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  1. This one has kind of "fallen thru the cracks". We'll pull it to the top of the page, and give the forum another chance. t maybe it could stand a couple of dB boost on the vocal; just sayin'...
  2. I'll hold my "like" for the re-mix... t
  3. Always a fan here. Am I amazed? Yep! Am I surprised? No, not really. As always, top shelf work; hoping for a 13th, 14th and 15th... t
  4. Andy, you've got the left hand working. Now we need a little right hand playing some melody. t
  5. What its gonna be? Pinky gets rubbed until he's blue. We shall fish on and not allow the dream crushers to destroy the dirt or the lilies! t that is all for now...
  6. DeeringAmps

    Too Much

    Polish it up. I'll hold my "like" for the new mix... t
  7. DeeringAmps


    Sounds good here! t
  8. This is so very well crafted; so big 👍's. Caused some "introspection" here, and I suspect will for most who listen. t so this is where I intrude and offer what I hope will be taken as constructive crits. Meter, to me, is just as important as melody and lyric. so some suggestions you should take with a grain of salt... "and go on our own way" "You, were from an age when you couldn’t say" if I was producing, these are some minor changes, I think, would make the lyric "flow" a bit better. As I said above "very well crafted", so again, take it with a grain of salt...
  9. 👍's! fur shure (you 👀 what I did there) 👏 t
  10. The only things I'd change are the backing vocal in the chorus; bring it up^. And the solo starting at 3:45; ^^^ that's way to "buried" in the mix. A good effort, so 👍's here. Midi Sax is a "tough sell", I guess it can be done, I've failed on every attempt... I'd give you a "7+", (maybe that's too harsh, because "average", is in general pretty bad) 👏 t and just a heads up, hit "share" at YT, "copy" and then Ctrl+v here at the forum
  11. DeeringAmps

    Melda MTurboAmp

    Indeed! And thanks for reminding me this needs a Cab emulator. For me that's the Celestion Speaker Shaper, works a treat (and removes all the top end fizzy). At $17.80; a big 👍's here! t well unfortunately there's enough for a builder to dink with... 🙃
  12. DeeringAmps

    Melda MTurboAmp

    Why do I think this is going to be a "rabbit hole"? I sold my AXE FX2 because I could spend endless hours tweaking all the parameters. Oh, well... Thanks Lars (I hope) t
  13. Always a fan Doug, so 👍's here overall. A couple of little crits. There's some "hash" in the track at times and I think its a bit too much distortion on the bass? Much prefer the tone on the guitar in the left can in the second verse to the overly "woman toned" main riff; but that's just me. (reminds me of Clapton's strat "tone" post the red 335 days; he pretty much sucks the life out of everything; again that's just the PAF lover in me...) t
  14. Never heard of the Pousette-Dart Band, but I don't get out much. 👍's to mojoespage; nice guitar work. 👏 t Coldest, wettest spring I can remember here in the PacNorthWest...
  15. agreed! t the "jangly" guitars, is that a synth? Has kind of a "Edge" quality 👍
  16. Nailed the ending! 👏
  17. 👏 Barry I would edit the title to indicate this a new mix. t like,comment, subscribe, ring the ***** bell!
  18. So like you, I have all of this (with the exception of Neutron 4, the bx stuff, and maybe the verbs) What we are counting on is the RX 10 and Ozone 10 Advanced upgrades; right? What's the word on Neutron 4 (frankly, Nectar and Neutron are not in my go to arsenal...) t
  19. DeeringAmps

    Time to Fly

    Tremendous work here! Thanks for sharing the project; I'm off to study.... t
  20. Mix is clean here Jesse. t
  21. If by that you want the song to "push" harder, you'll have to look at the rhythm guitar and/or the bass (I'm thinking mostly in the verse). Something a bit more staccato, it will be "simpler", but if "push" is what you want... If you're just looking to make it "louder", I guess look at some "saturation" plugins; maybe that would increase intensity. As always, well written and executed Barry. t
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