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  1. All audio drivers updated including firmware. Internal sound disabled, windows updates shut off. Everything was optimized from pc audio labs. computer is nearly 12 years old but runs an i7 processor. I added the 4 channel RME input expansion in 2017. Problems really began when I upgraded to windows 10. But I didn’t use the expansion a lot until recently. It utilizes pcie too, maybe that’s an issue? Thinking about disconnecting and see what happens.
  2. I am using the RME PCIe card, which is one of the most stable cards in existence. The computer is completely optimized for recording audio, it has been gone over extensively.
  3. if I run them at 256 it goes away. I have a single audio track playing a stereo mix (24/44.1) and 2 empty audio tracks. No effects or plugs at all running. Sometimes I can do tracking at 128 without this issue, most of the time I get this distorted mess. Any ideas? I am running 32 gigs of Ram and according to the performance meters, it’s barely registering. https://youtu.be/MoFMInaTffE
  4. #36 When I thought my computer problems were over.
  5. Ok, few hours and tried a few sessions, so far everything is good. One other thing I found is shutting of "Dithering" Under the "Playback & recording" tab. That was causing issues as well.
  6. So, When I installed the Ram I noticed it was really dusty inside the computer, I have not cleaned in there in years Yup, easily 8 years.. Yikes.. Anyways, I opened it back up today and took it outside where I blew it all out with my air compressor, being very careful that no condensation or anything got in there. You would not believe the amount of dust and buildup that came out. I brought it back in, hooked it back up and opened a previous project. I found that I could easily go to 64 on the buffers with no issues at all, loaded another project with multiple guitar tracks and superior drummer, same 64 buffers and no more crackling. Could it have been dust all along??
  7. Well, I installed the new Ram and no difference at all. So, I don't know...
  8. Intel core i7-3770k is my processor. I have experienced a couple blue screen as well. This occurred when I simply left the computer idle with an open session when I went to go do something else. I just shut the computer off and back on again. the computer came with 16 gigs of ram, upgradable to 32 max. Years after I purchased, once prices came down, I bought 32 gigs (4x8 strips) the computer was still running windows 7 at the time and I had a few issues after that upgrade. I’m really suspecting the Ram, although I ran that ram windows diagnostics and it came back ok. regardless, for just over a $100 I am going to replace the ram and see if that changes things.
  9. I cannot run lower than 256 on the buffers, I have 2 audio tracks going (nothing recorded) just out of my Kemper into the soundcard and one instance of superior drummer. If I try to lower buffers it’s sounds like a bag of angry bee’s when I strum a chord. It’s frustrating, especially when with windows 7 I could run buffers down to 64, have multiple tracks and instance of superior. the windows 10 was the auto upgrade through Microsoft, is it possible to go there and redo it?
  10. Drivers all up to date, everything optimized. I bought this computer from PC audio labs, specifically built for recording. It’s never been the same since the upgrade to windows 10.
  11. 12 year old computer, i7 with standard hard drives. 32 gigs of Ram, RME PCIe soundcard. Cannot record under 256 on the buffers.
  12. Thanks all for the positive comments and encouragement. I'm at that crossroads of needing a new computer to continue. Should I spend the money? Or should I just leave things be and move on? It's a hard decision for sure. Not that big of a deal when computers were affordable, but now it's just crazy. I really don't want to get into building one, It's a lot cheaper for sure but with my black cloud something will ultimately go terribly wrong, lol.
  13. Perhaps the instrument itself, but not the previous owner like I said.
  14. I get it, maybe over produced yes, but still completely commercial pro sounding. I'm more in the camp of the musicians lend more to the sound than the equipment.
  15. Samples, from Mike Shipley's personal library. So realistically, using a modern Kemper and drum software I should be able to at least match a studio album from 30+ years ago, or at least I thought..
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