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  1. Folks! Please be aware of the difference between support and updates. If you never have the need to contact MS support why bother with the media hype? Updates keep on coming when it have to do with security updates. The only reason to upgrade to a newer os is if you need to have the absolute latest version of hardware and software. Then it's the drivers that's going to be the failure point.
  2. Excuse me for going a little bit off topic. It's about win 10 versus win 7 mentioned above. i don't quote because then it would be a personal thing which it isn't. The support for win 7 ends next year, that's true. If that forces you to change os... Then you obviously have problems with using a computer if you must have contact with the support. And it will probably not get better with another os.
  3. Maybe test another audio driver? Try wasapi shared instead of asio.
  4. The problem i had was the play button in CbB would not work when Hatefish was put on a track which is essential to be able to use Hatefish. I found out that if i had an audiofile on a track in the same project the play button worked. Then i just mute the audiofile to concentrate on Hatefish alone.
  5. HatefishRhyGenerator. Lots of fun for 9 £.
  6. Put the "input echo" on for the synth. I don't think it's necessary for the arpeggiator but do it there too. The synths input should be the arpeggiator and the output should be to the master. The arpeggiator input should be either midi omni/channel or midi device omni/channel and the output should be none. Some midi generators can produce sound with a little inbuilt synth. In that case the output should go to the master and "input echo" must be on if you want to hear the inbuilt sound together with the synth.
  7. My freeware arpeggiator, BlueARP, is a vst instrument.
  8. Maybe you have read posts about how good those old plugins where, like Rapture Pro, Z3ta, Dimension and others. How good something is, have to do with personal taste. There's no guarantee that you would find them good. I explore the world of free or cheap plugins. The quality of free plugins amaze me. They are very good. I have used trials of commercial "pro"plugins but am pretty sure i'm not missing on much with free plugins.
  9. Use midi learn. With that you can trigger a single cell or a whole column. FORGOT. You have to turn on miditrigger with the midiicon top right.
  10. Surge is good. It can make any sound you can think of...almost. I had problems with Helm on my win7 64-bit. I uninstalled it long time ago so i don't remember the exact problem other than i couldn't use it.
  11. Yesterday i couldn't get notes from my midikeyboard. It took me probably half an hour of fiddling (which where a waste of time) to come up with the solution. I suddenly "DUH..." remembering the pc restarts, because of registry changes i made. Mainly manual cleaning. I also found TTS-1 was helpful. You could confirm the audio was working with a mouseclick. Solution: Shut down Cakewalk - turn off the midikeyboard - restart the pc - start Cakewalk - turn on midikeyboard.
  12. Kurre

    Harvest MIDI Plugin

    Thanks. That's exactly what happened to me. I found a textfile in the download with that link. I could confirm that i already had the mentioned update but then there was this other steps necessary. I didn't like the idea of editing the registry when i'm not sure about the needed steps. The MS page is confusing. Hard to tell if i had to do both the hot fix and the quick fix. So...i moved on and installed it on win8.1 instead. No problem on that windows. I would change in the registry if i had an clear answer on exactly what to change/add. I kind of hoped you had gotten that. About Gabe. In the MS text you can read that usually those fixes isn't necessary because the coder takes care of that with a little bit of code in the installer. I choose to believe we got it so cheap because he wanted us to do his job. Or he's a fanatic win10 user?
  13. Kurre

    Harvest MIDI Plugin

    So, no one else wants to be the grumpy guy. It's on me then. You don't mention the solution. Does that mean that everybody with win7 is forced to mail the developer?
  14. Bandlab assistant needs to be manually downloaded every time for me when it needs update. Cakewalk usually doesn't.
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