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  1. I've come to realized this only happens when there's 32bit version vst's or plugins used in a project. I also ran into this problem, especially with some 3rd party mono plugins. Dropped my sample rate from 96khz to 48khz, voila - tracks freeze'd again. I think this is different with every machine/OS? I don't know. Is this possible?
  2. No, Absolute as in "Free of restrictions." Meaning, the problem goes away - as in no more audio dropouts. Like I said, it could be that my system or "O.S" don't read the file correctly. A few clutter sitting some where in the 64bit version of the DAW maybe. I don't know. That's why it is very important to make sure the "Use Analytics to improve Cakewalk" box is ticked under "Preferences."
  3. Cakewalk seems to be the only DAW with this problem. I haven't had any problems on this topic with other DAW's. Yet, I still prefer Cakewalk over them probably because I'm that comfortable using it, and know my way around it. I'm just gonna throw it out there - I've come to realize that when ever I remove the "Help Module" from the bottom right screen, and totally get rid of it, this problem becomes absolute my side. It could be my system, I don't know (i7 4th Gen, 16Gig ram, 2TB hardrive, 4.2ghz quad-core intel core i7CPU.) So, this confuses me too. Could it be that there's too much clutter some where on it's engine in the workspace? Some sort of outdated file source? This often happens when the CPU or RAM get's overloaded and does not refresh quick enough. This only started happening with the 64bit version on my side. I don't recall dealing with this in the 32it version.
  4. It became second nature in my workflow - especially when I take a break to return later. I always make a few notes on idea's before rebooting my ears or head in the creativity world for a couple of minutes or full day for that matter. Extremely helpful.
  5. Will.

    Move Tool Problem.

    Make sure only the tracks and notes you want to move are selected. It is easy to select everything by accident in cakewalk. Make it a habit to deselect the groups you have highlighted to move, by clicking on an open space on the edited window. Always ride that mental note of every move you make when doing something, with the old habit of Ctrl + S "save copy"muscle memory.
  6. Hey @LarsF. Yeah, I do have templates that I've created with it's first release. There's no specific amount of inserts that I use in my projects. Depending on my creativity, I always find myself to add a few extra instruments almost every track I cook up. Especially with a huge wall of orchestra instrument inserts.
  7. I still think the new Instrument "Track Per Output option" in the Add Track menu dialog box should have the option to choose individually how many outputs you want in mono or stereo of the chosen instrument. Creating the maximum outputs automatically per instrument is annoying, even with drum instruments as you don't need all the outputs at times when using your favorite sample kick drum, toms or snare drum. I've become to enjoy this feature being at hand without the drag and drop insert from the browser option when creating a Mono or Stereo instrument track. Some instruments creates up to"16 outputs," in my collection, where I might only use 3 or 4 of those outputs. This makes the process of deleting all those unnecessary output per instrument track SUPER ANNOYING! and creates extra time which was not there before. So now I'm back using the old method. 😒
  8. 🤣 Dude - you're stressed out, relax. I'm messing with you. 🤣 I still prefer Red stone though. Even if win7 is lighter on every thing such as cpu; ram, background apps (that overloads cpu and ram,) and unnecessary update checks, even if is turned off. All this while running an i7 system with 16gig ram.
  9. Who is running the latest version of Win10 called "Red stone" with latest updates of 2020? I'm not talking about ancient OS like win10 home or professional.
  10. Well, we've past the stock version years ago "Win10 Red stone 6"
  11. When I heard the news of Win7 being discontinued and that won't have updates anymore, I changed to Win 10. So, I'm only running CbB for 2 years on 10 now. There's definitely a difference.
  12. Yeah! Bad ears right? 🙂 been using it for years!
  13. Why is Cakewalk running better on Win 7 64bit, than on Win10? A friend has been running Cakewalk for two weeks back on Win7 ultimate 64bit, just cause of something me and him disagreed on. I was right! Cakewalk runs better on Win7. Why though?🤔
  14. Well, something that is old in your system or attached causes that problem. Trust I've dealt with this on so many occasions and level. One thing that I will though is, I don't know about anyone else, but I find cakewalk to run best on Win 7 64bit. Anyway like I mentioned check your startup programs too. Normally Avast antivirus causes these issues too. Although i'm running Porcelain 10 the latest update. Another well known fellow friend and producer runs the Windows 10 Red stone and said that cakewalk is running smoother there.
  15. Why not just buy Rapture session? It's a powerful synth once you've learned to master it's oscillators. There's thousands of presets to choose from, and that you can buy. Z3ta is another powerful synth. http://www.cakewalk.com/Products/By-Category/Virtual-Instruments http://www.cakewalk.com/Products/Rapture https://www.cakewalk.com/Products/Z3TA/Buy-Now Everything sounds big.
  16. It's sad that we all can't afford better systems. I remember having this problem with my old system which was an i3 system. So, I saved up some bucks for an i7 system 16gig ram and a 2T SSD hard drive. All problems gone! I know not all are running on newer systems or can afford it. Upgrading your old SATA hard drive to a SSD hard drive and adding at least 8gig of ram will speed up your systems reading. Also clean up your startup programs.
  17. Hold down on Ctrl while bringing plugins to front. It's quicker.
  18. For easy access to the Loop explorer which is now called Browser, just hit "B" on your keyboard and a window pane on the right side of the screen will pop open. Choose the browser folder TOP LEFT of the pane window and locate your dedicated external sample/loop folder. 12.mp4
  19. For easy access to the Loop explorer which is now called Browser, just hit "B" on your keyboard and a window pane on the right side of the screen will pop open. Choose the browser folder TOP LEFT of the pane window and locate your dedicated external sample/loop folder. 12.mp4
  20. Yep, CdB❎ is a typo . CbB✔️ = Cakewalk by Bandlab. 🤘
  21. Just press "L" on the keyboard to get rid of the loop section (if its enabled.)
  22. What gustabo said. Also, wear headphones when you're using the mic. The echo function was design to hear yourself on headphones as a reference, not through speakers. Lower your mic volume too, on both your OS, and mic if it comes with a build in volume and headphone jack and volume control.🤘
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