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  1. Is there some way to use the GROUP discount and get Inspirata Lite or is it a "choose either discount or freebie"?
  2. My suggestion for Arturia bundle upgrades (and other upgrades, e.g., WUP for Mercury): Make list of what has been added compared to what you have Assign a "no brainer" price to each addition (e.g., "yes, I'd definitely buy it for $25", "I'm not terribly interested but, if it were on sale for $10...". If it's something I'd really get only if it were a freebie, then assign zero) Add them up and compare to the price of the upgrade. If the price is good then buy, otherwise wait for the next version or the next sale and do the numbers again.
  3. 3 days left https://producerplanet.com/us/article/black-weeks-bundle-29447/ Soundpool collection for $29.99: The Phonk Phenomena French House - Part 2 Indie Rock Organic Soul Metal Machine Up North Infinity Trance International - Part 2 High School Rock - Part 2 Time and Space Midnight Chill Nostalgia Drive Homecoming Dilogy: Cathastrophe Burning Sun A Fantasy Tale 90s R'n'B Good ol' Trap EDM Bangerz - Part 2 Action Cuts Commercial (royalty free) licensing only (maybe Magix is starting to move away from their non-commercial licensing practices? Kudos to them if this is the case) Over 1000 unique loops, most of them with ABCDEFG pitch variations (that's how they get to "over 7000 loops"). If you have any of the editions of MusicMaker that include Songmaker AI, these soundpools can provide a good amount of of musicmaking entertainment
  4. For this BF, I first sold a few PA F29 codes, which gave me some money to use on other plugins Melda MComplete Bundle (I added a few individual plugins and then simply wow! for upgrade prices) Zynaptiq Unfilter Chickensys Translator Xils LX122 Premium De-esser WA Production Loop Engine 2 Upgrade Instacomposer 2 upgrade United Plugins QuickMuse Magix White Sands Beach House Soundpool Quest for Skillz Soundpool Hard Rock Heroes Soundpool Bagpipe by Image Sounds Ghosthack MIDI Construction Kits Volume 4 Roundel Sounds Guitar Massive Bundle Cartel Loops Ultimate Guitar Bundle
  5. For those cases where the non-MB is not free, if you buy the MB version, does it include the license for the non-MB version?
  6. I crossed off this company from my purchases list when they forcibly converted "perpetual" licenses into subscriptions ("Sorry, we are turning off the servers that the product depends on. Your xtract stems version will no longer function. As compensation we have added a 1-year subscription to your account").
  7. Good point, I was just looking at image-line's website and didn't check other stores, it would be $24 for "the rest" then (which may still be a deal, but not as good)
  8. Note that with FL upgrades being on sale, this could be a good deal if you're considering larger editions of FL (and are interested in some of the other items in the bundle) E.g., Bundle $35 Fruity Edition - $99 - 25% = $74 Producer Edition Upgrade $50 Total $159, you get "the rest of the bundle" for $9
  9. It's included in Mercury, Pro Show and the Vocal Production bundle. If you have one of them you probably don't want to register the code they'll send. Use the "Get Latest Version" option instead (and then resell or give away the code)
  10. Oooh, I don't have enough compressors yet! Installed.
  11. In addition to dontcrack (which is great if you want to use the Melda plugins as a way to get to the 20% tier for something else, like xils products), pluginboutique has them already at 20% off from the 1st one and you have 5 potential freebies to choose from (if you haven't already). I also find it quite easy eyeing the top deals at the pluginboutique website, with the discount in a big circle https://www.pluginboutique.com/manufacturers/16-MeldaProduction?s=price_asc
  12. If the IK people responsible for the (great) move would be negatively impacted by cash refunds, alternatively they could issue some form of store credit. (and that's really an "if", quite possibly it is a tiny amount of people with pre-purchased downloads)
  13. For me, ElliptiQ is one of those "just add it to every project" type of plugins (add at the end of the mastering chain, right before the "safety" True Peak limiter)
  14. If buying multiple expansions, the "automatic bundle discounts" at dontcrack may be a good option https://store.dontcrack.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=bfd
  15. You can buy F29's at the usual marketplaces. They will be more than $29 but, if you only need 3 they will be much cheaper than $300 for the lot
  16. It worked for me. The first email address I entered didn't work (and it was an email I had used previously with serialcenter.de) but then I changed to a different email address and it was fine (and I received the email). I used Firefox.
  17. I was going through the same problem, then I created a new account using the "old" email that I had registered with them before. When I logged on and went to the products page, everything that I had was present in the account. Of course, I cannot guarantee it will work for everyone, but you may want to give it a try
  18. Any discounts available? Or something for those of us who have purchased a few Beastsamples sample packs and/or plugins? ๐Ÿ˜‰ (after all, this is the deals forum...)
  19. Actually, Solaria in a lower range no longer sounds very feminine (to my ears), you may want to give it a try if you're looking for "ambiguity"
  20. I thought that with the exception of some orchestral and niche sounds, sample libraries were already at a low price point not far from plugins, often lower (e.g., see the sampletekk libraries when they're on sale). Subscription mopdels for sample libraries can be tricky: if you let a subscription lapse for a plugin, you can print or freeze the track before you lose access. If you let a subscription lapse for a sample and you lose your rights to use the sounds then you completely lose your work (probably a good reason for never using subscriptions). If you retain the rights to usage of the sound (but e.g., lose the convenience of the virtual instrument), then it becomes very difficult preventing you from just resampling the instrument and unsubscribing, although, if the subscription service regularly release interesting products, that could keep you renewing the subscription
  21. VirtualAudioStream is one of those that requires reading the manual but it can be handy if you want to add vst's to apps without support for it (e.g., if you ever wanted to add volume taming to Netflix movies, or pitch shift YouTube karaoke videos, etc.)
  22. If someone is getting the Samplitude Suite but isn't interested in the Soundforge16, I'd trade a PA F29 voucher for it...
  23. For windows, the vst2 and vst3 files are in the zip files released at https://github.com/Torsion-Audio/Scyclone/releases (and I suppose the mac version is in the dmg)
  24. Stem separation is a lot more common nowadays (although it's still rare doing it as a realtime plugin), but I remember seeing Denis Goekdag, the CEO of Zynaptiq, demoing UNMIX::DRUMS at the AES convention several years ago and my jaw dropping at how impressive it sounded
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