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    Thats high praise comming from you Freddy thanks a lot , it means so much , its one of those song where one starts off with nothing and with a bit of luck hits the imagination of others , I never know if its good or not cheers paul
  2. Paul Bush


    Hi t , thanks for the comments , do you mean what amps sims on the solo ? I used TH3 Tube nine (screamer)with a fender darkface 65, with a fender tweed cabinet, with a vahalla delay using my cheap mexico secondhand strat , I did double track it though I hope this answers your question as I´m not up to speed on the recording jargon. cheers once again
  3. Paul Bush


    Thanks chaps for all the positive feedback, Bass Is really a problem with me as I cant really play Bass and i´m never really happy with it so I tend to and hide it and inspite of that a I do turn it up but never enough It may be due to my cheap headphones , I bought nice ones and well I just dont like them , I threw everything but the kitchen sink at this one productionwise (creative sauce tutorials my lifes blood) I do feel this is my best production thus far ...learning by doing as they say .....great forum, great members ,always a pleasure cheers guys......
  4. Yeah you got the raw bones alright I agree with Tom though it could do with some rythum guitar
  5. Paul Bush


    Hi chaps , well here`s a new one , Ive been through every stage of loving it , hating it, dumping it, and plain fed up with it, that said I´m now rather happy with it as always all of your comments are welcome . cheers Paul You wanna run before you learned how to walk, You wanna shout before you`ve learned how to talk, Think you can change your life with ink Still you dont feel that your fitting in You change, you change, for changes sake but that dont help the emptyness inside, Re-invent, re-invent, re-invent yourself , but you just cant hold back the tide You paint yourself to stand out from the crowd, Pierce your skin and you talk too loud you can protest for unknown cause but you still find youreslf all alone .....chorus..... …...Oohaaa Oohha......... Bridge Youre checkin out, your reflextion, nobody see´s you No one pays you no mind, Blending in with the crowd Feeling not so proud, Your fanatsy world breaking down yeah Tattoo`s are stinging , pieced skin`s a weeping Your pride is creaking….yeah yeah yeah... ….solo.... Acoustic Break …...ohh ahh ooh ahh ooh ahh....... Youve backed yourself into a corner right now Being so cool , just didnt work out The outside world frightens you most You walk alone feeling just like a ghost .....chorus..... .....outro..... Break out from yourself stop being someone else stand on your own two feet and set yourself free Break out from yourself stop being someone else your not on the shelf and set yourself free
  6. All i can say is that I concure with all of the above , just great
  7. Hi Lynn , cant pidgeon hole your stuff and thats a good thing , I went back and took another take and it was still haunting me . A great piece of work congratulations...cheers paul
  8. Paul Bush

    Sunrise Funk

    Hi Mark, lots going on there loved the left right panning and the guitar playing was great, acoustic tones beautiful, I didnt hear too much Bass guitar though maybe needs to be more prominent , and yeah its crying out for some vocals ..but then I would say that wouldnt I ? cheers paul
  9. Hi Whoisp , this really isnt my bag man ..but that said i can appreciate all the hard work youve put into this , this is just so complex and dam clever , I had to go back and listen three times ... and as for the video well just super ..a great piece of work.... cheers paul
  10. Paul Bush

    "Remember" _Colab

    Yeah liked this one lots of cool key changes , makes the listener really work for it , Bits of Joe Jackson, and the other fella Graham parker in there for me ....loved the horns great song ..really well crafted song
  11. Hi Keith those backing vocals really pop ,great song
  12. Hi guys easy when one knows how thanks for the info , I was copying and pasting so the markers were also being kopied , hold right click hold and delete key cheers all
  13. Hi chaps , this must be easy but its driving me mad after adding markers to verses, chorus. etc somehow they have doubled up now and i just want to delet the ones I dont need , Ive deleted the names of these markers but after right left clicking the flag stays in the window just making a mess of my organised work , I´m scracthing my head on this .please put me out of my misery ..cheers P
  14. Ive been a fan of Alan Parsons for years, saw him live in Salzburg about ten years ago ``eye in the sky ´´ is a clasic album ` ``turn of a friendly card´´ also
  15. Yeah I liked this one a lot , lots of changes vocals just top , just great cheers paul
  16. Hi Lynn So much in there , lots going on in the background great song and ``its not the same´´ cheers paul
  17. Paul Bush


    Hi , Relaxes me no end , really liked this one cheers paul
  18. Hi , it takes one on a trip to , somewhere ,nowhere and back , i could make many comparisons but I wont , i wouldnt want to dilute what is a brillinat peice of work .. cheers paul
  19. I just love the verse melody , reminds me a of early Alan Parsons Project , really good especially with the chior at the end nice one cheers paul
  20. Yeah in a class of your own , just great stuff, super video, top production, great song , super vocals, cheers paul
  21. Great suff , obviously avoiding overdubs very brave keeping the vocals naked and vunerable ..respect cheers paul
  22. Whoooo ! this couild fly in any direction just after that echo break.... so go with it... endless posibilites ... cheers paul
  23. Really well executed video , recorded, great production , vocals just a tad too low , (I bet the guitarst mixed it ha ha) cheers once again great stuff paul
  24. Paul Bush


    Great post Rex ,You really worked hard on these vocals and it shows , just beautiful harmonies , super song cheers paul
  25. Love the vocals ! really well recorded , really bright great stuff .. cheers paul
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