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    Happy To Be

    Well sung, excellent job on the harmonies, vocally and note selection. I might let the acoustic push a bit more, maybe spread it across the sound stage or bring up the verb on it on the right side? Just some things I would try if I was mixing it. Overall a big👍 Tom
  2. DeeringAmps

    Blind Boy Blues

    I love me a heap of slow burnin’ blues. Tastefully done. I too will send some positive energy your way. Safe journeys to ya brother. Tom
  3. DeeringAmps

    Rocky Flow

    Enjoyed this for sure. That little “dive bomb” bit, around 2:00ish, is pretty cool. If you put a rock drummer behind this I think it could pass as an ELP track. Very cool. Tom
  4. DeeringAmps


    I think bjorn gets the credit for “moodscape”.
  5. Brian Wilson used the Wrecking Crew, Berry Gordy had his house band, how many hits were the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section on; the list goes on. It’s your vision and creativity that counts, then if you can’t play it, you hire someone who can. If that’s a loop, so be it. Loops are tougher to manage than A list studio pros. I like the delicate feel, you’ve done a fine job of getting the loops to tell your story. I say say well done. Print it and move on. Tom
  6. Hey Rex, first impression was “I love the sparse instrumentation”, but then it dawned on me you and the acoustic were not “alone”. Very nicely done. I would bring the single note lines up just a bit, just me. And that ringing note (open g I suspect) is just a bit loud. I am not a disciplined acoustic player, and that battle between the wound and plain strings drives me nuts, muting the low pretty easy, taming the high side; not my forte. Certainly not a “deal breaker” and I’m thinking that it’s kind of a pedal tone. I’m guessing you wrote this for someone special and it comes across as heartfelt. Please don’t take what might sound like negative comments too much to heart, the “technician” in me tends to over analyze, the “listener” in me was indeed very pleased. Tom
  7. Interesting take indeed. It seemed to “stutter” a bit just before the 3:00 mark. Was that intentional, or a fault in the streaming? Good vocal. Tom
  8. Wow, I’m out of normal lane tonight, but I find myself enjoying stretching it out. Lots of depth in your mix, much impressed! Bring it on. T
  9. Well done, music and the video. As Bjorn mentioned, this not my genre, but I got it. Definitely put up some more. Tom
  10. You and Patty are making quite a formidable songwriting team. Adding MrsDaryl is icing on the cake! I ‘m all in with a big 👍👍. Really, really good. Tom
  11. Kind of a 60’s rock feel here, I like that. I would go a little more “call and response “ in the chorus, the guitar walks on the vocal a bit much for me. One more little niggle; it always bothers me when a tune falls apart in the end, I guess from years of trying to get the band to nail it. Hey your tune, your production values, take it with a grain of salt. Good luck with your album. Tom
  12. DeeringAmps


    All free instruments; wow! Nice indeed. I can hear this in a soundtrack. “Moodscape” I’m adding that to my vocabulary. Nice ambiance, part of the vsti’s or a verb? Tom ps: I have way too many verbs, but I always ask...
  13. Hey Wookie, I have struggled with the low end “girth” on this tune it seems almost endlessly. I finally had to move on. I have other tunes with the exact same instrumentation that just feel “fuller”. I guess this is what separates the hobbyist from the Mix Engineer. Thanks for using your furry paws to play my tune 😎 Tom
  14. I agree this is a good pop tune. I listened in the car and found myself whistling the melody going back in the house. I do feel you need a little space transitioning from chorus one into verse two. But not the breakdowns you use later. Just a bar or two. Like you (and probably most CbB users) I rely heavily on midi to carry the tune; “humanizing” midi tracks is a huge challenge, and is what keeps many of our efforts at the “demo” level. I thought Hidden suggesting that this tune was “ready for the next level” was a big compliment. Tom
  15. I’m betting Noel et al will disagree. Certainly Gibson abandoning us hurt cakewalk’s position, but I suspect that CbB will only grow in popularity. ProTools remains the big fish, but they have their own problems. Just my nickel98 Tom
  16. Many wish there was an offline option. My studio has no internet access, so I bring the Cat in occasionally, and update everything at once. I’ve not had the BandLad Assistant issue that you experienced, but it pops up on the forum now and then. All in all, CbB is my DAW of choice, jumping through a few hoops; no big deal.
  17. My apologies for getting off topic here. Personally I never “normalize”, but Craig Anderton (I think) talks about quite a bit. Gain is a great tool, but generally pre effects, so you have to be careful. If your tracks are peaking about-18db, you’ll have some headroom to work with. Generally, I find most VSTi come in peaking in the -6 range and I have to pull the faders down. Load EZD, (I think you mentioned you have it) start auditioning some of ezd midi, and I’m clipping; consequently my Toon templates pull the internal levels well down. As to matching “commercial” levels, I’m not a Masterlng engineer. You’re holding yourself to an impossible ideal. Ozone is popular, but there are numerous cheaper limiters that will get you close. Mixing is like playing guitar or keys, it’s something you have to “practice”. Wish I could tell you there’s a “Silver Bullet”. Tom
  18. Are you freezing the tracks and then exporting? Why? If you want to preserve the midi only file, save as songmid. Then in the original file, freeze your tracks and begin mixing. No need to export individual tracks. Or ignore my advice if I’ve misunderstood what you’re trying to achieve. All my projects include a combination of midi (usually frozen, but not always) and audio tracks, I’m sure most work this way. HTH Tom
  19. Ouch! I bought two 1tb at $99 each. Course they were for two different computers... T
  20. Paul and Eve Ripper, thanks to you both for listening. Clearly I’m “stuck” in the late 60’s early 70’s, but what the hay, this is my “roundhouse”. Tom
  21. Jesse, The link is fixed. You're a trip my brother. Wave that freak high! hold on! tabernacle x played first, then conjure; but it’s all good . your fan, deeringamps
  22. DeeringAmps


    As a guitar player it’s really hard for me to get wind and brass “right”. Thanks to Hidden for the tips. And thanks to David, interesting piece and approach. These are generally “classical” guitar pieces? Tom
  23. DeeringAmps

    Swedish Song

    That acoustic Guitar is very convincing. Is the verb on that part of the library or did you add it? Very sweet. Enjoyed this quite a bit. Tom
  24. Without a doubt Jesse is something of an acquired taste. (and I don’t mean that in a bad way) This takes me back to some Wild Man Fisher, Zappa had a knack for finding talent that was decidedly not “mainstream”. Also brings to mind a current artist, Sea Sick Steve; raw, not polished, just honest (I hate the notion of “authentic”). Keep it up Jesse! Tom
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