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  1. Why there when the people who can help him instantly is right here in the thread helping everyone? It was said early in this thread to send all related queries right here.
  2. I think this needs to be removed. I flipped out on this too a while back. Why would we want that?
  3. Please add this feature to the official release.
  4. How new are you to cakewalk? How new are you to mixing? Every De-esser has an adjustable gain fader. Grouping the vocals will allow you to treat them as one track. FWIW! Right at the top of every channel in the console view -- there's a little knob called "Gain" (aka clip gain) and in track view it's a slider. Why so angry if you don't fully know something?
  5. You also have to make sure it is your default soundcard. What's your settings under Playback and Recording TAB?
  6. Dude send them straight here. You'll get ร—10 the response to your issue.
  7. Awesome work on the updates guys. Can't wait to test this out later. I see "Mouse Wheel Scroll" for Insert audio FX from the FX bin has not been updated. So clicking is currently still the only option going through plugins. Great job on this release though. We're moving places.
  8. Is that the "Kakewalk system? Lame pun. ๐Ÿ˜‚ You cannot mix without it. I approach mine slighlty different. Perfect little trick and works like dynamite - both mixing and mastering.
  9. Glad you admit the problem you have. Changing the track color, automatically change the clip color too. The feature is already there. With the theme installer you can do wonders. There's even an option in preferences too. FYI cakewalk is already way advance than most DAW. You just need to learn it.
  10. For me? I don't see how. I group all my tracks and only have the group track in color. It's saved as a template like that, so I don't have to do it while working. The ability to eliminate certain tasks with "customed saved templates" is already a luxury for me. From rock, pop, hiphop, edm, future bass -- every template is custom color saved as group tracks. 808, kick, drums, percussion, guitars, strings and FX risers. So I literally, only, record and mix. Again others will find it to their taste. Never said it's not a bad idea.
  11. @Lord Tim @Craig Anderton really appreciate the help. Managed to solve the issue. I've reverted back "5" version's of this saved template. Guess it was some sort of setting that was saved as such - don't know. Deleted those 5 newer ones and kept this one as "latest 0ct20th." Just have to copy it to my external drive, once I'm done with the custom keybinding - this time staying out of preferences. Thanks guys.
  12. ๐Ÿ˜ข but why isn't it happening in (Hate to say it) Pro tools? I tried Ableton lite too - works as it should. Using Focusrite Solo, set to output on Master Bus as default. When creating a new track it routes automatically to the Master Output, but even changing the track output to run solely the interface its still there. Connectivity is RCA inputs (Solo) to TRS jacks (Monitors.) My QUESTION still stand. Why only in Cakewalk? Really appreciate the effort to help here TIM. And like I'd said, when sitting in my "Sweet Spot" it's not noticeable -- only if you put your ear close to monitor. I discovered this few months ago, when I had my wallet fell down the back of my right speaker.
  13. I don't see how it will improve the DAW. Nothing wrong with the request though, there might be others that will enjoy the feature with you though.
  14. We can't do this, cause I've tried another DAW, nothing like that happen. Bingo! There's nothing on the opposite channel on the WAV when you export, but Cakewalk projects sound coming from there. I even tried looking into "DIM SOLO," made sense at the time lol. Fiddled with PanningCompactLaw as well it was on "False." Checked my panning law too. It's set to "0db Center, Balanced Control." One answer I'm not getting is if anyone else hear this when they go close to their monitor of feel the woofer doing something?
  15. It's off. Was one of the first things I had checked. Interesting. Does the windows 10 one counts? Plus, the motherboards onboard updated version - which is MSI.
  16. Hope this got some attention. Clicking to get to a certain plugin, is irritating. Why can't we just scroll through the plugins with the Mouse Wheel?
  17. Will_Kaydo

    Need help.

    I guess you're right - think i'm going to give it that 70's feel.
  18. LOL. You're reading to much in what is being said. You don't touch anything under the "Sync and Caching" TAB. ONLY IN DRIVER SETTINGS TAB. Here's mine Picture 1: Only set these settings to taste. Picture 2: Don't change anything here as what was said to you and what's explained in the Documentation. Also make sure that you choose your hardware driver (Should be ASIO) under the "Playback and Recording Tab."
  19. Who thinks a strictly dedicated "Master bus" without the two pan pots, that sometimes causes problems, would be a great addition to the DAW -- with only the Mono/Stereo interleave dead center?
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