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    Jeremiah's Lament

    Oh my, this sounds like film music for Ken Loach film (british film director) i loved it Wow
  2. Paul Bush


    Yeah i liked it , I had the feeling it was recorded in a empty bar somewhere , a live feel which is a good thing
  3. I´m not a lover of cover`s but this really hit the spot well done ..and the video well what can i say just , it was too good well done impresive
  4. Y´know what i like about this recording it sounds so effortless , so well ballanced nothing is jostling for position , it`s all just there ..great song
  5. I love the the chord changes and the vocal really does it for me , really nice
  6. Hi Lynn , yeah I`m definately doing a re-mix , there´s no high points in there I sort of overlooked that aspect of the song , its great to get a second + pairs of ears on my songs cheers pb
  7. Thanks Tom ,Ive just bought a new pair of headphones Sehnheisser HD 280 pro for the mix down stage and they`ve helped me to get a better overall feel of the mixdown so after many hearings I i think i may have unmudlled it alhough there´s always room for improvement so its now time take on board tips and reflection ready for the next mixdown ..oh and I made a video aas well cheers PB
  8. Paul Bush

    Uncertain Future

    A Perfect example of how build up tension with the ``less is more´´ principle of guitar playing , just great, never once got boring I really liked it , I wish I could do thathalf as good , I alyways play too much too early ,and too bloody often ..well done .....
  9. Thanks t as always good advice , I´ll give it another listening now and take stock ,
  10. Yep I jogged along with this one , acc guitar did the job well
  11. Love the vocals great job
  12. What`s not to like, loved the guitar sound and the Bass was just excelent well the whole thing really
  13. Yep I like your songs there`s always a surprise in there to keep me on my toes .. whoops didnt see that comming cheers
  14. This a great song , I wish i could write songs with what i would call sparse lyrics I over explain with way too much, too many words and this song just rely`s on bloody great music doesnt get boring drives it along and all the time peppered with great vocals and lots more, really well constructed nice one
  15. Hello once again chaps, well I think I may be slowly getting the hang of this recording malarky , ``Circus ride´´ is my latest offering once again taking a hell a lot of your advice on board and checking out the `` creative sauce´´ web site that was also really helpful , cheers PB
  16. Hi Jeff I had simular problems with my behringer 240 and I swopped out the ASIO setting to (I think it was called) WASSAP and it cured the problem , now I must add I know nothing about computers , I just gave it a try since then no problems although sometimes if my computer is downloading it could cause the pc to work slower so i turn off the internet .
  17. I´m just not qualified to comment on the technical side of this which basicaly means I´m a joe bloggs sort of guy so I just listen to the tune and i thought it was great espescally the chorus ..nice one
  18. yeah I like this one a lot great recording really in yer face ......dare i say your voice reminds me a little of the great Nils Lofgren and thats a compliment nice one
  19. I dont know really what to say i´m not an expert on clasical music although Ive listened to popular ones often , so all i can say is this piece took me by surprise and through many emotions happy, sad , and everything in bewteen , thanks david I liked it a lot, just makes one want to listen to it again to find out more ...
  20. Yeah thanks Kenny it really comes down to that , i´m quite new to this bandlab , I´m constanty surprised at the quality of the the tones cheers PB
  21. Hi alan, Yeah I thought so too , this new song of mine really needs some clean crisp sort of sound , almost biting tone thanks for replying
  22. Hi Nigel, yesssss thankyou very much kind sir there`s me waiting for that pop up , and well the rest is history once again thanks for replying PB
  23. Thanks guys couldnt either one to install downloaded , no pop up to install
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