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    Automating Audio Pitch

    That's what pitch shifters do. If your signal is monophonic there may be a free one. Maybe one in CbB? If it's polyphonic you'll need something like Zynaptiq's Pitchmap. I don't know if you can automate it.
  2. You can specify the channel in the track inspector. Look above the fader.
  3. Not that I'm aware of. There are some plugins that support that type of thing. Nomad Factory's MFX - Magma can load 3rd party vsts and has various routing capabilities including up to 4 parallel paths. Blue Cat Audio has Patchwork and there may be others.
  4. It's hard to say without seeing what you have in the original. If you have more than one track another track could be enabled. If only one track you might have a send enabled. You may want to play around with setting up CbB. If you use a template to start a new project you should have a number of busses already there - master, metronome, and preview. If you're new to amp sims be aware that, for the most part, they behave like amps. Play around with the level going into the DAW. With AT4 if you go in at -6 dB you may need to turn down the input control in AT4. Adjusting the level going into an amp sim is like having a clean boost in front of the amp. Also check the master outs. A number of the presets in AT4 seem pretty hot to me. Also if you have other amp sims, each is different. You can have AT4 setup and replace it with S-Gear or Bias Amp and they behave differently. Have fun!
  5. Make sure the mixer knob on the Audiobox is full right. Start with a new project and delete all tracks but the one AT4 is on. Have echo enabled. If that doesn't work you'll have to be specific about how the track is setup. Is AT4 in the track fx bin or PC fx and so on.
  6. Are you monitoring your signal through your interface? Some audio I/Fs let you monitor the signal before it is sent to the computer. If you are monitoring through the DAW you should hear the guitar signal through any fx that are enabled. When you record the dry signal is recorded, but you hear the fx (amp sims and so forth) while you record and when it is played back.
  7. Think about how analog recording worked with tape. You recorded through a console to tape. After your material was recorded you mixed down through the console. If you look at the signal flow diagram that SCook provided it supports that method. The gain control functions after program material has been recorded - that is on clips. The Input signal path is used for recording and the Clip signal path is used for playback - mixing, overdubbing, and mastering. HTH.
  8. I like Breverb 2 - the full version. I also like the PSP 2445 EMT.
  9. As the name implies it's a looper or can be used as one. AFAIK CbB doesn't do sound on sound audio recording and doesn't have a looper. I used an echoplex digital pro for years, but it is mono and when I wanted to get another unit for stereo they had been discontinued. I got it to use a single track and overdub. I use it for sketching out ideas or practicing. One thing that's nice about the EDP is that when you overdub it reduces the level of the looped audio - that's a nice feature, but doesn't seem available on MSuperLooper - it provides a limiter instead, unless I've over looked it.
  10. rsinger

    ASIO Question

    That depends on your audio I/F. Many have multiple outputs including headphones. If your HW doesn't have controls you should be able to select devices like you do with WASAPI.
  11. rsinger

    Direct to laptop

    It could be your settings in Cakewalk. If you're using the on board sound chip then go to Edit -> Preferences. Under Audio select Playback and Recording, for Driver Mode try WASAPI Exclusive. Under Audio select Devices and you should see options under the Output Drivers section. If headphones is selected there and they are not working it will be the laptop setup. You'll need to go to Sound in the Control Panel.
  12. rsinger

    Direct to laptop

    For midi in/out usb is probably the quickest. For audio, if you have any concern for latency, you probably want ASIO drivers which usually means an audio I/F.
  13. You can try the Deals subforum under Coffee House (part of these forums). Usually when there is an NI sale there will be discussions about various upgrade paths.
  14. Sure you tell me not to do it, but now that I know it's different I have to check it out!
  15. Oh no. I like the Outer Space and have the Boss RE-20 (Space Echo) on my pedal board. I may have to check it out.
  16. Licensed plugins need to be licensed. It depends on the plugin. Some allow use on multiple computers as long as only one computer is used at a time. Some only have a single license. Some have license managers - waves, ni, ikm, xln or use a 3rd party license manager like iLok. You have to check with each developer. You can start by looking at your programs in the start menu. Click start and scroll thru the programs and expand any plugins - if you have ni or ikm and expand them you'll see that ni has Native Access and ikm has an Authorization Manager. It should also be clear when you install the plugins on your new machine. Have fun.
  17. These days I use a drum vst, but many years ago I used samplers. Many drum vsts let you load your own samples. Many samplers are designed to be used with drum samples, but even if not, you should be able to load a sample per key. If you do that you probably want to follow a standard midi drum map.
  18. What it says 🙂 If you want to use an external fx unit. You should should be able to add it to the bin.
  19. Is the upgrade working with CbB? I saw some posts that there were problems.
  20. It's easier to control updates. I have pro on my DAW and it notifies me when updates are available. On my laptop I say I have a metered connection so it won't download on it's own, but I have to remember to update.
  21. I haven't used it, but in the track fx right click and select Insert External Insert. It has send, return, and delay compensation parameters.
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