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  1. I have a $75 available but I think posting the codes in the forum is against the rules (I believe DM is ok, so if you're interested you know what to do Gone
  2. Oh, is this why the vouchers are expiring tomorrow? I have an unused $75 up for grabs, dm me Gone
  3. Numark Electronics, Alesis, ION Audio, Akai Professional, MixMeister, Alto Professional, Sonivox, Air Audio, M-Audio, Denon Professional, Denon DJ, Marantz Professional, Marq Lighting, Rane, HeadRush, SoundSwitch, ArKaos, BFD, engine DJ, Stanton, and now Moog. Almost sounds like the owner of inMusic has as much GAS as we do (or is it CAS in this case?).
  4. I regularly use both Smart Limiter and Levels, there is some overlap on the loudness and dynamic range measurements but there is plenty of non-overlap (e.g., Smart limit doesn't measure stereo field, loudness range or true peak, and Levels of course doesn't do limiting) There is a lot more overlap between Expose and Levels. Choosing one over the other probably depends on workflow and how you want to use it rather than on what they measure. The main difference is that Expose is standalone and Levels is a plugin. If you want to use the referencing you'll need Expose but if you want quick feedback while you are tweaking your plugin chain you probably want Levels (so that you don't need to keep bouncing to disk and reading the updated file every time you make a change)
  5. There are many important details here - Gibson ceased active development and production of Cakewalk branded products in order to focus on their Philips brand (side note: I have vague recollections of a person remaining like a solitary hero and "keeping some lights on", although it's probably not relevant for this discussion) - Is this the same as "the company being dissolved"? In your analogy I think this would be more like the bike seller deciding that he doesn't care anymore about the Honda bike that he sold you and he is going to focus on Harleys instead, not a good reason for your not getting maintenance anymore . Was Cakewalk even an independent company at this point or was it a division of Gibson? Another detail is whether the "lifetime updates" refer to the lifetime of the company or the product. The Cakewalk acquisition included not only the source code but also the goodwill (branding and name recognition), are the promises "attached" to the goodwill and carried over? In any case, when I say I agree that the promise should be honored, that's simply my opinion on what should be the "morally right end result". There are others in this forum who are lawyers so I'll defer to them for legal opinions, if we even have enough info. There are probably lots of details that need to be determined first - do the contracts between Gibson and Bandlab have any clauses that impact these obligations? did Gibson fail to properly disclose information at the time of the sale? If the responsibility was not transferred does it mean it is still on Gibson and they should now pay Bandlab so that they can meet their obligation? Besides, the legal aspects may well be irrelevant considering that it may be quite expensive compared to the possible payback.
  6. Because when you acquire something that has liabilities/debt attached to it you normally have the obligation to meet those liabilities Note: in bankruptcy proceedings a judge may discharge some of that liability and, depending on the situation, determine if the party losing their rights should get some compensation but I don't think that happened in this case
  7. Nowadays most DAWs come with a bundle of plugins and tools. I have purchased a few DAWs just for the included plugins, Reason is probably the best example of a product that people may want to buy for what it includes, no matter if Reason is their primary DAW or not. I've heard newcomers sometimes regretting not having purchased Sonar when it was available, because of the bundled items that were not included in CbB (not just 3rd party but CW plugins like Dimension Pro, Rapture, etc). When Sonar gets resurrected as a paid product, maybe that will open up the doors for including a nice bundle of plugins again and e.g., reviving and revamping the CW plugins that have been languishing in limbo. Speculation: Perhaps that would be an easier transition from free to paid, making it freemium where the bare DAW is free, but not the better versions with bundled products oh, and I agree with the principle that lifetime subscribers to Sonar should not have to pay a new subscription (or a fixed price)
  8. Btw, retrospective MIDI recording (but not audio) has been included in ProTools since 2018
  9. JRR had a bad crash some time ago and "lost" a bunch of records. You may want to ask support, they may be able to reinstate the info. If you have the emails it will probably make it easier.
  10. Nice! unlike the "no surname" ClarityVx, this time the Pro is also in Mercury!
  11. Not bad, considering it can be 15% off on top of already discounted prices. Or use it for "small developer" products like Fathom synth https://www.kvraudio.com/marketplace/fathom-synth-by-seaweed-audio
  12. Heads-up, the latest Samplitude is X7 and what's included in this bundle is X6 (I'm not saying you need X7, but if you get X6 you'll get the upgrade ads from the very first launch, and for getting and older version you may want to wait for a Humble Bundle)
  13. Good opportunity to get the iZotope Everything Bundle Crossgrade for $199 minus coupons, cross off anything iZotope from the wishlist, and sell any duplicates on kvr/knobcloud/etc
  14. You may want to compare it with https://www.magzter.com/magztergold ($49/year) and check if they include the magazines that you want
  15. He is not listing them, you can see them in the daw screen at various points Because of how Pro Tools abbreviates the names, I am not sure if "phoenixd" is Phoenixverb or something else, the 3D reverbs by exponential audio would have been stratus or symphony, not pohoenixverb so I don't know where that "d" could be coming from (but I don't know either other plugins with names that start with phoenix)
  16. 7 new plugins that I'll get because they've been added to Mercury. 4 of them in my "wants" list, 3 in the "if they're cheap" list. Updated scalable UIs for a few plugins that I regularly use. A lottery ticket for more new plugins added to Mercury over the course of a year. I'll bite.
  17. Interesting idea. Maybe a 3-stage compressor limiter, first stage RMS for fast "color" compression, second LUFS for slow "leveling" compression, finally true peak for limiting? And maybe add detection of lowest input frequency and show where the separation between slow and fast compression should be
  18. I used the vst inventory tool that was posted in these forums quite a while ago, I think it was written by @scook The latest version of the inventory tool is available from https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eiVH_I1clbbRtWFh4-3Mo7HANjCxR8SwqHJtYXy19gw/pub (in the Utilities section towards the end of the page)
  19. I came across this video where Trevor Horn shows his DAW session for the Yes track "Owner of a Lonely Heart" . Of course, the choice of plugins did catch my eye. Soundtoys, Altiverb and many Waves, (Puigtec 660, Puigchild MEQ5, Vintage compressor, C4, SSLComp, L2, Kramer HLS, RVox), and a phoenixd that I'm not quite sure what it is (phoenixverb?)
  20. We can provide valuable opinions regarding what are good acquisitions for a plugin collection My collection is getting close to level 6 🤪 (see list in signature)
  21. Since it is an open source project, you may want to try compiling it for macOS and see if it works (it's quite possible that the developer didn't make a macOS version simply because he didn't have a macOS machine, so if you get it working maybe you can send the update to the original developer) Nowadays that chatgpt is "smart enough" to make VST plugins, maybe it can add a macOS build to existing plugin code ?
  22. The different sales for different items sometimes result in really strange pricing. Right now It's cheaper to update from an older version than from a recent one
  23. It was a tongue-in-cheek comment. I have the "2023 new plugins bundle" (and so far it looks like it's going to end up a pretty good deal for $224 after vouchers, PA is keeping their promise of frequent new releases). Earlier in the year getting it applied was more confusing, but I like how they do it now, showing a $0 price
  24. I couldn't resist the price... Installed!
  25. Speaking of DAWs, Synthesizer V Studio Pro is VSTi only, no AAX, but I was just trying it out in Pro Tools, hosted in the AAX version of PluginGuru Unify and it seems to be working well.
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