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  1. My issue is with drive space. Any library will now cost an extra $100-$200. I wanted their woodwinds but no discount on those.
  2. Why does it seem developers have this bad habit of trying to turn computer GUIs into cell phone GUIs? Way too many developers are into changing the paint and less improvements under the hood.
  3. IS there a code? $99 in my cart.
  4. This kind of stuff is too bloated. GB size is more of a turn off for me.
  5. https://www.howtogeek.com/761064/5-ways-the-windows-11-taskbar-is-worse-than-windows-10s/
  6. That's the "safer" sugar for a diabetic unless you want the chemical stuff. Maybe they need to relabel it in grocery stores.
  7. Rumor has it that pros do that. I doubt many orchestra players use the latest and greatest.
  8. Maybe I should sample my old Meinl Weston convertible marching tuba. I only have a condenser mic. I could sample my pet cockatiel.
  9. I'm gonna have 16 or 17 unused unless they add something to the $49 bracket. Too bad when I click on promotions that is doesn't say "dude you don't have this!" One of these days I'm gonna had to do an all IK project. Imagine what someone whose starting would get for a $49 investment.
  10. Soundforge does a good job too. The only reason why I use it more than Izotope is I'm so familiar with Soundforge workflow. Plus you can use RX inside Soundforge.
  11. Too bad those verbs still need iLok. That ruins those bundles.
  12. That's why my WUP is over $500.. I bought multiple licenses. I have desktops so moving dongles around are annoying and easier to forget. That's a reason why I never jump on the Steinberg bandwagon.
  13. LOL @ USB drive. It will fit nicely with my elicenser, iLok. To make it more fun I could use it on my system with those 2 and the Reason dongle. I can get 4 ports going.
  14. More like overrated. How many kids who listen to music on their phones are gonna say, "oh man this thing is so much better with tape emulation". "This woulda been a hit if it had tape emulation".
  15. They have so many plugins I guess that works for them.
  16. Great products ruined by poor licensing.
  17. Same here except I got the $49 ST libraries. I have everything except those pedals and the Mellotron. When I go through my available $49 promos half of the stuff I have no clue what they are until I load AT5.
  18. No big deal to me. With AT5 Max I'm overwhelmed with what I have. I haven't even touched the surface of Total Studio.
  19. So far that's the mystery. Unless I'm missing something there is no product comparison.
  20. How is Nectar 3 different from plus? I can upgrade it for $49 but no real reason to.
  21. It was. I wondered what they were. When an email came out about these software pedals they weren't in there. They were not in the Custom shop either when they were in the promotions.
  22. Even though I only put $49 in the GB on Wed. those X gear peddles were in my free choices. I was going to get them yesterday but they were removed. Those software versions are $149. IK giveth and taketh away. I really don't see anyone paying that kind of price for a software peddle. So I'm slightly pissed and waiting for the last minute is not a good idea.
  23. They were afraid with all of the posts we would break the internet.
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