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  1. I went to school with a kid who had a glass eye. One time during gym class we were playing dodge ball and someone hit him in the back of the head and his eye went rolling across the gym floor. Sorry you're going through all that Bill. When I first moved to Missery, sorry, Missouri, I had pneumonia for almost 2 years. I couldn't even move our stuff in to our house. My wife's work had to pay for movers to unload the truck with all our stuff in it from Iowa. I was flat on my back. It spread to infections in my chest, ears, sinuses. I lost a significant amount of hearing and gained a significant amount of tinnitus because it got in my inner ears. It took me 6 months to find a specialist down here in this ... uh, lovely area. Turned out to be allergies. Simple OTC meds took care of it but the damage had already been done.
  2. I remember when turning off virtual cores and hyperthreading were hot topics. I had a DAW scare tonight. The TV I am using as a monitor shows up as 2 monitors in Win10. I was having issues changing the resolution for different applications so I thought logically monitor 1 was my TV and the other was just some glitch and set 1 as my main display. Wrong! 2 is the TV, 1 is I don't know. It locked me out of my DAW. I had to go get my wife's work monitor and hook up in the 2nd monitor port and somehow it tricked Win10 in to showing me a blank screen with a mouse cursor. I blind logged in and up popped a limited desktop and task bar at the bottom. When I clicked on display settings the window was displayed on monitor 1 which was invisible, thus actually showing me nothing except the icon on the task bar. I then had to hover over the task bar icon, right click, select move, and fish around off screen for the display setup window and drag it down where I could see it. What an absolute nightmare. Long story short (fail), I loathe Windows 10. Oh how I long for 7, and even XP. They were grand.
  3. One thing that shocked me when I was checking out Jim's site earlier was the i5 based system he has is faster than my i7. I went online and did a CPU comparison. Apparently the devil is in the details on these Intel CPU's. The i5 he lists has 6 cores/6 threads, my i7 has 4 cores/8 threads and side by side the i5 Jim offers is significantly faster. Maybe there's a generational difference. For example (making these gens up here) a Gen 6 i5 is better than a Gen 2 i7. I followed advice I picked up from Jim on the previous forum over the years when I built my last DAW and I haven't had a lick of trouble with it.
  4. Wow! That's awesome! Seriously! Just listened to the Stan Dupp link. Love it!
  5. If I had to pick 1 Tull song to take with me on a desert island it would be this.
  6. That ... and the $400 dollar price tag for the Pro version. I get it, it saves pro studio's a lot of time/money, but I would have a hard time justifying spending that kind of money for my home based needs although it would be really nice to have.
  7. I'm kinda partial to their Enter The Sandman video. I'm not brave enough to post a link to it, but if you wouldn't mind kind sir.
  8. I'm running an i7 6700K with 16GB RAM, 2 small SSD's, and no video card. I was recently looking at video cards because I wanted to play a few older games while I'm stuck inside for the winter and lockdown. The cheapest I could find a used card that will handle the few older games I want to run (Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4, and Skyrim) in hi res mode is a GTX 1060 for $250 on eBay. To me that's nuts for a 5 year old card. Surprisingly, I have never had a lick of trouble using the GPU on the mobo for DAW, Video Editing, streaming video. It even supports 4K. I finally was able to get high speed net out here in the country and I've been streaming 4K on this with a 4K TV hooked up as a monitor and it's been great. Edit: This is my second attempt at replying. My post vanished the first time. Do do doodoo do do doodoo bada da bom. Picture if you will ... sorry. 😁
  9. It's one thing to sit in your studio practicing or be on stage and have the 'stand alone' tone of your dreams and obsess over tone. Been there, done that. It's another to capture a guitar tone that sits in a mix. It's why I always just stuck with Guitar Rig 4 and learned how to use and manipulate it and never invested in DI pedals or a Kemper or got in to IR's. There is absolutely nothing wrong with all that. But I don't play live anymore so I wouldn't benefit from anything hardware based. From a recording standpoint for me there isn't that much of a difference to justify that cost because you are going to manipulate the living daylights out of the recording anyway to get it to sit in a mix.
  10. Thanks everyone. I wasn't sure if it was something like V-Vocal or Melodyne that was 3rd party but included or not. S1P3 works well for me but it is several versions behind now. I really like the Fat Channel. I bought some similar Softube compressors and I have to say the Presonus version that's free is as good and better in some ways. The most I've had going at one time while tracking was 10 with all modules running and it introduced 0 latency. That's a biggie for small home studio guys like me who are doing almost everything in the box.
  11. I know how the bottom outlet feels lately.
  12. I'm running S1P3 and have been thinking of just going with Sphere instead of upgrading to S1P5. I have limited time to record, normally only during the colder winter months when I'm stuck indoors, so Sphere makes sense for me. Is VocAlign a 3rd party thing or would it be included with Sphere? Thanks.
  13. Here is a Remaster I did using my ART VLA II Leveling Amp/Compressor. Added 2/16/21 Just testing out new hardware setup. The original mix is significantly louder. Use caution A/B'ing. Trying out my new Studio 1810c interface for the first time. This is a Dave Edmunds style version of I Hear You Knocking. Equipment Used: Blue Bluebird Mic, Martin 000, Fender Strat, Fender P/J Bass, Session Drummer 3, Guitar Rig 4, Misc stock VST's, and O9A. I recorded, mixed, and mastered this using only headphones at my dining room table on Monday so it is what it is. Good or bad input is welcome. Thanks.
  14. Whoa! Nice avatar Steve! I like it! Makes me feel all warm n' fuzzy. đŸĨ°
  15. I gave the Studio 1810c a thorough workout last night. I got the kinks worked out and it's working well so far. Here's what it took to get the 'mono output only' and 'latency problems' fixed ... 1. Uninstall current version of Universal Control for old interface. 2. Download and install the latest Universal Control for this model and deselect everything except the box marked "Studio USB". By default every interface this UC covers is installed and if you rush through the install and leave everything selected it causes problems. 3. Use a USB-C port if you have it. Mine supports up to USB 3.1. The way I understand how USB ports work it's not supposed to make a difference because the 1810c uses USB 2.0 but it did. I tried it in a USB 3.0 port and I had better results from the USB 3.1/USB-C port in regard to how many VST's I could run and still maintain a reasonable live recording latency. 4. Do as many Win10 tweaks as you can. Particularly the USB power stuff. Here's a good Win10 DAW Tweak article. After I did all that it's been working great in S1 and CbB. Better in CbB to be honest in regard to latency, on my PC. 👍
  16. I looked at RME interfaces but they are way above my budget unfortunately. But I am absolutely sold on FW. The UCX runs on USB or FW400. I did my research before I set up my old Firestudio Mobile. I got a FW card that is powered directly from the PSU not the Mobo with the proper chipset driver. Presonus has a list of chipsets they tested with their devices so I looked for FW cards based on a chipset they tested. I never had a problem and always had ultra low latency. I absolutely see a huge difference between FW and USB 2.0. That 2488 is a nice unit. I saw a few for sale used at a great price.
  17. Scratch that for now. I think I figured the problem out. UC installs a ton of extra stuff by default. After much digging around on the net I found a review on Sweetwater's site that said doing the default install will cause all kinds of trouble. So I uninstalled UC and reinstalled with just the USB Studio generic driver and it's been working great. I also switched it to my USB-C port and the dropouts aren't there when set to Medium unless I move the O9A VST Windows around. For such a plain generic looking plugin it sure is a resource hog. OMG. I did have it plugged in to a USB 3.0 port. The manual says it the 1810c supports USB 2.0. I tried moving it to the USB-C port on my PC just for the heck of it and it did make a difference. I only have 2 ports on my PC that support USB 3.1 and the C port is one of them. I don't have anything connected to the other 3.1 port so maybe that's why? I don't know. I do miss FW though. It performed significantly better. Glad I got this problem figured out. It's a really nice interface. I can deal with setting the dropout protection higher, now I have to test input latency later. 👍
  18. It output in mono even though it's set to stereo 3 times in a row now. It's going back tomorrow. There hasn't been any updates in over a year so I'm guessing it's at the end of life so I'm going to send it back while I can. It's a nice unit, it's too bad.
  19. Edit: I think I got it figured out. See post below.
  20. Have you had a chance to test your 1810c? I'm experiencing the same thing as I read about ... no stereo monitoring. This can't be right. Everything is coming through the headphones in mono and I see no setting anywhere to change it.
  21. The 1810c arrived today. It's actually brand new. Box still factory sealed, everything in original unopened packaging. There's 1 left on Amazon fella's ... Now that I see this is brand new and at a great price it's super hard to walk away from. Uhg. I need to get one of those things, what do they call it? It starts with a 'J'? 🙄😁
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