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  1. $87 at Time+Space with my loyalty points. Didn't realize I had so many! What a deal! 😲 😊 Probably can use customer discounts at Best Service also.
  2. Ah well, missed it this time. I've bought it twice just for the Groove3 code. The rest is mostly useless. I gave away the Studio One codes to a couple of broke guys who used it to upgrade. The Sonnox one does work. I also believe the IK ones still work.
  3. Dzilizzi

    8DIO Choir Sale

    I also like the Seahorse. But I think that is a bit more. Besides single hits, it has some nice arp-y loops? Not really loops as it will continue as long as the midi note is drawn. It is a wooden instrument like a frog guiro. They have some really great inexpensive percussion libraries. But be worth picking one up to save 20%.
  4. Dzilizzi

    8DIO Choir Sale

    The Bottles are great! I've bought them at least twice!
  5. I was thinking of doing the competitive crossgrade just to keep my Cubase version.
  6. Avid offered free home use versions to people with a Studio version for 90 days. There were some qualifications, but it was supposed to allow studio personnel to work from home. Of course, not sure how it works without all the plugins that are on the studio computers.
  7. Someone pointed out on another board you can crossgrade from another DAW (most of us have at least 2) for $420 if you have an e-licenser or $447.99 if you don't. I don't know if they charge shipping on the e-licenser or where they are shipping from. You can get one for the same price at places like Sweetwater if it is a problem. With this crossgrade, you don't lose your Cubase license. Just a thought.....
  8. May have to look at this, though my current Launchkey 61 is less than a year old. My older 25 and 49 still work great and I don't use Ableton enough to justify an upgrade. I think my next one may be on of those NI 32 key ones. They look perfect for travel. My Launchkey 25 is missing the mod wheel. I would really like a mod wheel. Edit - the 25 key now has a mod wheel - nice!
  9. This is one of those cool plugins that I don't really have a use for yet, but might be nice to have. Especially if I ever finish the project of putting old records on mp3. After verifying they aren't available anymore. However, it isn't at a no-brainer price for me (as in under $30) So I will probably wait until it shows up for sale at a place I have discount points, like Time+Space
  10. Other issue is, if you do this, you lose your Cubase license. They you are stuck paying for Nuendo upgrades which are generally higher than Cubase ones.
  11. You do sound like me, though you probably know more of the tricks with each DAW than I do. As far as ProTools goes, if you accidentally switch to the subscription model, you will lose your perpetual license. This happened to a few people. The annual fee for updating the perpetual license has gone from $99 to $199 per year. Do not buy the crossgrade at $99 - that takes away your perpetual license and gives you the subscription. I thought your couldn't buy a new perpetual license, but I just checked. If you don't pay the $199 every year, you may buy a new perpetual license for $599 now. Might be worth it every 4 years. All I know is, I paid $297 for 3 years of updates last June before the prices went up. If you don't ever update, you can keep your perpetual license as long as it works with your OS. The TDM/Ultimate version annual upgrade actually decreased in price.
  12. Thanks! I will give it a try.
  13. I bought the competitive upgrade back when Cakewalk stated it was discontinuing Sonar. You keep your old DAW. All you need is something that shows you own the DAW, either a receipt or a screenshot of your account. I also bought Studio One that way.
  14. They had me download something when I went to the page and it didn't seem to download a DAW just a connection to Bandlab. I will play with it a bit more to see if maybe I am missing something. Thanks!
  15. My computer is online for registrations, so that isn't the problem. I was just trying to figure out how to download it and it seemed the actual DAW was online only. As in not local to the computer. That is a no-go for me. The lag time would be bad.
  16. Well, I probably won't get that version - I usually buy the upgrade to 10.5 when it is on sale then hold it until 11 comes out to get my cheap full version upgrade.
  17. Will check it tomorrow. I wouldn't mind having a bass. I have the guitars and love them.
  18. Dzilizzi

    Waves 25% Off WUP

    Thanks! I knew I saw some new plugins - I usually check to see if they are in Mercury before deciding if I want to buy. But then I usually forget about them.
  19. Dzilizzi

    Waves 25% Off WUP

    That's not really true. There was something new recently that was in Mercury. Don't remember what though. Pusher is old.
  20. I've been so-so on CbB because it seemed like you had to be online to use it. But I just checked it out and it will run locally on my computer. Has it improved much since Platinum?
  21. Good to know. I was hearing some things that made me wonder. I couldn't believe that Cubase didn't offer the option but I don't see it in my version (CB 10 Pro). In 2 years, my perpetual ProTools license runs out - I bought 3 years worth last June before the price change. I refuse to trade in my perpetual license for an annual upgrade, but I'm not happy enough with any other DAW to totally dump it yet. But Avid is making it really expensive to continue with the perpetual.
  22. Dzilizzi

    Waves 25% Off WUP

    They do in a way. A lot of the new products get added to Mercury, which is why I will WUP if I can't find a new "bundle" option. I could still use version 9 otherwise. The other thing they do is max the WUP at $300 before any sale prices. So the more you can WUP at that price, the better. Unless they add another upgrade bundle path - those can be much less and still give you another full year of WUP. But, yes, once you reach a certain level, the less expensive upgrade bundle options do disappear. As a PC owner, it is not as imperative to WUP, since the OS doesn't usually break the code. As I said, version 9 will still work with Win 10. Apple, however, is not so nice to their users. I can't blame Waves for charging to have to fix the coding on all their products to work with Apple's OS updates. But it does mean us PC owners have to pay if we want to have all our products on the same version. The newest Waves installer has made it a little more difficult to have multiple versions - though they may have fixed it since I last used it.
  23. Question, I usually use ProTools when putting audio on video, like the recent Westworld contest. Does Cubase do this? It looks like you can import video, remove the audio from it, and add your own audio. But does it export as a movie/mp4 file? Looking at the comparison between the two versions, I'm not even sure Nuendo does yet either. I will stick with PT otherwise. There is very little I need in Nuendo.
  24. Dzilizzi

    Acustica Aqua Erin

    Well that's not very nice to call poor Erin fugly. She's beauty-challenged. I kind of like the idea of "sugar" on top of my mixes. My dentist might not.
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