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  1. General midi uses midi channel 10 for drums. You are writing about midi track 10. Maybe some mix up with that?
  2. I have not assumed everyone else want this. It was a personal request. If it happens it happens. ♣️ I'm astonished how rigid musicians are. You know, don't you, you just had to ignore me and my topic instead of try to persuade me to do things your way.
  3. Wouldn't dream of it. I rather get the urge to go - kille kill kill, in my native language. While poking him with my finger.
  4. That would be the "input echo" button, yes?
  5. Aw...common...everyone else shoot people.
  6. Check defender / security essentials. Maybe it does a quicksearch at awkward times.
  7. ...everyone that write free about software demos. 🐍
  8. I searched waves folder more thorough and found the standalone exe in "applications" folder. I don't have v.9 folders. I copied the vst-paths in Reaper and found a path that made Codex to a vst2 instrument in CbB. But...it is and was acknowledged as a vst3 instrument. I'm pretty shure that it's one of those myriads of waveshells that have been compromised. Now if i only could find out which? 👀
  9. Ok. I see what's wrong. My bad. I forgot people only read partial posts and see what they want to see and give suggestions even when they don't understand the topic. The first post did not have the word join in it. It only mentioned snap together. When i did a edit to explain more i misstakenly added the word join in topic title and added text. Anyone can read that i edited the text. If you read the whole text you would maybe understand that it is about snap command. You have the facts why can't you draw a reasonable conclusion. There is no blend involved only things put side by side.
  10. It's a timesaving thing. It have to do with arrangement. When it comes to audiosamples i've tested a couple of workflows and come to the conclusion that the track view is what works for me. I'm not interested in trance,techno or house so matrix view and alike isn't for me. Would you think its ok to have 29 audiosamples, in the same track, to listen to after a shuffle and have nr1 play then it takes a little time before nr2 play then it takes a little time before nr3 play and so on. Or do the manual removement of empty spaces 28 times. If you bounce 29 samples you get 1 sample. How do you shuffle around the 29 different sounds when you just fixated them together in that one sample? Every time after some shuffling around with the audiosamples you're gonna have empty spaces between them. To join them together with one click would be a huge timesaver.
  11. So...i had a windows (8.1) update and i installed TX16WX. CbB started and complained about Waves Codex missing in my project. i did the usual things. Rescanned all vst. Show hidden vst. Waves control center still said it was installed and licensed. Did add vst path and rescanned. Checked out all places that have vst folders. Everything looked ok. But no Waves Codex in CbB. Now the funny part! I also have Reaper on the same pc with Waves Codex in a project. It works perfectly. Someone have a guess at what happened here?
  12. Don't know how without deleting. Maube if you hide the tracks? I would probably save the project as a copy and then delete all unnecessary tracks. Then export. Maybe as a final try to undo the track delete?
  13. Have a Yamaha MT100 used once to check that it worked when i got it all years ago. Seems i like the idea of owning something more than using it. I would have hold down the stop button and pumped the play button to losen it.
  14. As of now, if i login to BandLab assistant i have two choices under the Apps tab. I can open BandLab or i can open Cakewalk. If you choose to open BandLab you are not seeing your account. You are seeing a login to a BandLab account? Really? I have already logged in to my account in the assistant. 🚾 You have to fix that if you're hoping to use the assistant as a natural hub to things.
  15. I would like to have a "snap together" ckoice in either rightclick menu or the toolbar clips menu in track view. Exampel: You have two or more samples of sound. You drag them from the browser in to the same track. It's different sounds like a train and a purring cat and a squeking door etc. They are also of different length. In the track you can shuffle them about and test what sequence would be best and which would stay and which would go. If you could highlight all clips and do a "snap together" on them that removes the empty space between the clips you are able to listen to the clips without annoying pauses. Added 9 jan. I can do this manually by use of the settings: Snap to clip (landmark) Ripple edit all. Then i can either mark the empty space between two clips and use the delete key or just drag clips together. I suggest in the rightclick, edit submenu, to have a "snap" command. It would snap together all clips that is selected and be a timesaver. PS. All my clips is already at zero crossing. Others that isn't would probably think that consecutive clips would sound bad. I'm aware of that but do it anyway. They have to learn sometime. Added 10 jan. Removed the j-word that were added the ninth.
  16. Hmm...i think you are right. I did have that "Always Echo Current MIDI Track" ticked in preferences. I've unticked it for now. My guess is that when it echoes the current track it means it un-echoes other tracks if you shift fokus between tracks.
  17. Thanks Scook. It worked. I now have Bluearp working. I recognise the steps but cannot understand why it worked this time and not before. It's saved as a project and safe. PS. I used TAL NoiseMaker instead of TTS-1 could that be it? Or did i somehow miss input echo? I had NoiseMakers input echo disable itself behind the plugin window for some reason, but i noticed that and enabled it again and it was fine.
  18. Isn't it the usual. One hole equals two inputs/outputs. Stereo plug.
  19. Be aware of the problems you're gonna get into when trying to get arp vst's to work in CbB. CbB sees them as vsti and getting an instrument to connect to another instrument in CbB is hard. I have 10+ hours of getting Bluearp to work and still no success. I read a post in this forum that had a tip on midifx i shall try. In reaper i had Bluearp working after 15 minutes. That include time to learn how to start a track and add a vst.
  20. In my case i had to leave win10 and go back to win7 because of bad sounddevice behaviour of win 10. I confess i was also tired of win10 updates from hell so i'm in a good mood now. Start with win7 and go to win10 if needed by software/devices you buy.
  21. I think he should be hired to redo the manual. He explains things very clearly. I now understand what snap to landmarks mean. Could someone tell me what use you have for empty midiclips? He seemed surprised it wasn't doable in CbB. PS. I mean Mr Bumblebee.
  22. There is two choices. One language used by all or a subforum for each language in the world.
  23. It is this organ jingle at jvm in icehockey that reminded me off this: Jona Lewie - Stop The Cavalry
  24. I waited to let someone else take this but noone do so...the answer is incomplete. Scooks way is good. I just want to point out that you can use add track. When opened chose instrument. In the dropdown menu at the top with name "instrument" you have "midi only" as a choice at the bottom.
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