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  1. Kurre

    Start screen icons.

    Thanks. One of the topics here on the forum mentioned a YT video. I checked it out and that guy had come quite a bit in solving it. His name is mentioned in the pdf. It is Daniel Carl Heister. The video: For some reason he is doing the right thing with renaming the template but do not point out that the filetype need to be untouched. My guess is that it is his usual way to rename files when saving and thus perfectly normal behaviour. When i rename files in "save" windows i usually delete everything on the name line, write the new name and let the filetype be addended automatically. That did not work in this case. Why? I haven't the faintest idea. 🤔
  2. @User Zero I'm afraid i have to destroy the theory that the webview app is the culprit. It most likely is not. I and other win7 users have observed the installation of edge webview go ahead without any problem. Concentrate your troubleshooting on other things and don't get hung up on this.
  3. The start screen icons, especially the factory ones for templates, and descriptions on how to add images seemed very vague to me. So i dug in to it and have done a "how to" pdf about it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1J8zPeMlhRe5BVFwTHHJ42IB-EUodg_7J/view?usp=sharing Added 23feb2021. I've made some generic 400x400 pixel images with numbers in frame. Could be useful. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LFx4tWFdZby9KnGMf84L1WhxHQc6zmvS/view?usp=sharing
  4. You could, if you don't already have, activate "Suspend Audio Engine when Cakewalk is not in focus". Have you tried to only have Cakewalk open without any other software running. At least you could get a hint if Cakewalk behaves nice under that condition.
  5. The Enhanced Tracking Protection in Firefox sometimes block logging in to places. Maybe Waves put some tracking script at the login and thus set of that automatic protection.
  6. Yes, i'm aware. It would be nice to avoid an extra box but i have very old mics and i don't throw away stuff and buy new ones unless its dead and not working at all. The quality is good enough (for home recording) even with an old mic when you get the input levels up. 👍
  7. @scook Thanks. Sorry about that. I read your first post. But i read all posts first and then follow links. As i don't know much about drum maps i didn't know the difference between master.ins and alternate notes name i thought it was waste of time to follow that link if they wasn't persistent.
  8. I tried to google that. Three first pages gave nothing.
  9. I now use a small hardware mixer as gain for low output mics. It gives you double amplification of the signal by setting the input sensitivity and then raising the output signal.
  10. I'm sorry that i can't help with exactly what's wrong. But maybe knowing that my latest Firefox browser don't have a problem loading the images in those parts i visited, Cakewalk/x and Sonar/x in english, can help in troubleshooting. To not get a reaction from someone else after 22 hours point to a personal problem with your browser. Check all those security filters settings. Maybe popup block? Firefox have an improved tracking protection that sometimes block images and notifications which i need to see. I always start with setting that to off in my troubleshoots.
  11. Yes, Miditech MIDIface is good. I use the 8x8 one. 👍 Which mean i can connect 8 hardware with midi to my pc. If i have another pc with its own midi interface i could of course connect that pc and its midi interface with my main pc and its midi interface.
  12. Are you a troll? Hoping i have a fit and lash out? Surprise surprise, i'm not going to.
  13. Thank you. To explain the different experiences we have had i suggest following. 1. Setup: You have a creditcard linked to PayPal. I do not have a creditcard or giftcard linked to PayPal as mentioned in my earlier posts. 2. Scenario: The seller has a PayPal button which when clicked on makes a connection to PP. The buyer says ok to the sign in/connection and the seller makes a request to PP for the amount of money he/she wants. 3. Condition: The seller specifically request name and number of a creditcard. 4. Outcome: If PP has creditcard info it handles this in the background and what the buyer sees is only the webpage providing the product name, quantity and total amount. Plus the ok button to approve the transaction. If PP do not have any creditcard info it will present you with a webpage that tells you to fill in name and numbers of a creditcard. There is no way around that webpage telling me to fill in my creditcard so i cant pay. I seldom get that creditcard request so logically it is a specific request, borderline demand, which some sellers do.
  14. PayPal account is one thing. PayPal creditcard/giftcard is another thing. Did you or did you not use a creditcard or giftcard with PayPal?
  15. I have tried to pay for things and being law abiding five times now and being denied by the seller so i'm thru begging someone to take my money. And all stated you could pay with PP. That was a lie. The f*ers now got an email account to bombard with spam for free.
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