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  1. I found that my import time stamp option is turned off. Andres Medina, did you find that you had sync problems importing from Protools with this on and then solved them by un-checking this box? Since my check box is off already I'm not sure if that's the problem. I've asked my friend to check his export settings and even try to re-import what he's sending me into his own Protools project to see if that works. He seems to be able to play along with my export mix just fine. The problem starts when he exports and I then import his guitar parts into Sonar on my side. If there are any other suggestion on what might be causing this problem I'd love to hear them. Thanks.
  2. They are using Protools so I'll try deselecting that time stamp option and reply here again.
  3. Msmcleod was nice enough to point out that the Ctrl+PgUp shortcut key goes back one measure in a project. The reason I was asking about that is that a friend recently added a guitar solo to my song using an exported .mp3 mix I created. That mix of the project was using a 44.1/24 sampling rate. Later, his imported .wav guitar solo seemed to line up exactly one measure earlier than when my solo marker starts. He said the problem might have been because he was using a different sampling rate on his side. Could that cause this problem? Today I tried importing a second solo he did which he had recorded using 44.1/24 sampling rate just like mine. This one actually lined up even earlier than the first one and doesn't seem to even align to a specific measure's down beat. I'm looking for any insights on what would cause this problem. My export went as an .mp3 file. He's sending me back a .wav file. We've done this exercise successfully before so I'd like to know what one of is doing to make it not work now. Thanks.
  4. I use these short cuts a lot as I'm sure many people do: I also often use Ctrl+Page Up and Ctrl+Page Down alone with no SHIFT key. This appears to go back a measure or forward a measure but I'm not quite sure what it's really doing. I use this to quickly go back a small amount of time before a punch in without having to rewind or use the mouse in any way so I can quickly change the project time in a predictable way. I don't see the key combos documented. Thanks.
  5. Sometimes I create a quick mix of only the solo section of a tune with a fade in/fade out for a small mix to present to a guitar player and get their thoughts on the vst plugins and efx: I might send them a few mixes from this area of the project with different plugins. Usually I erase this fade in/fade out after I do the temp mixes. Is there an easy way to save and then later get the envelopes back in the same position sometime in the future in case I need to do this exercise again? Thanks.
  6. Do most people like Split at Time for some reason I'm not aware of and is the way I always use it the exception?
  7. I think the problem is that if you repeat the same steps to modify your DAW daily and have to do an extra step each time it can make you want to look for a short-cut to have 'your way' be the default. Saves time with each session. I'm curious why people would want the default choice on Split at Selection instead of what I always change it to. Thanks
  8. Thanks I'll try that. I've never had a need to use this function before: "Add it to the default autohotkey script, binding it as desired." Is this something you use often?
  9. I use Split Clips a lot to quickly edit clips, copy them, or whatever. It defaults to Split At Time and I always change it to Split At Selection for each new Sonar session I start. I've never needed to use it any other way. Can I set Sonar to default to that setting?
  10. I find Melodyne's current behavior to really be hit or miss. I may go to their editor and see blobs or not depending on the current alignment of the planets. I've tried freeing up memory and disk space to no avail. I restart the project and don't see them but them later on I might double click on a clip and the blobs are there. I can't find no rhyme nor reason yet. I'm patient and will restart a project to free up memory or whatever if it lets me get on with it. But I don't know what works here. I would love to know the solution to this. It's really slowing me down.
  11. Thanks for your helpful replies. For some reason re-editing the clip in Melodyne didn't seem to do the trick but a double left-click on it in track view did show the blobs again (wasn't that a movie??). For whatever reason this has been happening lately, my project performance has sunk low and become unmanageable. It was fine just a couple of days ago. I didn't update Melodyne knowingly. My Bandlab version is usually kept up to date. This is a Melodyne issue, not a Cakewalk one? Someone said they can't go back to an earlier version of Melodyne. Can't I uninstall my current version and reinstall one that worked last month and possibly resolve this? Thanks.
  12. Recently I've seen Melodyne appear to be creating a region in a track on Sonar but then when it's finished I see their editor blank with no musical nodes appearing. I can go back to track view in Cakewalk and undo it but I'm not sure what would cause this behavior. It's like it did nothing but tried. My project has many tracks and uses lots of memory. Not sure if that's the issue. I've used Melodyne on other tracks on the same song recently with no problem. It's almost like it's hit or miss now and I've never seen this behavior before. Any thoughts on what could cause this to happen? Thanks.
  13. I did do plugin scans several times including re-scanning all plugins. I know the plugin Cakewalk is looking for is in one of the scanned folders. That's the frustrating part. What can cause this error if the plugin is actually there and I can insert it myself after canceling the 'plugin not found' error messages? I think that's my main question. Different vst version number? 32 vs. 64 bit version used in the project?? Thanks.
  14. I think it's time to give up and just reinsert the plugins again. I think I didn't change the presets on these instruments and I can get the volume and efx info from the old audio output that's not working. The MIDI is there and I just have to appease Cakewalk as quickly as possible and get back to work. I do like your search ideas and will try them both out. Thanks again.
  15. Thanks bitflipper, I did a couple of quick guesses as to where it might be looking but apparently they weren't the right locations. I'll try again tomorrow. Is the problem really that Cakewalk has a project which previously found a Kontakt version 5 or 6 before and now that location has changed? Shouldn't the fact that Cakewalk can insert either version of these plugins currently because they've been scanned be enough to open the old project? I'm not sure I understand why moving a plugin's location would cause this error. I can insert either version of Kontakt with the old plugin with no problem. My only concern is if I changed any settings of the plugin and don't have a configuration saved for that tune. Another example is that I have a similar problem when I load an old project with a FabFilter vst or Amplitude 4 vst. The 'vst missing' error message pops up when loading but as soon as the project is finished loaded I can simply insert either plugin with no problem. My question is what confuses Cakewalk into believing a plugin is missing when it can obviously load the same plugin it griped about? Is it the current plugin's location? The current version of the plugin? The alignment of the planets? If I couldn't successfully insert Kontakt, FabFilter, Amplitude 4 or whatever without the 'missing plugin' message I would believe there was truly a problem on my side. The fact that they all load with no problem with new projects or after old projects are loaded confuses me. I would think the Cakewalk/Bandlab crew would have some kind of tools to help straighten problems like this out. What can they see inside a project that we can't? I tried a Projectscope utility mentioned in another post but it didn't have the information needed. Thanks again.
  16. Thanks bitflipper, I'll look into that as a possible solution. I believe I know where the vsts were located before. In fact, they might not have even moved. I can guess where Kontakt might have been located before pretty easily. I've never used symbolic links before so I'll have to research this. Alternatively I could simple copy the two Kontakt .dll files for 5.8 and 6.6 to every location Cakewalk is currently searching for vst files. That wouldn't be too difficult. I don't think they've changed recently. My hunch is it's the Kontakt locations and not the vst library locations that's causing the problem. I've mentioned in other post how much I dislike Kontakt for several reasons. Starting with the horrible interface it just seems like a terrible tool to be an industry standard. I try to use any other plugin I can if I can avoid using Kontakt these days so it doesn't come back to haunt me. I only seem to have these kind of problems with Kontakt. Thanks again.
  17. I've seen this problem before and I know many other people have had the same issues. I've got a Cakewalk project that's two years old that I want to remix. Over the past two years I believe I moved the vst folders and probably have reinstalled Kontakt again for whatever reasons. I was probably only using version 5.8 on this project at the time and not version 6. Bandlab is currently updated with the latest version. Now I have Kontakt version 5.8.1 and version 6.6.0 installed. Everything works fine on new projects using either of the installed versions. I recall having vst errors with Kontakt in the past or else it loaded but there was no sound. The easiest solution seemed to be to reload a new Kontakt synth plugin with the same library and redirect the old MIDI to the new plugin. I would then delete the old Kontakt synth plugin. I couldn't be sure I had the same plugin settings if I didn't have a configuration file saved to reload. It was a slight pain but it got me up and running again quickly. This two year old project has about 90 tracks and a lot of them are Kontakt plugins. I don't want to jump through hoops getting this running again if I can avoid it. I can insert a new Kontakt plugin and use the same library as I did two years before and it works fine. So the problem doesn't seem to be with the Kontakt plugins I used before not working or being 'found'. It seem that Cakewalk is now confused and associating the plugin to a previous folder location or Kontakt version or perhaps something else. Does anyone know how to make this movie have a happy ending? Thanks.
  18. I'm finally going to remove the partitioned 4 TB non-SSD drive from this PC and replace it with two SSD drives (2 TB and 4 TB). One will have my Cakewalk projects and the larger one will have my VST's. This should greatly improve the performance, right?
  19. I now know that this problem started when I began using a new MODU audio interface instead of my PreSonus device. I switched back to the Audiobox USB 96 and everything is fine again. Later I have to figure out what's causing the problem when using the MODU. Hopefully it's a setting I can configure.
  20. I recently bought an Acer Swift 3 to bring on vacations and installed Cakewalk just for fun. I thought I might be able to do a simple demo song if inspired while away. I installed a few vst's like ezDrummer, Evolution 12, Kontakt Factory Library and Calliope and hit the road. Cakewalk seems to work fine but the only Driver Mode that seems to work is MME (32-bit). The other modes either are silent, give error messages, or sound bad. I didn't bring any of my audio interfaces to keep it simple so I just plugged a cheap keyboard my children use into the USB to see if it would work. It works fine but there's a big latency problem. My question is could the latency be improved with a better driver/driver mode installed or by changing something else? At home I use a M-Audio Keystation which works fine but with my faster desk top machines. I can't test that keyboard until I get home. This laptop is running Win 10: If the problem is the cheap keyboard I'm using or the laptop's weak processing power then I'll give up for now. If there's something I could do to improve the latency while I'm away I'd try it. I'm not very good at just relaxing on vacations... Thanks.
  21. Thanks David Baay for your help. I tried the same tune with the copy/paste exercise on my newer Win 10 machine (this problem is on an older Win 7 machine) and it worked fine this morning. Rah! I thought that was great and did an update on the Win 7 version thinking that would fix it but alas, still the strange glitch sound after the pastes. I'll A/B the Cakewalk settings on both machines later to see if there's something amiss there. Again, it's been working fine for two years until a couple of week ago when it got in a bad mood for some reason. Could be the Ukraine situation. DAW's can be funny that way. Win 7 problem PC is now using this version: Thanks again. I'll let you know if I sort this out.
  22. For the last two years I've enjoyed making many quick arrangement changes in a song by turning on ripple edit and copying and pasting my verse, chorus, bridge, or solo sections anywhere I wanted in the tune. Each section (verse, chorus, etc...) was bookmarked and all the bookmarks were on the downbeat because I would always Ctrl-PgDn to that exact time before creating the bookmark. It's worked great for me and I could quickly move stuff around to try new arrangements. I tried Bandlab's arranger but I thought this way was easier. To make a short story long, my latest song was working fine with this technique until two weeks ago when I started hearing glitches on the transition to the paste section. Before it didn't matter whether I had tracks frozen or not and everything sounded great. I moved stuff around freely. I was so amazed it was so easy to move things around and always hear everything sound perfect on the downbeat. It almost felt like cheating creating a song this way. Now when I do the paste I hear a little sound glitch or slight delay or something that doesn't make the transition clean or perfect. All the old edits from the last two months sound perfect in the same tune I'm not trying to rearrange. It's only the new copy/pastes. I've soloed tracks and analyzed it up the whazoo but I can't figure out why my usual tricks aren't working. I haven't updated Cakewalk in a long time (i always wait for the dust to settle!) so I don't think that's the problem. I read a recent rant on this forum about ripple edit so that makes me take pause. Is there some setting I might have mucked up that would cause this behavior? It could be related to this one song. I tried a version I had saved from two weeks ago and it's still screwed up. I can try to see if I can copy/paste on older songs to see if this current song is the culprit but I just wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts on why this might be happening. Thanks.
  23. Thanks sjoens for that suggestion. Because the prices are so reasonable these days I think I'm going to go with the M4 knowing I can always switch to something else later. When I see the pictures of their monitoring meters they look like what I want to view when recording. The PreSonus AudioBox USB 96 has been a drag for a couple of years https://motu.com/en-us/products/m-series/m4/ Thanks for everyone's thoughts. I'm sure in a few months there will be new fun toys to consider.
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