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  1. Kurre

    Windows 10’s May 2019 Update

    🙄 My win10 still try to install 1809 version. I would have thought that windows should take on another approach when the installation have failed 4 times. Like split it up in smaller pieces. But no... It waits a couple of weeks then it makes another try. Then it fails. And then it reinstalls the latest working version. Over and over and over and........🔄
  2. Kurre

    I don't need a license

    Hmm...is the ribbon only a ribbon or does it mean something else? 🤕
  3. Kurre

    Can I bounce a midi clip into wav?

    One of the toughest things to do is stay out of rut. Rut is a killing machine. It kills everything in its way that could be considered a threat.
  4. Kurre

    Can I bounce a midi clip into wav?

    Ok. Another omission that doesn't make sense. The implementation of it should be dead easy. Either you have settings in preferences for audio and softsynth or an options window. Choose active or inactive synth and rendering alternatives.
  5. Kurre

    Can't Scrub all tracks?

    Just to make you aware of it: You're working with midi. The tip is about audio.
  6. Maybe the loop construction view could be rewamped to "Audio editor view". Constructing loops would be a tab in that view. I played around a bit with it yesterday. I made some slices and when i had one slice selected i expected to be able to save that slice. Silly of me. The saved audio was the full audio sample and not the slice bit. So...audio editing should really have an overwhole.
  7. Kurre

    Cannibal snails

    You snailed it.
  8. Kurre

    Presonus Announcement on May 21st

    Well, i'm not going to use that daw until i'm allowed to use a vst softsynth with a nonpro version. Without paying extras for it goes without saying. But i'm just saying that. Now it's said.
  9. It's the companies that have the power. Governments only rules over workers. Get used to it and get used to things not being done because a company can't make a profit on it.
  10. Kurre

    Vsti Patches not saving in projects

    Maybe it only appears when you are using several instances of a plugin? Like 30-40. PS. I don't have this patches problem. But i randomly experience midi ghost note.
  11. Kurre

    Vsti Patches not saving in projects

    I have "Hide related vst2 plugins." checked in preferences. It has never hide them. Something is wrong with vst2 and vst3 handling when there is the two of them installed with the same plugin.
  12. Kurre

    DAW audio output modified

    I read your first post. The description of how it sounded made me think of an equalizer or filter that removed low frequencies.
  13. Kurre

    DAW audio output modified

    Does the daw and vlc use the same sounddevice and the same speakers? If not that's something that can affect the sound experience.
  14. Kurre

    Update CbB via thumb drive ?

    As Scook said. Installation - yes, Activation - no. An update consists of both those things. That 6 month thingy is because you don't have to activate every time you make an update installation.
  15. Kurre

    Alternative audio editor

    It seems to be 32-bit. But i'll try it. It opened up fast.