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  1. Sorry to hear. Fwiw I did receive a $75 for October (which, if I don't use it, is already reserved for another member of this forum who asked for it), but no $25 this month
  2. Since it's called “Beat Subscription 2023” it would be interesting to know if the Beat mag subscription starts at the time of redemption It says "Your 12-month subscription will give you access to all the software Beat Magazine uploaded in the upcoming year, plus access to three back issues in their archive." The subscription from audioplugindeals last year had a fixed start on the 12/22 issue, if you waited to redeem it on a month with a more interesting freebie, instead of 1 year from the time of redemption you'd get back issues. If this is the issues in 2023, it may be exactly the same issues included in the audioplugindeals deal.
  3. Back in 2020, I was evaluating buying Orb Composer and I was confused as well, so I asked if it had been discontinued. This was their response
  4. I think that the UJAM VD Bundle Solid 2 and Heavy 2 for $26
  5. For reference, according to https://www.pluginboutique.com/deals the current discount for Violet EQ will be available until October 10, 2023
  6. From the name I was expecting a sample library of cannon shots for creating a nice version of the finale of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture but...
  7. I doubt we'll ever see discounts over 90% unless Saverio decides to give away everything for free (and this is pretty close to that) If you don't already have many Hornet plugins, the Complete Bundle for Eur 64.21 should be a no-brainer, otherwise now it's the time to complete the collection.
  8. 24% to 70% off for various products from Acon Digital Baby Audio D16 Group Eventide FabFilter MAGIX McDSP NUGEN Audio PSP Audioware Sonible Sonarworks List of products and discounts: https://imsta.org/2023_nyc.php#section-topline-5 The deals are actually offered through Sweetwater who is a show sponsor, and ending October 4, 2022. The corresponding Sweetwater deals page including IMSTA Festa and other weekend deals is at: https://www.sweetwater.com/sale/weekend-software-flash-sale-2023
  9. And also We Were Here Expeditions is free to claim on Steam, Epic, etc. Promotion ends Oct 13th. https://www.playwewerehere.com/
  10. For me it feels quite random when I get Thankyou coupons. And I have to check by adding something to the cart, sometimes I find a thankyou coupon available that I did not receive an email about.
  11. You were probably joking but there are a few AI voice cloning systems that will let you exactly do this E.g., https://www.descript.com/overdub Or use your favorite Internet search and look up "AI clone voice" or "AI clone vocals"
  12. 😮 This is quite a surprise Is Avid going to become "more normal" after the acquisition?
  13. If you have been a long time buyer of plugins you need to get over it when others pay much less otherwise you'll get an ulcer right away (e.g., don't ask me how much I paid for Waves, Plugin Alliance, etc. a few years ago...) E.g., I'm very happy with the upgrade price, but I already had Opal (which I got for $50). If you got polymax for free and then upgraded, you actually got it for a cheaper total cost.
  14. Sorry to hear your coupon was not stackable. I did not get a coupon initially and had to contact support to get it added to my account, and the one they added was stackable
  15. The minimoog is part of the Creative Edition bundle. In August, loopcloud had a promotion where they gave away Polymax, There is a promotional upgrade to the Creative Edition bundle for $99 (if the coupon doesn't show in your account and you only see a much higher upgrade price, you may need to ask support). Note that if you didn't get the free one from loopcloud, people are selling the codes for a low price in the the well known buy/sell websites. The interesting twist is that you can stack the promotional upgrade coupon with the current PULTEC50 code and get the entire Creative Edition for $49 (or $49 + the cost of Polymax)
  16. I've purchased a couple of items directly from them and got a Thank you coupon only for the first one. I thought that for a purchase where you use a Thank you coupon you don't get another Thank you coupon. I did ask support about the discount for Creative Edition if already owning Polymax (which I got at Knobcloud, from another member of this forum, not from UAD). They sent me a $200 voucher, which could be stacked with the pultec code, a nice total of $49+tax for the upgrade to the full Creative Edition bundle 🙂
  17. IMSTA FESTA is a celebration of music technology packed with Panels, Workshops & Master Classes, Song Critiques, Demonstrations and more. Hosting industry experts in an environment where music-makers can network, interact and learn with each other face-to-face, this annual one-day event is not to be missed. IMSTA FESTA is open to everyone in the music making community. Admission is FREE with REGISTRATION https://imsta.org/2023_nyc.php When: September 30, 2023 Where: SAE Institute New York 218 W 18th Street, 4th Floor New York, NY 10011 Demos from: Avid, Melodyne, Acon Digital, Baby Audio, Nugen Audio, D16, GPU Audio, Fabfilter, IK Multimedia, FL Studio, McDSP, Presonus, PSP Audioware, Sound Theory, Sonarworks, Sonnox, Soundtoys. One of the presenters is Adisa Mtima, and this note in his bio surprised me: I never imagined that audio production was one of the skills taught to people in jail but hey, why not!
  18. Note that this is an nvme ssd in an enclosure, which is very easy (and cheaper) to assemble your own https://www.newegg.com/team-group-2tb-ms30/p/N82E16820331840?Item=N82E16820331840&cm_sp=Homepage_SS-_-P2_20-331-840-_-09112023 https://www.newegg.com/orico-m2pg-c3-enclosure/p/0VN-0003-001K2
  19. Has anybody found a quick summary of what's new/changed compared to the previous version?
  20. RX PPS 7.5 includes the new Nectar 4 Advanced (compared to Nectar 3 in RX PPS7) $99 at Plugin Boutique, with £3.96 Virtual Cash back https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/39-FX-Bundle/11168-RX-Post-Production-Suite-7-5-Upgrade-from-RX-Post-Production-Suite-7 Note that if you already got the latest iZotope MPS, it already includes Nectar 4 and you can probably skip this
  21. Even lower with coupon: vst10off And don't forget to add the free WA Vocal Splitter
  22. I jumped onto the deal earlier today, and without reading the fine print (and before helpful folks here read it, noticed important bits and posted about them). I started from an "All plugins" bundle (and I don't remember which version of MPS was included but it was certainly earlier than August 2023). After requesting and receiving the codes, I entered the MPS one into the iZotope Installation manager and the GuitarRig one into NI Access. Both were accepted ok. Guitar Rig did take a few minutes before showing up as available to install (it felt like 10 minutes approx, but I was multitasking and not counting, the number may be off). A MPS6 license was deposited in my iLok (there was an option to license the machine instead, but I chose iLok) Overall I was pretty happy with how it worked (and many thanks to the developers of iZotope Installation Manager and Native Access for making installations easy!) Now I have a small amount of uncertainty... Will the licenses be revoked? I hope not
  23. MRhythmizer is a fun plugin for $22 XO Packs are $23 (discounted, but there are better sales if you wait) On the cheaper end, Soundiron Kazoo is $5.40 but, I have it and even at that price I would NOT recommend it...
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