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  1. Mmm...nice. 🥰 Five hard rock tunes in a row. Giving an energyboost. 👍
  2. I'll have to change my answer a bit. With further examination of the screencapture it gives that this is only a tiny section of the track. At first glance i believed it was the only audioclip in the track. I would NOT bounce several individual clips at once. I only bounce the clip that i've been working on.
  3. In your first post i would have selected track one and rightclick on the selected clip to use "bounce to clip". I use "bounce" as a means to finalize any edits i make.
  4. I have some problem with the connection between a bit of the sample and the assigned midinote. 1. Which note connects to which samplebit? 2. What range in the prv is active for the samples? I think this could be made much easier for people. It would be nice if a sampler had something like a textfile associated with the sample that held advanced info for the daw. Like colormark the range in prv that is active for the sample and name the bits in the sampler which name then appears instead of the notenames. There would need to be a daw function that recognize the advanced info and give a menuoption for the audiotrack to open the prv with theese extras. Is there already a plugin that meets this criteria? That don't involve a whole new host echosystem. That don't cost more than 80 euro.
  5. You have places like this where you can download midisongs for free. https://freemidi.org/artist-1279-ricky-nelson
  6. This is a bit off topic. It's a response to Band in a box. There's this JJazzLab, a free backing track application. It needs three files installed: JJazzLab itself, VirtualMIDIsynth and JJazzLab soundfonts. I loaded a blues swing sng-file and changed the style, by rightclick menu in the style, to a bluegrass style at 142 bpm. It was f-ing awesome. Blues chord progression fits perfectly with the bluegrass instrumentation. And at that speed it was a groovy swing. As usual you can mute individual instruments.
  7. Band in a box is nice. You mentioned that you have chords. If it's midi then in the piano roll view, delete all notes in the chord except the lowest one. You should end up with a series of notes as many bars as there where chords. Select all those notes and move them down to where it sounds bassy. I think that could work. I saw something like that in a video but can't remember which one.
  8. I thought there had been new advances from Monkey's Audio.
  9. You're welcome. Could i ask if you would vote my answer up. It's to the left with arrows over/under a zero. I've never had a green best answer before. Also would be a good idea to add (solved) to this topic title.
  10. If you can see the usb-midi in Cakewalk it have to mean that there's no midi sent to Cakewalk. First check manual if there are settings for usb-midi in the Yamaha hardware. Second is using a midi-monitor to check the midiflow.
  11. Kurre

    Custom toolbars

    More than a year to give an answer. I would hate to be in a chat room with you. 😜
  12. Klevgrands >Skaka< vst has some of them.
  13. I don't remember if this has been shown here. It's a good compilation. My favorite one is the first song. Aerosmiths - Dream on.
  14. Zplane have a plugin named deCoda. You can use that together with a song you like. deCoda isolates the part of the song you like. Pick a drum part to listen and compare.
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