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  1. That will give you the whole pages with lot of shit you don't need. I'll stand by my approach, it's better.
  2. Well, Steve Martin does it quite well i think. The Coo Coo Bird
  3. Piano 6 gigs! Thanks for the info. I'll pass on this engine as well. I really should concentrate on plugins i have and make something from that. 🥰
  4. I wonder if it is their recording that's clipping? I don't like the screaching tail of notes in middle and high octaves.
  5. I saw a request for bookmarks in the General Music Discussion. That got me to think of all those times i copied a couple of post to text. With info that was new to me and i thought i would need in the future. Does this board from Invision Community have something like "download as pdf" in its settings? It would be practical to have it besides "Start new topic" "Reply to this topic" upper right when you have opened a topic.
  6. I wondered what happened to her. Kate Bush - The Man I Love
  7. Those numbers is not bars. It's more like beats. Maybe you could continue by starting a new thread in the instrument&effects forum?
  8. ^^^^ I got the feeling that Ctrl & Shift was aimed for use with the browser and dragging the files to the track.
  9. Is the folder your recorded file is directed to write protected or needs admin rights?
  10. Depending of the instrument playing the bass i go one octave step up or down to get the best sound.
  11. Maybe this about adding successive clips could help.
  12. I only liked Cass McCombs first song "Harmonia". But that was a beautiful song. 👍
  13. Kurre

    combining tracks

    If you use the wrong word and mean Cakewalk which is a daw for use on laptop/desktop, this is the right place. This old documentation still works: https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR X2&language=3&help=Mixing.56.html 👍
  14. Kurre

    combining tracks

    Bdickens question is still out there. ..."and would like to be able to do the same thing here in BL." HERE is NOT BL=Bandlab, which is an online daw you use with your webbrowser.
  15. @Josh | W. A. Production Feature requests: Fewer notes in the bass mode. Divide the rythm mode to two new modes. Drums and percussion. It would be nice if the drum mode was made to always use channel 10. I forget that and forget Cakewalk need two octaves down to hit the right notes. But that's a Cakewalk thing so leave the octaves as is.
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