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  1. Hmm...Toots. I anticipated some nice harmonica playing.
  2. I sacrificed my Laptop to have a pc with win 10 on so i can monitor that condescending os. (And have a backup plan if something happens to win7 and 8 ). It's a Acer Aspire E15 Quadcore Pentium. Approx 5 years old. It handles 2004 update fine. Someone know how to stop the Edge browser from starting up after login? It's not among the startup software. I admit i haven't checked regedit and run once settings. First time i could uninstall it. After an update installed it again i can't seem to find a possibility to uninstall it or stop it from starting on its own. Yea, win 10 is the best. 🤢
  3. Lennon writing a blues and Streisand singing it. RESPECT!
  4. It have to get rid of the store inside. That means it needs recoding.
  5. He seems to ignore that the first Harvest isn't finished yet. I'll wait until it is. Fyi, it's about locking notes. It should have a third option between one note at a time and all notes. He's aware of this feature request and there are some posts on a couple of forums that request this.
  6. @JohnKIt seems we are incompatible. I focus on the end result and you seem to fixate with Vsti midiout. Good luck with your laborations. 👍
  7. About complicated; Do you know about multitimbral? Which means you have 16 different simultaneous sounds in one of those plugins. S-YXG50 needs special software to access individual sounds and fx. With TTS-1 you have access to individual sounds and fx.
  8. Am i missing something? The answers seem unnecessary complicated? The thread starter mentions "...to have two different VSTi's playing the same passage". If i have a miditrack with a midimelody routed to an instrument track with a softsynth i make a new instrumenttrack with another softsynth and copy the miditrack to this new track. Alternative copy to a new miditrack and route that to the new track/synth. Just drag the midiclip to align with the original in the timeline. You can also copy a part of the original midifile to the new track and align it. Then it only plays that bit with the second softsynth. As usual i came up with a bit more right after submitting post. If you have cc values it copies those too so you have to delete those in the second track if you don't want them.
  9. Ok. Enough. I got that from Scook's post yesterday. I am pointing out that not everybody testing your daw is professionals and get that. They would get it much faster if there was no gain knob in the track when they setup to record audio. They see the gain knob for master and check another track, which probably is an instrument track, and they see a gain knob there. That would be enough for most people to draw a logical conclusion about the gain knobs. PS. Ask someone that understands people. Searching for an answer in a manual is something most people avoid until they are forced to. Ok. That's enough from me on this topic. You can discuss among yourself.
  10. Let me say this instead: Please, invent something diferent for gain control. As a free daw there will be hundreds of thousands falling in to this trap, believing it would increase the volume of the weak audio input signal. Of course they will get it by trial and error. But it is an unnecessary irritation. Maybe hide the gain knob for a track when you select an audio input? And arm it?
  11. You're writing about an analog console. It isn't needed because you can record directly to tape and play directly from tape. Thus the console could be considered an fx.
  12. Oh, i've also been thinking wrong about gain. I get it now - it's only an audio fx in knob form. 🥱 Shouldn't it be with the other audio fx? Why has it got its own knob?
  13. You could try midi channel 1 as input instead of omni.
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