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  1. I wanted to try out the Softube Marshall plug. i downloaded the trial, installed and can see the dll file in the vst folder. I scan the folder for new plugs and and it pops up with an activation window. Well, I don't have a code, it's a trial good for 20 days, so I cancel out of that window. I open a new project in Sonar and try to add it in the FX bin but it's not there. I downloaded multiple times, downloaded and installed the beta Softube installer app thing as well. The app says its there and has 20 days left on the trial? Nothing in ilok at all, doesn't even show up. I contacted support but all they did was tell me how to install. Any suggestions??
  2. I will look into that. I have a seperate drive for samples and SD3. Thanks
  3. I already did try that and it did not work, thanks
  4. I am not, only using one midi file to play sounds in SD3 only. When I get home tonight I will try to shoot a video of what's happening. Thanks for all the help on this!
  5. This is what I do: Insert soft synth > Superior drummer 3 Open the gui for SD3 and select a midi pattern Drag the midi pattern from the SD3 gui into the Sonar track that contains SD3 If I play the pattern through SD3's gui, it plays all instruments. If i drag the midi file into Sonar and hit play in sonar, the toms are missing. Like I said, I have been doing it this way for many, many years and have never experienced this issue before?
  6. When I drag a midi pattern from Superior drummer 3 into the Cakewalk track it is missing elements of the pattern. For example; There is a pattern with kick, toms & hats. When I play the pattern in SD3 all the drums are sounding, when I drag the pattern into cakewalk and play it, the toms are missing? I know you can select which drums are dragged into the DAW, I assure you I do not have any individual drums selected. Is this a glitch in Cakewalk? First time this has ever happened to me and I have owned Cakewalk since version 6.
  7. Does anyone know how to sidechain in Sonar? I would like to sidechain a compressor on the guitars with the bass and vocals, so they duck a little when the bass & vocals come in. Thanks :-)
  8. Thanks Scook, the internet connection where this computer is setup leaves much to be desired. That's probably the issue.
  9. I did install it and hit "Run" bandlab's icon is on my desktop and when I go to "App" Cakewalk shows, but it needs to install something? There is no launch button, only install. That's where it hangs up.
  10. I downloaded Cakewalk on a new computer running windows 10. I opened the Bandlab launch thing and under Cakewalk it said "Install" so I hit that and chose no add on's. It said "downloading 0/1" for about 2 hours lightly blinking. Then the "Downloading 0/1" went away and the install icon was there again. What's up with that? How do I get it installed? Thanks
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