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  1. This comes as just "Binding/grouping" those clips together. Everything mentioned so far, I do that. I'm familiar with the process. But imagine the ability (Like freeze) to "export/bounce/render" or whatever we want to call it "In place" permanently in "True wavform." I hear what you say though.
  2. Finally, 1 positive reply. This is exactly what I'm describing and mean in my OP. 😂
  3. Yes. It is as bounce to clips, but the idea behind the concept, is that it would do it in place (Think of exporting something in place) without having to export the stems a folder to be dragged again. I do have a decent system where I barely have this problem with projects under 100 tracks, consisting of both vocals and instruments. • i7 4th gen Cpu • 16G ram • 1TB SSD drive.
  4. Sigh! Read again. It is still an Instrument track which means the instrument is still opened (in this case the TTS-1) and still consumes a lot of CPU with Kontakt/SSD5 or any other Virtual instrument that consumes a lot of CPU. So that means, it's only the Midi file that has been "bounced to Audio" not track conversion to lessen that strain.
  5. Before I start, I want to clarify this - I'm not talking about "Freeze synth." There's a difference between Freeze Synth (which for some reason Cakewalk has been adding extra watsed space to it since it was implemented in the DAW.) Although after "13 years" working in Cakewalk you get use to certain "workaround" in the DAW - although it's still irritating at times. Explanation: Freezing a midi file to audio in CbB, is still is an instrument track, but with audio information on it. This means, trying to take some load of your CPU with "Freezing Synth" is a dead fail, when having "4/6" instances of Kontakt open with Heavy CPU Hungry presets for "piano and strings" and 8 instances of the free version of the SSD5 for your drums. Feature request: "Rendering/Burn/Commit" your midi "In Place" to an instant "Audio file/Wav file" would lessen that burden on your "CPU." Meaning - That instrument track get's then converted to an "Audio Track" with audio information as if it was recorded with "Patch Points" to an Aux Track. This feature would make a great deal of difference in your workflow. Having to export the stems, or as described above with using Patch Points, slows down the production (Worth it though.) I just think it will be an improvement to the DAW. ~W~ ✌
  6. When going to the "Help" Tab in Cakewalk, then to "Get Started," to set up your Input and Outputs of your hardware/interface -- Cakewalk closes abruptly without warning or saving the setting as soon as you click on "DONE."
  7. I don't think it is Cakewalk related. There was known issues with the 1909 windows build on some machines. There could've been a reg.file missing that windows required for CbB running engine. Do you use the currently machine in question purely just for Music and Video creation only? Try these Steps: If this don't solve the issue for you, scroll down to the bottom on this link to find all the previous releases in every Link that's attached to the OP.
  8. What @marled said. I've created about 4 folder stems so far with the new 2020.11 update - with ease. Only thing I wish was available with Exports in CbB, is " Album Cover TAGS" on export and a "Shortcut Keyboard" for Exporting. (Wait - let me do a quick run through the keyboard shortcut TAB in preferences. A shortcut might be possible already.)
  9. There's few way's to do this - Depending on the reason for in question. 1 - Midi Files: Place Snap setting to Whole Note (easier if just starting out,) right click on the Midi File, Select Bounce to Clip and drag midi out. Right click on the file again and scroll up to Groove Clip Looping. Now drag out until you're happy with the loop you've created. 2 - Audio Takes/Files/Samples: Same principle applies. 3 - Playback Loop: Highlight the freshly recorded takes and press "Ctrl+L" You then can record your creation with Patch Points or direct routing methods to an Aux track. https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR&language=3&help=Menus1.048.html
  10. I think you need to go read again. 😕 Seriously go read again. Focus on what is said. FWIW - AGAIN! I'm showing what routing flexibilty there is in CbB. Don't know what you don't understand from that.
  11. What's this? CbB has a vast flexible routing feature build in to it.
  12. I was really not defensive in anyway. It's all just straight conversion. There are workarounds in CbB to get your outboard gear solo'd, if for some reason you can't do it directly in your setup. I guess - I will never understand why people catch feelings when their own medicine are applied. ✌
  13. Well . . . Works for me. I have no problem in this department. FWIW: It is possible to route your Master Track to and Aux (which then becomes your Master Track) to apply these steps, (Think out side the box, not too much furthet than your nose,) but I guess it's too much for you to try, right? Why came to ask this Question then?
  14. Not if you send your faders pre. This works best on Instrument tracks. Create an "Audio Track" next to the Instrument Track and route the "Audio Tracks" Input to that of the Instrument Tracks. I prefer "Audio Track"for this and Not Aux or Bus for this OR use Patch Points.
  15. I own the: • WA76 from Warm Audio • The Seventeen from Black Lion Audio • Electronics M-One XL Reverb (Cheap but really good.) • TL Audio Tube EQ • Dbx 266XS Dual Compressor/Gate • Electronic HD Mastering Brickwall Dedicated Hardware Limiter. Which I have no problem solo'ing. Have you made any changes in your preferences lately? What is that you can't solo? Track buses? What happens when you do solo a track in cakewalk? There's feature in Cakewalk I hate with absolute - that's the the "Solo Dim" It allows bleeding of the effects to come through from your buses. Link on explanation. https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR X3&language=3&help=Playback.15.html Also check: https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=4&help=Playback.17.html
  16. Hi Team/Bakers and the CbB community. Some ideas on existing features. 1: The ability to Hide/Show the "Recent Plug-in view." It takes up unnecessary space. 2: The ability to Show/Hide the "Multi-Dock" 3: Ability for the Renaming of both clips and tracks to follow each other with a "Keyboard Shortcuts" instead of going up to the track tab every time. 4: "Mono/Stereo Meters" to follow interleave. 5: Ability to insert "Mono Audio Tracks" too - for recording. 6: "Flat List" feature for the "Plugin List Category" to not have to click to get to a favorite plugin - when list is out of memory. 7: Ability to switch between "Automation Lines and Bar Envelopes" in the PRV. 8: Ability to switch between full "Channel Colors" and the previous cakewalk "Console Strip Color Scheme with a shortcut key or from the strips themselves. 9: "Smooth Edges" in track view for a more sleeker look and the removal of access space between windows in both Track and Console View. 10: "Improved Tags" feature on export for adding "Single Track Covers and Album Covers."
  17. +100 this. That's why I disable the prochannel. I dont need that on my strips, but it leaves me without the clip indicator and ability to switch the channel on and off. It also looks hack of a lot unattractive too.
  18. Right back at you. Don't be one first if you can't handle the counter reply. Secondy: It is exctly what a pitch envelops is whether build into the daw or not. Lastly: It is exactly what he said.
  19. No success my side with this feature or I'm missing something. I'm clicking on every blank space there is in CbB on a fresh empty template - with only a midi and instrument track inserts. Not a problem too. Cause I always click on an empty space to disable any region/clips and tracks that might be highlighted - this is especially important with doing fine comping and edits. So I'm kinda relieved. Cause the thought of have the PRV popping up every double click I do to ensure i'm not focused in on any material - had me worried for a while. Sjoe! Sigh of relief. 😧
  20. Great work guys. 💪 With every update we get, I feel like a 5 year old again -receiving that first bike. #Excited! Thank You. 😭
  21. You can also group all your Drum Aux Tracks and send them to another Aux/Bus Tracks Named "Drums" and work them all as one track from there. Or I send all my 808's including Kicks, Claps, Snares, Toms Percussion, all to one Aux. Should there be a need for further cuts or boosts - you can always go back to the individual tracks and do it there . This saves a lot more CPU and Ram usage and less strain on the over performance as you'll be using less Plugins. Ps: I do understand all our workflow are different, but a separate trial and error test, to see how this could be implemented in your workflow and improvement will work - wont hurt to try. ✌
  22. Got you! Yeah it doesn't allow that (Well, I haven't bother to check for this yet.) Reason: I'm so used to "Ghost Information." What it allow us to do though, is the ability to edited the separate tracks by viewing the ghost information from the other copy in the previous track - if you're doing chorus or lip edits. Pretty much the same as how the PRV does it, and allow us to work with this.😊
  23. If I understand you correctly - yes, it works right. Here's the thing. Not only do you open melodyne, but you also placing it directly on the clip (As how it's being used standard in CbB.) This means that, what ever edits you do, will be permanent after you render the region - "It's the exact same concept of adding a plugin directly on a clip." This means: When ever you close melodyne without rendering it to the region - you have to open the editor by going to the end of the clip, click on that little RegionFX Box and choose "Open Editor" if it's not docked in the multidock. It not a bug, it's been working that way since it was added to the Cakewalk product in Sonar Platinum. For this to work (be sync'd with the track view,) the region you wish to work on needs to be looped in track view - assuming you're not familiar with it (Which I apologize for.) You have to highlight the region in the clip you wish to work on, then: press Ctrl+L on the keyboard to loop the area and to point Melodyne in the direction of the cursors/markers and Now time - with that of the Track View.
  24. You need to make sure that the tempo of the samples you import, are of the same BPM with that on the DAW and each other.
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