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  1. Beside the crash in CbB and the disappointing UI update that becomes blur at 125% resize - nothing new to their engine. This information is from reviews and video's I've watched when it was relaesed. Read here. Another user on a different forum claim, a bigger graphics card is required.
  2. What a bummer! Wait, shouldn't Cakewalk force this to mono then? With the interleave? EDITED: Just to make sure we're on the same page - this is what I mean.
  3. I did - I have. Just thought this request would've been a great feature.
  4. I hear you. Sometimes you use the same instrument vst, but want mono and stereo inputs of it. A good example of this will be Xpand 2 or TTS-1. Use 3mono inserts and 1 stereo. I make my own samples for distribution. Just thought this feature would have been a PLUS on one inserts of the same plug.
  5. Will.


    Try it now.
  6. Request to "Disable" Piano Roll view Note drawing that automatically switches direction from left to right or right to left. It's irritable to have it on automatic when you work in the piano roll altering notes - especially on smaller note lengths in verse and want to drag them longer in the chorus if they're still highlited in the verse. It affects those too. I can't tell you how many times I messed up existing notes this way, OR - bring in stricter rules for the "highlight" and the drawing of notes outside the highlight area.
  7. In the modern day and age in the digital world, there's a saying amongst those (myself included) that does everything themselves. It goes something like . . . MASTER AS YOU MIX So when it comes to the final product - you literally just have to glue everything together and crank that limiter. There are guys so good at this, they hardly go through an EQ and Compressor at the end - only a limiter. This is all purely on personal taste, by what your control room/bedroom, environment, choices and monitors throw at you.
  8. Please correct me if I am missing something? When adding an Instrument track and choosing "Instrument track per output, why can we only select one dedicated output at a time, when you have the option to select how many Inserts (tracks) of the instrument you want. EXAMPLE: Let say I want to add "4" inserts of TTS-1, but want 3 to be mono and the remaining 1 in stereo for different presets, you can't choose them simultaneously - it has to be done individually. Splitting the instrument track that's awesome. Great for drums machines, cause we get the interleave and the option to change the input on the strip. This is a cant do with more than one of the same "instruments track per output." This feature will be much appreciated. I'm still adding my instruments "old school" - it's a habbit, but also because I never use the same VST instrument twice. Recently though, with some free u-he instruments, I find myself doing just that. So if I am missing something please feel free to help.
  9. Yes, but what if you can hit both birds with one stone? Sitala plus an Editor? Sitala as the sampler (Drum machine) and loop construction as the editor? Or . . . Sitala as both. I like that idea more.
  10. Will.

    Tempo Event

    Exactly! This will bring the world of creativity to a whole new world. Especially with vocals and drum rolls - great for EDM and the metal heads. This will be excellent to create the Horror high pitch FX and Slow down for that Drone brass string in Sci-Fi! Wouldn't have request it if I didn't do scroring too. If you can stretch a clip within a locked Global Tempo - pretty sure clip tempo will work the same. You can't speed up or slow down a clip with an envelope on time stretch now can you?! FL studio do this with ease! Cheers!
  11. 😂😂 A youtube video will only show you what that person knows and not much of a "why" we do that. I'm big on wanting to know why. I remember asking my grade 1 teacher a "why" question. Apparently I was 5 in the video my mom took at the time and keep on playing it every year on Christmas days. Little Me: Mrs. Jackie - why is 1 - 1 = 0 when there's two "1's" Mrs. Jackie: If you have 1 apple and you eat that apple, how many apples do you have? Me: None Only a couple of teachers could tolerate my WHY's through my school days. So, Yeah! I too read manuals. 😅
  12. Yes, this has been possible for years. Not recently, but yeeears.
  13. Will.

    Tempo Event

    That's why it need some much needed update for "TEMPO EVENTS" It's impossible to see the tempo selection to slow or speed up on bigger screens. Those digits are so tiny! It will be much easier to make a selection as how you would do with any envelope on a clip. quicker, easier and way more precise than the current inserts. Insert some nodes, move up or down to your preferred tempo on your selected region within the time (CLIP TEMPO) - done! This will allow to only speed up or slow down the preferred clip and not global tempo. If I just want to speed up drums - that all I want to speed up.
  14. @Scott Wheeler Thanks for taking interest in this @Noel Borthwick We appreciate you ×1000000 - no matter the outcome of it.
  15. And Intergrated too. 🆓+🎂🚶=🔥
  16. Also in the Console View, hold down "Alt" move the mouse just above the Input Insert - Left click and drag the track LEFT or RIGHT.
  17. I'm adding to what Chris said. There's are still third party pirate companies that creates their own "exe" files with hidden apps and updates to that hidden product on an owned product. These apps hide their existence on devices by removing their icons from home screen. Example: I was testing out another free vst, which I saw on a pop-up advertising link through a site I was on. I downloaded the file, but it asked me to download an anti-virus software first, boy did it caused problems on my laptop (always test things on it first before I officially install in on the studio system) I then for the original site to that plugin and I got a clean install there. But we all know it's impossible to search the entire World Wide Web for these copies.
  18. Original installation - no-nara! you have a clean install. The problem comes in with 3rd party websites that creates their own install with some free vsts - with an advertising link to an App they offer that you have to install first, before you can install the actual product. I think you have to include this on the site.
  19. Will.

    Tempo Event

    It seems like cakewalks main focus is on Articulation at the moment. The tempo event need some major upgrades as well. A better way to draw in the differences is much needed as it is way out-dated. There's no snap settings on it for stability. So if you don't have the patients, it'll definitely fry some brain cells with frustrations on a bigger screen. Request to draw the differences in by selecting a region and move up or down to set your tempo directly with displaying the envelope on the clip itself.
  20. I've experiment with this and it was awesome! Love the dynamic range and headroom, but I kinda miss the distortion with 24bit. It helps to shape the sound for me. Though this will be an advantage to CbB - your listeners wont know the difference. I say add it for those who want it, but don't need it. For me 24bit - 48000Khz sample rate brings the candy.
  21. Those are the only two I use daily. I too find TX16wx to be powerful, but it can definitely get complicated. For me simplicity is key and powerful.
  22. A really simple Hybrid: Dropzone+Sitala. Drum Machine+"phrase sampler." Cakewalk already has a browser. So we dont need what kontakt and the others do with samples and folders. Drag and Drop, Right Click to send to Track View to replace or insert as new. Attack, Release and pitch and ability to play across all key's and send to piano roll. 8 Drumpads included with their own Output setting that links with the Console. Cakewalk provides reverse and effects and a great browser already. Other features can be added later.
  23. Ha ha! True. What's been working for me over the years and from personal experiences, is to look at what is build for high performance today - that would be gaming computers, right? They're design to take the punch and for me it has always been the "MSI" brand - just me 2 cents. Blessings to you and your family over the holidays.
  24. Will.

    Melodyne color scheme

    Read hear how to: https://helpcenter.celemony.com/editor2/en/singletrack_tour_74.html
  25. Was about to report back on that. It seem as if we've hit the wall. The only thing I can think off right now is - pack up the 3.0 cable and use the 2.0 cable and port. You dont have a issue with the drivers from microsoft? Another solution I can think of right now, is if you buy a 2.0 to 3.0 converter USB HUB. Or The internal card.
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