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  1. Cakewalk: MIDI work, mostly for gigs. Other DAW: Recording originals, working on an album. Why don't I use CW for recording, you ask? Long story, but its related to the shutdown scare of a year ago.
  2. Didn't see one here yesterday, either. Where is it at the old place? Not that matters anymore, but, is it in invisible ink or something?
  3. I never saw it at the old place. Always wondered how to do it, but noooooo, I don't have the security clearance I guess.
  4. Life isn't always fair, but you can be.

  5. Here's a random thought. Oh wait.... I'm not Bapu so nevermind...
  6. Out of pure curiosity, of course, I am here. Oh, and the fact I still use Cakewalk now & then. Oh, and because I'm addicted to coffee. Oh, and someone's gotta keep an eye on bapu. By the way, I was jyoung60 at the old place. Signed in here via my Bandlab account so they automagically applied my BL username. I don't mind. jyoung60 was lame anyway. Now I'm much cooler. So... where's the coffee pot? ....
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