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  1. Ok, I've sussed it out. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks Glenn. That looks to be exactly what I need. However, I can't find a drop down menu that has those options available.
  3. Hi all, So I've created a string track using SI String section and I want the velocity of the chords to rise throughout their duration. Using the Scale velocity tool I can achieve this for the whole bar but not for each chord independently. I have tried creating separate tracks for each chord and setting the velocity to start at 20% and end at 100% but the velocity remains at the lowest value. Is there a way of achieving this? Thanks in advance.
  4. Ah... yes... so it does. Thanks Promidi. A classic case of should've RTFM. Seems a bit silly to me though, the 1.5 version had loads of really useful factory presets as well. Not sure why they couldn't have included them in the later version at least.
  5. Hi all, I've been using Audio Damage's Dub Station 1.5 delay plugin for a while and have just purchased the 2.0 version. However, I can't seem to migrate my presets from 1.5 to 2.0. Would this be due to the fact that 1.5 is a VST2 plugin and 2.0 is VST3? Does anyone know if there's a way to do this? Thanks!
  6. Bandlab's Studio Instruments are excellent and I believe they're included with Cakewalk? I use the SI-Electric Piano and SI-String Section a lot. Loads of great sounding presets on the Electric piano in particular.
  7. Thanks everyone for the informative feedback and resources, there's certainly a lot to think about. As hsmusic suggested, a sensible course of action would be to employ it within some mixes that I'm currently happy with and see if it makes me any happier! Seasons greetings to you all.
  8. As my journey through the process of making music has progressed, I've become aware that I am completely ignoring the use of compression. I don't record live music - my guitar and bass go through an audio interface into the DAW (either DI or using a mic for acoustic) and my keyboards via MIDI. The drum tracks are always high quality samples that I purchase. I exclusively make instrumental music so vocal tracks are not required. I spend a lot of time balancing the tracks using the faders until what I hear sounds cohesive to my ear and the separate output levels are good. If the overall output level needs adjusting I'll use the master fader. I will then use an EQ across the whole track to adjust the lows, mids and highs to my taste. Under these circumstances would the use of compression add anything to the final product? I'd be very interested to hear your opinions. Thanks.
  9. Since posting this I have also discovered a couple of really good plugins that I thought I'd share: https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/7185-Spaced-Out https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/10701-Dawesome-LOVE
  10. I'm using an Audient iD14. And yes, they're fairly standard fx pedals - drives, delays, reverb etc.
  11. Hi all, I'm exploring the possibility of running some analogue pedals into my audio interface and it was suggested in another thread that a DI box would be an ideal option. Does anyone have any recommendations for boxes best suited for home recording purposes? Thanks!
  12. I'm using an Audient id14 interface which doesn't have that option. Could the pedal be plugged straight into the DI?
  13. Really? Is that an option? It's something that I've never considered for some reason. So effectively: Guitar -> Pedal -> Audio Interface -> DAW
  14. Sorry, got sidetracked. My next question is... what's the best option for using analogue pedals in conjunction with a DAW? Or maybe I should start a new topic on this?
  15. Thanks everyone. Didn't really have a 'goal' as such, was merely playing around to see what it could (or couldn't) do. I already have a recording setup that serves me well, I was interested to see if this might add anything useful to it. One thing I did discover is that the NUX is a very decent platform for pedals so I wondering if this might be an option for recording purposes. Which brings me to my next question....
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