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  1. Thanks. I was too late when i saw it last time.
  2. Another workaround is the midi tab in the inspector. Under the arpeggio there is this "key" and "time". Set the key to 12 to transpose up 1 octave, 24 for 2 octaves. I don't know If this setting is persistent for a project. I just stumbled upon it when i tested related things. Added: This means that all notes entering this track is transposed. And each track can have its own transposition.
  3. Kurre

    Start screen icons.

    There's also sites with free icons. This is one of them: https://iconarchive.com/tag/audio-daw
  4. It kind of sounds as the window asking if you want to save the project before closing is hidden and waits for an answer.
  5. Now you switch from talking about update to talking about support. I know about no support. Instead of defending yourself, just admit you made a boo-boo. 🥰
  6. It seems correct so far. The full path should be C/Cakewalk Content/Cakewalk Core/CAL Scripts. The first file in my folder is named "ANY_THIN.CAL" The last file is named "VARYVEL.CAL" There is no midifiles in my CAL scripts folder.
  7. Citation from promidi in old Sonar forum. You could also try "split Channel to Tracks.CAL" Here is how to do it. Load your midi file (or import it) and select just that track. Go to Process menu and click "Run Cal". A file dialog box will open. Hopefully the file "split Channel to Tracks.CAL" is listed there. Open that and it will ask you for the first destination track and the MIDI file should be distributed to the various tracks, starting at your destination track.
  8. C'mon now! This forum is about Cakewalk and updates to it. How can you miss that?
  9. In the Cakewalk browser. The media tab. Highlight the midifile. Look att the bottom frame and you can see information about the file. If it says midi type 0 it behaves as it should. That midi type act as you describe. It has to be a midifile type 1 to open several tracks.
  10. I have win7 with update problem and it will be interesting to see, six months from now, if i am able to authorize Cakewalk. I'll stop trying to update it and see what happens.
  11. 1. Check this out: 2. If you uninstall Cakewalk by Bandlab and the Bandlab Assistant it seems, for now, that you can start from scratch by using BA to install CbB.
  12. Looks more like caligrafi than graffiti to me. Are you looking for song gigs? Good luck. 👍
  13. I got the feeling that manually closing the daw before installing update was something that happened as long as Bandlab Assistant handled the installation. The latest updates, since disconnecting from BA, don't need you to close the daw manually.
  14. Kurre

    Start screen icons.

    Ok. It was a magic word - song - After i did the howto i let go of start screen icons. I found out that my focus is on the filename using file menu and not the icon/image. I've turned off the start screen. I can not turn off my curiosity though.
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