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    Sandra Nye

    Yeah love the vocal rythum I think its good as it is but with a good mix it could be much better once again loved the vocals break was also good cheers P
  2. Mud slide slim was the first album i had from james taylor memories are flooding back.. now cheers great cover
  3. Hi Doug Great guitar tones and riff , and the chorus really sticks out , great mix has a great ``live´´ feel to to it nice one
  4. Paul Bush


    Yes very cool playing and compostion , great all round
  5. Paul Bush

    Winter Loneliness

    Hi Nigel , just love those guitar tones , just as they should be, really clean playing and with a super feeling, nothing rushed just right on the button , evokes in my minds eye a darkend smoke filled half empty bar with the band playing on the corner stage ..... but thats just me I see music in pictures cheers P
  6. Paul Bush


    Yeah so tight, well balanced great production great vocals cheers great song
  7. Paul Bush

    Curare Blues

    I really liked the vibe on this one Lynn had a bit like little feat touch loved the percussion i wouldnt change anything on this ``dont touch those pretty white flowers ´´ what an introduction to a song so ballsy great song , right up my alley well done respekt
  8. I concure with all the above just great, love that nylon string guitar really lovely . Oh and the vocals are spot on
  9. Thanks Larry , this one took on a life of its own so i didnt try and write to the normal verse, chorus , verse etc i just let it take its course and let it ramble on, I didnt want to make a typical 3:30 pop tune this time ..I endulged myself on this one cheers P
  10. Hi Bjorn , this is not my thing really ..but then I couldnt stop listening ,totally captivating , totally sucked me in .. I´m still hanging by a thread as I write........the 5 minutes flew by wow ! this was really something special cheers P
  11. Hi guys I couldnt stand that last mix so Ive re sung some parts, calmed down the reverb cymbals , and struck the compressor off so here goes
  12. Paul Bush


    Hi Freddy , thanks for taking the time Ive deleted the song from soundcloud and re posted it again with a new re mix cheers P
  13. Paul Bush


    Hi chaps thanks for all the constuctive comments , Ive re visited the master and realised that the compressor (thanks Antler) was way over the top and clouded the whole mix , I´ve been watching way too many tutorials and over complicated the whole mixdown stage and not trusting my own ears , so i´m re-doing some vocals with a tick less reverb and I´ll post again at some stage , oh and the cymbals have been calmed down in places ..once again thanks for all the constructive advice..P
  14. Paul Bush


    hi chaps , well after a few hours of messin around in the studio I managed to get it this far, I made quite a few changes and thanks to all the helpful comments you all pushed and inspired me to once again to better myself and dig deeper for this recording so thanks and as always your comments are more than welcomed cheers p
  15. Yeah Hi t , Ive left myself a bit of headroom on this one before I master, this is the first time I`ve managed to do this as usually I push it all to the max leaving nowhere to go later on so i´m really experimenting with this one , the drums are all seperate, and many tracks are using lots of busses giving me easyer control at the mix stage ....well thats the idea anyway ..or failing that I`ll just have a few beers and push record ......cheers P
  16. Hi chaps well this ones been on the back burner for some time , so I made some (many)changes and heres what came out , itS another rant about , politics and media etc all comments are welcome cheers P.. .......the end will faded out at some stage....
  17. Paul Bush

    Born To Love You

    Hi this one flew under the radar , another good song from you, really liked the percussion , cant fault it in any way good stuff cheers P
  18. Oh yes Liked this very much great melody , wasnt too keen on the fill guitar percussion did the trick , great vocals top song ...
  19. Hi Tim, yes there are certanly a few phrases that woukld work better if the played the same melody lots in there to choose from lots of potential
  20. Paul Bush

    No Turning Back

    Great acoustic guitar tone , i never achieve that , it all pops out at you , yeah i liked this very nuch cheers
  21. Paul Bush


    Hi whoisp Yes it just got better and better as the song continued, really kept the listener interested , like a good cold beer right to the very last drop , really liked the vocals , yep great stuff this one cheers
  22. Paul Bush

    Set Me Free

    sounded fun to me loved all the instuments ,
  23. Paul Bush


    Hi Allan I Just love your meandering melodies , and thats the hard part there´s always a surprise in store...... nice one
  24. Paul Bush

    Wonder Why

    I´m always jealous of these bloody clear sounding recordings mine in comparison are all muddy and muddled ..a bit like my brain ....good song
  25. Paul Bush


    I hate to sound boring but Its just another great track , always faultless playing and production ..now can you please post a crap song with bad timming and offkey vocals so that at least i can look myself in the mirror and feel a bit better in myself another great track cheers yours enviously P
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