vote in with @Craig Anderton comment: I use Edge exclusively on my DAW's PC. I did not see the benefit in installing a second browser and Edge has filled my browser need without a hitch. I started using Edge on my other, much older PC, where the fan would just run wild with Chrome opened. I was surprised how well it ran and never looked back.
  17. First, make sure you have removed all instances of a plugin. Check the path Cakewalk/Sonar scans for plugins in preference and ma,e sure you do not have duplicates. Also, you may have installed vst 2 and 3 of some plugins, if you delete only one version the other will still be found by Sonar. If your intention is to start fresh, as if you never where a plug-aholic, you could rename the directories where the vst are installed and Sonar is looking for them. Then you create new ones of the original name and leave them empty for now. Of course, I would suggest you leave the directory of Cakewalk/Sonar default plugin directory alone. Do a scan and your vst list should be very short. You could then cherry pick the vst from the backup dir and copy them over the new directory. It's not something I have tried, but it should work.
  18. Just got sucked into this deal too. 🥵 I also hope it will prove to be worth it! 😊 If not, I can always tell my wife you guys made me do it! 🤣 I was gonna post that it still works, but @mibby beat me to it! Shucks!
  19. Just got sucked into this deal too. 🥵 I also hope it will prove to be worth it! 😊 If not, I can always tell my wife you guys made me do it! 🤣 I was gonna post that it still works, but @mibby beat me to it! Shucks!
  20. If done well and appreciated by other users, the solution for maintaining it accross update, would be that the dev embrace it and include it in the official version. Seeing how the devs respond well to the users request on this forum, it might be possible. If they get the UI already done and only need to incorporate it, they might agree to do it.
  21. 0%! That's not much of sale Larry! And it's not even on all plugin! 🤣
  22. The link points to someone's personal sale. Nothing about Groove3 there!?!?
  23. ^^^^ exactly that. Just got it. Haven't installed or tried it yet, but it is in my account.
  24. But you did say 'For free'. Your good, carry on... 😉
  25. Why do you need to enter your PayPal account for something free?
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