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  1. Yes, unfortunately most Behringer Devices works best with this drivers. but, try to hook your Audio Interface to it too. Back when I had my Behringer, I recorded all my electric and acoustic guitars only through the mixer and vocals through interface. Every felt as if you could taste a sound πŸ˜‚ Well, it gave me that. Watch here: How to connect your interface to a mixer.
  2. Navigations were easy on their website for me. All you need to do is type in what you want.
  3. See the thing is, cakewalk is not up to standard with windows 10 in return hindering it unstable. Cakewalks memory on functionalities are still left with Windows 2000 / XP. Microsoft introduced a whole new world to applications with Vista and most software adapted to this, but we can't blame the current company for this. PLEASE! I'm not stepping on toes here! ✌
  4. Hi colin. I'm all too familiar with this / and that is still too aggressive. Scrolling is the most basic function in any application. It shouldn't be a command key step to begin with, and yet: still not up to standard. How many times has your DAW crash while using that? Cakewalk has way too many "Commands step" to do a simple task. Way more than the platform it runs on for basic functionality, thereby hindering in unstable. Every where in windows scrolling is done in seconds with a one click function / not with increment steps. I appreciate that you're trying to help, I mean it, and im familiar with all the keyboard shortcuts Cakewalk has. My request is still valid though. Smoother controlled scrolling is needed +1000!
  5. And Bingo! There's your problem. Zoom in to a note on a midi clip, then scroll without pressing the Ctrl button. That increment step scroll needs to be smooth too.
  6. Will.

    Sonitus Plugins

    I like this response. Yeah. If only my proramming skills was that good. I would gladly give back to the DEV to thank them by creating the new UI.
  7. Nice stuff! It's achievable with a compressor - the only problem is, you'd have to ride it manually with an automation envelope. Thiugh that will be a Painstakingly task on a 60 minutes video. Your explanation brings to mind the Waves "Vocal Rider" plugin. If your not familiar with it watch some videos of it. That would be a great feature to a stock pluging though. +1
  8. Question here with good intentions: Doesn't this already exists / both / "Gain" and "Normalize" process in cakewalk, or is what you're explaining different from the known "Gain and Normalize" feature? I'm trying to understand what you mean.
  9. Still just me. Though still bumping it up so, +1000 For smoother scrolling in Cakewalk when zoomed in. Scrolling when zoomed in is too aggressive. urgh!
  10. You can also use Ctrl ⬆OR⬇ in conjunction with the β¬…βž‘ Until a dedicated command key get's implemented. A center command key would be great though. For now, this is the fastest workaround for me to navigate in the PRV and had been so for a few years. That scrolling bar movement is too aggressive when zoomed in - Urgh! I sometimes gets lost in my own work when I scroll with the bar. It needs to get smoother.
  11. Will.

    Sonitus Plugins

    Exactly! it can be done. I've seen this with other plugins on youtube. Youngsters, giving old or their daw's stock plugins a whole new different look.
  12. Will.

    Sonitus Plugins

    Thank you. Bye-bye!
  13. Will.

    Sonitus Plugins

    You'll be surprised what the "USER" can do. There's already a user that's altering CbB by adding extra features to cakewalk by himself.
  14. Will.

    Sonitus Plugins

    Yeah! I've seen this that's why this topic is here now. 😁 Their UI needs an upgrade, not just themes.
  15. Will.

    Sonitus Plugins

    Any members here that would be generous enough to create modern looking UI skins for the sonitus plugins? 😊
  16. Just a question: How does the Ctrl+β¬…βž‘ directional keys work on the PC keyboard for you for that?
  17. Also keep in mind that Cakewalk isn't very friendly with certain 32bit plugins. You might want to update your windows and motherboard drivers frim the manufacturers website to keep things running smoothly.
  18. I wouldn't upgrade the pc hardware to begin with. My knowledge with Behringer was somewhat sweetly! It brings a unique sound to recordings that I'd like. Unfortunately most Behringer mixers work best with "ASIO4ALL" (not the best converters) Plus, this drivers does not run smoothly with CbB. It forced me to sell my USB 1202fx and grabbed a new cheap Audio Interface with a dedicated Asio Drivers. I was bummed over this, cause I could have just connected an Interface to it, for better latency performance. To update your Usb Drivers and Audio Drivers Click here Regarding your system specs: You have nothing to worry here - maybe just up your rams to 16 for now / and / bump up your cores to 8, 12, or 16 when the need for it is required. Hope this help you in any way.
  19. No need to open X2 to get it to work again. Just open the TASK MANAGER and look for any cakewalk related files besides the main one and end those. Also, try removing X2. Your plugins will still work in Cakewalk by Bandlab.
  20. I still wonder the samething at times even when things are not in the hot levels. Then oneday / out of the blue / I heard it, after getting a new desk for my setup which moved me about another extra meter from my monitors. Everytime you create a send to an Aux or bus track, it adds an extra 3 or 6 dB to the volume. To compensate for that extra bump in volume, I tweak the effects gain knob to count that boost it gives. I had ask this before, but rather received a lot of criticism and confusion on the question.
  21. Will.

    Weird timing issue

    Yeah, something did change. Back in Sonar the default BPM was 100 in Cakewalk by Bandlab it's at 120. Raise or lower the BPM until your drum sample sync'd up with the tempo. Years ago, I was taught an old habbit and one important one. When ever you save a project, always include the BPM and Key in it's title too. Hope this helped you.
  22. Do us a favour quick in that same project. On the same file, go to the end clip / set you cursor on the next bar and zoom in as far as what Cakewalk allows to go. Is your cropping spot on? Take a snapshot for us if it's not. In the event that it overlap by 1:02:000 kindly go to the beginning of the clip and do the same including a snapshot and send us that too. I've reported a similar issue before. https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/21452-202011-feedback/&do=findComment&comment=203116 Turns out when ripple edit is on, it caused that.
  23. Will.

    Let's talk.

    I'm going to keep this question short and straight forward for everyone to engage in and learn. Question: What is the most comfortable Leasing, Purchase and Publish Agreement with an Artist.
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