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  1. Have you checked (somehow) if someone is tapping your electricity. When they did work on the building, rented apartment, my electricity bill got higher. The only explanation i could think of was that the workers had tapped my line somehow.
  2. Is it only me? Since BA 5.1.1 update the login to this forum is easier with one step less.
  3. That is what is wrong and should be troubleshooted. Spacebar is windows standard for start/stop. Every daw in windows use this. I use it in Vlan when i watch videos. If something needs to start or stop it is spacebar you use.
  4. As a noncustomer it was far from instant. Registration for Audioplugin and a second registration for Black Octopus. And follow the clues. Do not do this if you're easily distracted. I'm in a good mood today so i let them lead me like a good marionette.
  5. Thanks evereybody for checking this topic out. 🤝 What it boils down to is: Manufacturers, please stop putting leds on everything you produce. If a led is necessary make it extremely small and faint. There's no need to see it 50 foot away. 🤗
  6. Drag and drop samples from Cakewalk_bb mediabrowser works fine. When you do that it makes a copy in the track. No need to return the sample just delete the unwanted sample in the track. There's no automatic delete of samples in the track what i know of.
  7. Lets count on shutting them down. 28 leds to power off. They are not in the same place so i estimate it to be 11 places to go to, to turn them off. Turn off 28 in the evening, turn on 28 in the morning. That's 56 actions in a day. 392 in a week. Approx 1680 in a month. 20440 in a year. 11 places in the evening, 11 in the morning. That's 22 places in a day. 154 in a week. Approx 660 in a month. 8030 in a year. Moving around is good for you so i let go of that. How about those battery eliminators plugged in and drawing 0.5 watt all the time? Probably have to unplugg them too. Then it's 19 more. Turn off/unplug 47 in the evening, turn on/plug in 47 in the morning. That's 94 actions in a day. 658 in a week. Approx 2820 in a month. 34310 in a year. I'm not going to do and then undo the same thing 34 thousend times. Not for a year not for any timeperiod. Good luck with that those of you that recommend it. Well...you surely would not recommend something you don't do yourself......
  8. To make the best song you can. You have to get a good nights sleep, don't you? So you go to bed and put out the light. Remember darkness? My router have 6 yellow and two blue leds that shines. My switch have 4 orange and 4 green leds that shines. 28 different small leds all over the room indicating standby, that shines. I felt it necessary to put black gaffa-tape over 3 of my monitors standby leds. It's the newest ones with the brightest leds and they are blinking! One of them had a setting to put out the led...but only when it was active...not in standby mode at night! 😭 I don't have a bedroom i sleep in my livingroom. Am i oversensitive? 🥴
  9. How about having a control bar module for bookmarks? Each project would have its own. You could add or delete the bookmarks in there by clicking in the track which saves the x,y coordinates. The bookmark sends you to a specific point in a specific track in that project. How would it work? The track moves on the y-axis. The notes in the track moves on the x-axis. When you click in a track you get the x,y coordinates. The x coordinate don't change but the y does when you add or delete tracks. You make the code keep track of the tracks movements. Add/delete and changes to track hight can be calculated against saved coordinates to pinpoint the location.
  10. It isn't necessary to do that... ...I've heard.🤐
  11. It seems i could beat you to it. Scroll vertical to track - scroll horizontal and i know where to go in my track. Done. But...i don't, so far, go back. I don't archive projects. Either i'm happy with it or don't waste time on a losing battle. I suppose i too could forget the build of some old track i had archived for years. I'm not opposing the proposal, just letting my opinion be known.
  12. Ok. That's not my workflow. Music is when i can be impulsive and disorganized. I'm not going to change that. 🙂
  13. I also don' get it. But for another reason. 🤔 How is it a help to rapidly go to a section on a track when you have 30 or more tracks?
  14. Hmm...if we are talking live performence it would be slice to matrix, i think.
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