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  1. Mine are set the same for Cakewalk and windows sound. Old sound card is disabled, only the RME is showing.
  2. I use to run at 64 with zero issues and multiple amp sims, VST's etc. going. Now I have to run at 256 just to record one guitar track without crackling & popping.
  3. Changing thread schedule didn't work. Honestly, all my trouble began when I was forced to upgrade to windows 10, never a lick of problems before that. I opened a new project with one instance of superior drummer only, set superior to 16 bit mode, used the smallest kit (Around 500 mb's) Set buffers to 64 and if I play any single drum it's all distorted and I get that clicking noise again. Where do I get a latency monitor? I have never had to do any of this stuff, my PC has been trouble free for many years until Microsoft forced me into this.
  4. Thanks, I will try that tonight!
  5. Here is CW with buffers at 128, yet everything sounds broken up and has this insidious clicking going on. I have 2 tracks of guitars with no plugins, One instance of superior drummer. That's all... Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz 3.49 GHz 32 Gigs of RAM
  6. I ended up re-installing the drivers and now I have the ASIO drivers working. It’s very strange. At first when I got ASIO working it had massive dropouts. Only one audio track going in the whole session and it wouldn’t play more than 3 seconds, That was having it set at 2,000 + samples. after rebooting, changing where I plug in the usb on the computer I can now run the machine at 64 samples with no issues at all.
  7. Thanks so much for the help, I will do all that tonight when I get home.
  8. Shows nothing at all and when you try to click the drop down it does nothing.
  9. Yes sir, downloaded the latest one for that exact interface.
  10. Anyone use this interface with cakewalk? I try to set it to use ASIO drivers and it will not let me select the interface for the timing master, so essentially I have to use the WDM, which has a significant amount of latency.
  11. Well, it's back again, With only 2 tracks going I am forced to run the buffers at 256, which is ridiculous. I have one track of guitar recorded, only running a cabinet & noise gate VST. The same on the second track, with no recorded material yet. When I have the second track armed the guitar sounds distorted and I start getting this click sound, kinda like a metronome. Only way to get rid of both is to return the buffers to a minimum of 256. If I add anything else to the project, the buffers have to go higher. I could run several VST's in the past at 64 with no issues. I haven't done anything to my system other than the standard updates. RME drivers and flash updates have been done, still the same problem.
  12. Like I said in the previous post, I found several instances of Bandlab assistant running when I checked task manager. I actually shut off Bandlab assistant in the start up and now Cakewalk operates without any issues. I can record with buffers at 64, even with multiple VST's running.
  13. Just an update, I went into the task manager of my computer and seen there were about 4-5 of the "Bandlab assistant's" running? I shut them all down and re-opened Cakewalk. Now it seems I can run at 64 without issue?
  14. Buffer issues are back, same as before. cannot go below 512 with only one instance of EZ Bass running. I have all the latest downloads, drivers and the "Flash update" Before I could run at 64 with multiple VST's and audio tracks going...
  15. Working now, which is strange. I re-booted.
  16. That was the first thing I tried, nothing there. I can see the wave in the audio folder, 5 times actually because that's how many times I tried bringing the audio in..
  17. I have a stereo drum track that I am trying to import into a session. It goes through the process but the track is not visible? I tried importing, dragging & dropping. Still cannot see any wave file in the session?
  18. Well, that was it!! They had an update for the driver. Downloaded and all is awesome again! Thanks for the help!
  19. The RME is pretty old, computer is probably 7-8 years old now. I will check to see if RME has any updates. They still sell that soundcard, so I imagine they have drivers.
  20. I use an RME PCIE soundcard running windows 10, 24 gigs of Ram. I was running buffers low at around 64 when using multiple soft synths and VST guitars. Now I cannot go below 512 with a single instance of EZ bass, Superior drummer and a real tube head lined in via Suhr reactive load. I just get distorted weird sounds through the guitar channel and a constant clicking. Bump up to 512 and all is good, except for the obvious latency.. Windows recently did a bunch of updates, what should I look at to fix this? Thanks!
  21. It's in there! Thanks for the kind words!
  22. Song written by my band "Dee St. James" tributing the band Deep purple. Features Marco Lord Cossu on keys, who plays with Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice.
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