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  1. There are a few waves plugins that I use regularly and I quite like them: Aphex Aural Exciter, Puigchild compressor, and the artist series by CLA and Manny Marroquin. I also quite like the Nx series (I use the headtracker that attaches to the headphones). There are many others that I use depending on the project There is a lot of fear and uncertainty floating around WUP and Waveshells. For the most part WUP can be ignored, just install the version that you buy, enjoy a year of free upgrades, then don't bother paying for anything until an upgrade adds a feature that you want (or adds new plugins that you want to a bundle that you have) and the upgrade price is worth it. If you bought e.g., Ozone 7 you wouldn't expect that Ozone 8, 9 and 10 would be all free upgrades, would you? Waves ends up working similarly, and the "grace period" is 1 year, which isn't bad. Getting the upgrade price can be confusing as heck (if you use the default selection you'll likely pay a lot) but actually, once you unselect everything you don't really need, the price is quite reasonable (comparable e.g., to iZotope) Yes, you may end up with these waveshell dll/vst3/aax files with a version and a suffix, and if you have many waves plugins your plugin scans may seem to take a long time for them, but it's just that many plugins are being scanned for each waveshell. Each version may be split into a few "bundles" (e.g., Waveshell1-version# Waveshell2-version# etc.) but it's just that each one wraps different plugins For me, the two criticisms of Waves I'd point out are inflexible installations (paths cannot be customized, and you're out of luck if your C drive is short on space), and that many plugins don't use oversampling when they should. I do hear an improvement when running them inside DDMF metaplugin and using its oversampling options. It is a problem that is solvable (I know of metaplugin, maybe there are other vst hosts that can do it as well) but it's an annoyance.
  2. I remember it was that way when they first released it, but they changed it afterwards (6 months~1 year later? I may be wrong, I don't remember the details but anyway, the change was years ago). You don't need to go back to the store where you purchased it From https://www.pluginguru.com/products/unify-standard/ The relevant paragraph is Anybody can now get the Full Installer or Updater files to download from either logging into your PluInGuru.com account or from our Distributer partner Ilio’s download links: https://www.ilio.com/unify-updates
  3. Lethal + Core Library + 25 expansions $79 Use code LETHAL79 https://www.lethalaudio.com/ I came across this one today. Reading the description and reviews, the impression I get is that it's essentially a dance music ROMpler with a few manipulation options (like amplitude and filter envelopes, arpeggiator, trance gate and other effects, polyphonic glide, etc), and a relatively large library (5GB for the core library, more after adding the expansions) If you know more about it and/or have used it please comment!
  4. Or get it as part of the New Synths Bundle TURBO-XT | STRANGER | FLUID $ 45.09 and 1.47 Best Coin Bonus Note: receive STRANGER upon release (June 26th) https://www.bestservice.com/en/usynth_new_titles_bundle.html
  5. For reference, it's working ok for me, I can login fine
  6. Thank you! Auto-Tune EFX+ 10 Upgrade $34.50
  7. Note that this code can also be used for 50% off from the Pro version (that adds various stem cleanup tools, plus Audiosuite version for ProTools, or ARA for other DAWs)
  8. No vouchers for me either. This year my plan is to wait for a "2024 releases bundle" in December or January. Until then, I have the "all releases up to 2024" bundle, which is plenty to play with.
  9. I use it in some of my projects and I find it a good tool for creating music by "drawing its shape" and easily trying patterns from various palettes of options. Note that it's not a "magic AI" idea generator. For using it effectively you'll need to have a reasonably good idea of what you want to do (e.g., think in terms of "this bar is in C and I want to start at A, go up slightly past C and then end in C").
  10. Airline amp sim Sounds nice, although I probably have too many amp sims already.
  11. For reference, MMM 2024 became available in August 2023. If we assume a yearly release cadence, and that MMM stays afloat, as part of Magix or owned by someone else, buying or upgrading to 2024 now would probably get you 3 months until the upgrade notifications start popping up Magix tends to change every few weeks both the price and the bundled products. The current one is probably the best it's ever going to get in terms of price. Personally rather than price I prefer waiting until they bundle something I'm interested in. The current bundle is Native Instruments Hybrid Keys & iZotope Ozone 11 Elements, and MMM 2024 premium doesn't give me anything I'd want compared to MMM 2023 Premium+Free MMM 2024. I prefer waiting until they offer a bundle with a few producerplanet vouchers that let me get commercial licenses for soundpools of my choice.
  12. There should be a law against shutting down a licensing service without providing licensing-free copies first
  13. I got it and I won't be using it. If redemption is not personalized, mine is up for grabs
  14. You can get unbiased reviews from a professional reviewer if you pay the reviewer and make it a viable business for him/her. An example would be "Snake oil" White Sea Studios who gets funding from Patreon and YouTube memberships (I'm one of his Patreon supporters). He occasionally gets some "perks" from a manufacturer, like a review version not accessible to the public, but he discloses it when that's the case (and notes that he is not getting the videos "vetted" by the company) https://www.youtube.com/@Whiteseastudio/videos
  15. Nothing but VWAG (vouchers we all get) for me since the end of last year, therefore I haven't bought anything from them this year (I was looking for an "All new plugins 2024" deal but they didn't do that either, I guess I'll wait for the end of the year). Anyway, I have every PA plugin up released until the end of 2023, and that should cover my needs. My goal for now anyway is to focus on snapping up long-term wants when good deals show up at knobcloud (I recently got a couple of Zynaptiq plugins and Omnisphere, still on the lookout for Serum)
  16. That's great! Not always, but I often give away things for free as well I only suggested knobcloud because I didn't want to "be generous with things that aren't mine"
  17. For people who have everything AAS, there's always knobcloud and buy/sell forums
  18. As a reminder, a one-year sub is $24 (base price if you have accumulated rewards, $90 otherwise) at https://audioplugin.deals/product/beat-magazine-12-month-subscription-2024/
  19. The 10% off coupon pushed me over the edge (m-tron mk II and the veevum bundle)
  20. With all these caveats, you may be better off getting a SM58 or SM57 and using the bigger windscreen+eq tricks for making them practically equivalent to an SM7B
  21. The Alan Meyerson Edition works ok in Pro Tools and it's not bad, maybe better than "plain" Waves Nx, but not as good as CLA Nx with the head tracking device, which is my favorite environment for reducing "headphone fatigue".
  22. I have the Alan Meyerson Edition and it makes my Cakewalk (Cbb and old Sonar) crash during startup. Anybody else seeing similar issues?
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