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  1. It's in there! Thanks for the kind words!
  2. Song written by my band "Dee St. James" tributing the band Deep purple. Features Marco Lord Cossu on keys, who plays with Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice.
  3. Completely understand what you are saying. Maybe I just don't have the type of brain needed to sit and practice the same scale run or arpeggio 17 hours a day like a lot of these kids do. I'm not trying to win any contests, but being able to do those things certainly opens more doors, even if it's a cover band. Over the past few years I have lost a lot of interest, mainly because my generation of over the top music is long gone and guitar rock in general is dying, most people today prefer to go out for a hamburger and be home by 8:30. Perhaps it is time to move on, or at least not watch You Tube anymore. I seem to get more enjoyment watching Dr. Who reruns lately.
  4. I've been playing on and off for many years, I am not a bad player and I have some skill but I feel I will never get to the level as some I have seen on You Tube. There are young people out there that just smoke what I can do, the entire process of learning and developing that much skill seems daunting, especially at my age. You Tube has been a double edged sword for me. Great to learn about different things, but really humiliating when I see kids half my age playing stuff that would take me decades to learn. It makes you wanna quit all together. Just rambling some thoughts on a Tuesday morning, feel free to add your .02
  5. Yup, figured out you can't freeze unless the midi is in the track, I will try that tonight. I will check out the latency monitor tonight, thanks! On another note I watched the CPU/Memory monitor that's within Cakewalk and it's reading well under full capacity. Somewhere around 25% usage. Not really sure why it did it that one time, as I said once I rebooted it worked fine?
  6. I normally run parallel compression on a new buss and blend it using a send. Thickens and really brings out subtle dynamics in the voice. For years I used track delay on vocals, going back to when I recorded using a Yamaha AW4416.
  7. I shut it down after every session.
  8. The midi for the drums is within superior drummer, I don't think it allows freezing as there is nothing in the actual track.
  9. I closed the project and shut the computer down. Next day I worked on the same mix with zero pops or clicks? Weird things computers...
  10. I have experienced pops in other projects, but usually increasing the buffer clears it up.
  11. I have a mix going with my ASIO buffers set at the highest they can go. I froze my amp sims and consolidate plugs wherever I can, still getting popping. Anything else I can try? I have an RME PCIE soundcard, 32 gigs of RAM. Superior drummer 3 ( Set to use all 4 cores of processor) EZ Bass Softube 1959 Marshall (2 instances) Reaxis sim (1 Instance) 8 vocal tracks (2 lead, 6 backups) I run Slate VMR on the buss so I only have to use 1 instance for most. Various plugs such as saturation, reverb, Microshift. Thanks.
  12. All set, Studio is the flagship. Found a video on you tube explaining the different versions.
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