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  1. Becan sucks ....me into a world of pleasure and colorful brain waves.
  2. He's one of the people I've ever known.
  3. Every forum I've seen shut down over years, I've made sure to leave behind an even number in the 1000s (1k, 2k, 5k, etc.), no less, no more (unless it was a sudden closure and I had no choice). So yeah, let it go? Really? This is one of the opportunities to continue my legacy! I shall not be stopped!
  4. As mentioned in my first post, it's purely selfish/ego-centric, lol. I want to leave the place with 1000 posts. I'm only a little above 800 right now, so knowing a date would allow me to pace myself (or not) to reach 1000. It's a '14-year old trapped in a 58-year old body' thing.
  5. Took a chance with the self-update and it actually worked!
  6. Will it work like it should, or do I need to download and install manually like the past number of times?
  7. Apparently Bapu came up with a way right out of the gate. 😏
  8. Is there an actual date when the old forums will go dark? I need to know, because that will determine my next move over there. Yes, this is a purely selfish and ego stroking concern, but it's valid in my eyes only. So if anyone can shed light on the coming darkness, please share. I won't sleep until I know. ...or 11pm, whichever comes first.
  9. I noticed a while ago that after using CbB, the clipboard is cleared on my computer. Other DAWs that I've used don't do that, and to my knowledge no other program or app has done it. Why does CbB do it? (it might've happened with SONAR as well , but never discovered it)
  10. I can relate. 2018 saw me unable to sing well, and other issues kept me from doing much at all with my DAW. I seem to be on the upswing now, and I sincerely hope you start feeling better as well, very soon. It's not a good feeling to be a creator and not be able to create. All the best to you in 2019!
  11. Forgot to mention another one in my previous post: Pro Tools. Tried it, and liked it, but two things stopped me: Price and support. I had an extremely hard time getting help when I needed it during the trial period. Avid told me to ask in the forums for help, and the forums told me to ask Avid.... like wtf?? That was the end of my Pro Tools affair.
  12. Right after the Cake fell last year I tried Studio 1, Cubase, Tracktion and one or two others I can't remember the names of. Each has their pros and cons, but In all cases the price killed me. My income is tiny, and without subscription pricing as Gibson's CW had, I'm out of the game. Finally tried Reaper, and not only was the price right I actually like how they do things both in the software and community support. So far, for my purposes Reaper hasn't let me down.
  13. I don't have asst running and I stayed signed in all the time. Not sure what you're missing.
  14. I agree! Deals are a whole separate thing from random conversation. We need a dedicated space to find and discuss deals without wading through cat pictures and bapu's ramblings. 🤡
  15. He never imported mine. He doesn't like me.
  16. Brilliant Astounding Person Undeniable?
  17. beyondcakewalk is not down. It was rebranded as beyondmydaw months ago. Like, in March or something.
  18. I didn't freak out but I engaged in preventative loss of DAW by getting another DAW. Took the time to learn it fairly well, and started migrating my work over from SONAR. By the time Bandlab came through I was well into my new life. But I did jump in with the new CW regime (first love, etc.), and still use it for all my MIDI work.
  19. You bring the toaster, I'll bring the coffee, we'll meet at 7am on the breakfast nook and ruminate on things & stuff.
  20. I'd like my post count brought over as well. I'm not important, but I'm not a newbie. Also, I'm 14-year old trapped in a 58-year old body. I need my ego stroked. I was jyoung60 in the old forum, if that helps to find my stats.
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