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  1. Hit "Share" on your SoundCloud page, ctrl+C the link, paste it into post; don't type in the link, it has to be Ctrl+V. tom
  2. DeeringAmps

    Old Friends

    Tom's suggestions are spot on! There's one note on that acoustic that "buzzes", and I hear it pretty much throughout the song. The eq is probably exacerbating it, but sounds like a setup issue to me (low nut or high fret). Is the acoustic miced or direct to the board? Could be an issue there; resonance or piezo? Love the tune, fine vocal. David Cassidy? I don't think you have any worries there... 😉 👍 t
  3. Another hit Mark! Bass is fine on the Bose cans here, but they do tend to hype the low end. 👍 t 😉
  4. She's a gem. And well done on all levels by Without Focus. 👍 tom
  5. As always Jerry, you define what can be done orchestrally, (spell check tells me that's not a word) within a DAW electronically. Thanks once again for sharing. t
  6. As always first class, but that's what we've learned to expect! For some reason it made me think Hot Rats, don't know why, haven't listened in many a year (only Zappa that I have the vinyl, but not the CD). Anyway, big thumbs here from me! t
  7. Yeah? Jon Anderson maybe? Very impressed Peter, top to bottom excellent in every way. Tone to die for, no doubt; doesn't hurt that it was well played. t I don't need a Kemper, I don't need a Kemper; maybe if I repeat this over and over I'll convince myself... Lucky You!
  8. Well done, but not sure that you have the tempos intense enough at times maybe. Scoring to film is way above my pay grade, so take that with a grain of salt. I did enjoy the listen and good luck with your entry. tom
  9. I think I get it. Being of a "certain age" I think I get the whole thing. Well done Bjorn! Glad you brought it "up to date" and are happy with the results (and why wouldn't you be!) 👍 t
  10. <whispered> Your secret is safe with us Jesse. Great to have you back! </whispered> 👍 t tomorrow in the stars is a good one too. Yikes, I forgot to whisper!
  11. <character flaw> When I see a 5 minute track I just can't help myself, I put on my "producer's" hat, and start planning my edits. </character flaw> But I have to say by the end of the track I'd pitched the hat and just listened. Well done mates! Print it. 👍 t
  12. I totally agree with you, but evidently not all VST3's are created equal... t
  13. Sounds like you're having fun Lee! tom
  14. I love all that. Well done! Bring up the harp a bit, only crit I got. t
  15. Ok, I can see that. Sounds pretty good here. tom
  16. DeeringAmps

    Just One Way

    A bit of a Zep vibe? Well played and sung. tom
  17. Great job! good luck there, I just didn't "bond" with any of the others DAWS I tried. But to be honest, once a workflow is ingrained. well you get the picture... tom
  18. Yeah, and its great! (But I hear just a tiny wink and nod to Bang A Gong in that intro; intentional or not? its cool!) Well done Barry! tom +1 for "I miss that part" the outro is grrreat!
  19. More good stuff Doug! I think its one guitar hard panned left with the delay hard panned right (until the solo); I think. Maybe Doug will clue us in. But I do agree David, its very effective. 👍 t
  20. DeeringAmps

    Mortal Tears

    Another brilliant Tour de Force Nigel! Too many thumbs to list! tom doesn't cost any extra to jump over to YouTube, Nigel has posted some really great content...
  21. Why are we so VST3 centric? This is not the first VST3 that has proven "buggy" in CbB. I don't think that CbB is always to blame. VST3 FabFilter plugs, no issue, (of course, why am I not surprised!) exclude the vst2 dll. SampleTank3 (I know its now "old"), exclude the VST3. I take it on a case by case basis... tom Just because its new, doesn't mean its better
  22. I'm running the V5 trial right now (Studio 4 user) and find the only way to play the "Region" is to double click in the "region". That's fine while editing notes, levels, etc. But I get no playback of the selected vocal (in this case) and the rest of the track. This can't be "expected" behavior? Win 10 Home (up to date) and EA1 tom
  23. Ok, sucked in! GAS! Is the Vocal Leveler something I should install? t
  24. Discussion in Deals here Not the only vst3 with "issues" in CbB. Generally not CbB that's at issue! Personally, I generally grab the vst2 of most everything first. Just because its new doesn't mean its better... tom
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