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  1. Oh! in that case - this can already be achieved, by adding another node in between and choosing Fast or Slow curve for your desired curve. It's a stretch, but it works. A control point on the linear will be great too.
  2. How is it unrelated to creating a tremolo, when you can turn it into one?
  3. Requesting to add control points to Automation lanes. Control points allow users to create Gate/Step/Tremolo/Sine/Wave filters by Snap setting, ranging from a whole Step/Beat 1/1 to 128th OR to the smallest/shortest Tick settings. This allows you to create interesting sounds on a single note (between the nodes) or the entire clip. Thanks.
  4. Aware of that. Hence to why I said: Currently we have to "Draw" this in, but still far off from what "Automation Curve Points are." Top right: Control Point. Bottom Left and Right: Curve Points A curve point is created by the "Control Point."
  5. He is referring to a "control point" that typically defines a continuous automation lane. Creating a linear or discrete lane. It alters a Sine, gate, wave, pulse, step, stairs and step filters, all with snap notes using a control point within the automation lane that you either drag up/down, OR, left/right to create your Step/Snap Filter, OR, "Gate step." In EDM, it's also being used with Sidechaining for ducking the bassline/synth strings. Currently we have to manually draw this in. This is actually one thing cakewalk do not have. We can't create a tremolo effect with Automation.
  6. Request for Track Names to be automatically copied to "Clip Name" upon renaming tracks. It is suppose be done by the DAW, instead of the user having to do this manually every time a track has been renamed.
  7. Will.

    Tempo Event

    Exactly like that, yes. With individual clip tempo speed setting too. Global Setting is available in CbB, just a hassle at times and super outdated.
  8. Will.

    Tempo Event

    Definitely +1. Bumping up. We need this.
  9. It could also be that you have the 32bit versions of your plugs installed that are not removed. Go through your "Program Files" (x86) folder.
  10. It's really hard to see the information of the clips when you add Automation directly the clip. This works fine when you expand a take lane and collapsing it again. I don't use Take lanes that much anymore. I find that extra click to be unnecessary in my workflow - even with the ability to resize it.
  11. Yeah. Don't fix what isn't broken, right? Then again, why not? Can always revert back, should I run into a problem. Plus, it will help the developers.
  12. Question: Don't know why I'm asking this, but - do I have to install these hotfix builds, if I don't have any problems? The only problem I had, was the Ripple All issue. That was solved with Build 88.
  13. Open up your control panel in windows and look for the Asio4All drivers (as written here and uninstall it. Go to the Apollo website and download the latest drivers for the apollo twin. Click here Go on youtube and search how to setup windows sample rate. That should do it. Can't explain it better than that. (I'm driving shhhh!)🙊
  14. The new Hotfix (build 88) seems to be more stable. Ripple All works fine now. That was the only problem with my installation with the previous Hotfix build 86.
  15. Will.

    Meter switch.

    You don't want to be help.
  16. Hey @Alex Rogan Can you please post your request in the feedback loop Here for a wider audience to see? Thanks.
  17. Will.

    Meter switch.

    Why don't you hide all of them, leave the volume fader and save the template with the workspace as default. Wouldn't that be a work around for now?
  18. Want to know, how is giving advice "Out of topic?"
  19. The "Arranger View" are way more flexible than the Matrix view.
  20. Will.

    Meter switch.

    Did you try to right-click the track or bus to display the pop-up menu, and check or uncheck the appropriate show meter options?
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