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  1. Kurre

    Freeware Instruments Thread

    If you check that out you're gonna find good synths from Full bucket music. Here's the site: http://music.fullbucket.de/vst.html Every thing he does, and for free, is very good. I don't think he's capable of sloppy work. My favorites is Modulair and Sequencair.
  2. Today was the last chance for Sweden to do the right thing...and it did not. I'm a swede and feel soo ashamed, you couldn't believe it. An Ucraine woman visiting Stockholm have lost one of her legs after being injured in the terrorattack on Drottninggatan. She asked if she could stay in Sweden and become a Swedish citizen. She have been denied this. So... is healthcare cheap in Ucraine? Is it easier to get a job when you have a prostetic? Don't think so... Sweden send her back with less of a chance to a good life than she have had if she had not visited Sweden. That is so *****ing low it's unbelievable. It's shittier than Trump style of governing.
  3. I just noticed that the notification setting for this topic differ from my account setting. I have changed so both of them should send a notification when there is a new post.
  4. This time i have not got an email. Just checked again. I'll give you this list of all email notifications i have got. Which users post that triggered it and the time it arrived in my mail. gmp - 2019-07-09 00:12 RobertWS - 2019-07-09 14:21 Jesse Jost - 2019-07-09 16:40 Jesse Jost - 2019-07-09 19:30 Bapu - 2019-07-09 22:18 abacab - 2019-07-10 00:59 Jesse Jost - 2019-07-10 12:49 Jesse Jost - 2019-07-10 17:12 gmp - 2019-07-10 18:10
  5. I now checked the spamfolder. It was empty.
  6. Yes i did receive an email. Checking timestamps it seems it was sent instantly. That goes for Gmp's answer on test 7 too. John B's post did not trigger an email for me.
  7. In my Chrome the only way to go upwards is to scroll with up-arrow. In Firefox which is my main browser you are jumping to the top of the page by ctrl+up-arrow.
  8. Hmm...i got an email about this post. This second email arrived 14 hours after the first one. There's 16 posts between that never triggered an email. Seems a little random. I'll change back my settings. I put everything on here and at Bandlab to send email. It could be an awful lot of email. 💥💢🎇
  9. I received an email notification on this post. 👍 Added: I have my email notification setting set to once a day instead of one for every new post. It'll be interesting to see if i get a bunch more after 24 hours.
  10. Kurre

    Can track2 have a different tempo than track3?

    Thanks. All of you. Maybe that note value thing can partially work. Hadn't thought of that. It seems i quite often land in these situations. I get an idea and find it difficult to realize it. In this case it would have been two vst's operating separately/independently but starting at the same time when synced to the host timeline. Could be new and interesting sounds/rhytms from that. ( I must try harder to conform.)👽
  11. Can track 2 have a different tempo than track 3 in the same project? Can track 2 be 120 bpm and track 3 be 60 bpm in the same project?
  12. I get notifications when i visit the forum. Both quotes and likes works ok. I do not get any emails. I have triplechecked my settings and changed it so that everything should send email. Both in this forum and at the bandlab homesite. I use windows live for my email and have done so since they abandoned outlook express. I have never had the need to search for missing email. Either i get email or it shows up a couple of days later. I get email that is marked as possible fishing attempt. I have to make my own rules in my local email client to have them go into the spamfolder. And in windows live email i can clearly see that i got an email in the different folders. Hmm...now a memory show up in my head. If i remember correct i was asked if i wanted to download the email to my client or have them stored at Microsoft and just read them with my client. I choosed to download all to my client. That's why i think the problem is not the email providers. Added. I did not get an email about the fact that you quoted me. But as soon as i logged in i could see the red number above the notification icon and there also was a popup notification window at the bottom of the browser window. Which is Firefox. But i have occasionally logged in with Chrome too and i can't see any difference in behaviour.
  13. Could it have to do with how you log in to the forum? You have three options for login. Bandlab, Facebook and Google. I use Bandlab to login.
  14. Oh... and i give my permission to admins to poke around all of my settings both here and in the bandlab account as much as they whish.
  15. In an Sherlock Holmes way "if you have eliminated the possible it has to be the impossible". It has to be some "profile rights" setting in this forum that is the culprit. The email provider excuse doesn't hold up.