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  1. It's something fishy with the given data. Microsoft employé maybe?
  2. His support is good to me. Yesterday i went to download the updated plugins in the group buy. DLooper was added to the page with plugins but i missed the new MSTR-plugin. He wrote in his newsmail that 2019 group buyers would get it for free. I sent an online message asking him about it and he responded in under 30 seconds. He asked for my mail. I gave it to him because i understand that it could be used to id myself. He then gave me an url to the plugin download. Ok, the first url was to the wrong plugin...i went there directly in another tab and could tell him that...the second url worked like a charm. I thanked him and went on my way. I also got the url's in my mail to archive for future use.
  3. Sometimes BA downloads the installers but never start the installation. Check C:\users\xxxxx\appdata\roaming\bandlab-assistant\downloads It's the bandlab-assistant with small initials. If the installers are there you can just doubleclick them to start the installation. Begin with "Cakewalk_by_Bandlab_setup_date". Maybe, to be on the safe side, rightclick and run as admin instead of doubleclick.
  4. That's interresting. So vst3 doesn't need to be installed in its own folder. You avoid things being messy by never having double versions of vst. 👍
  5. He was attacked by a KVR user in his own thread and accused of shitty support on a different product that was not mentioned in that thread. He didn't like that. It was WK who suggested they moved their discussion to the "off topic" forum. It escalated to namecalling each other and the moderator got a swing of it by doing nothing. I found it absurd that he was the only one that got banned. The other two should have been banned too. They provoked him.
  6. Kurre

    Melodyne expiration

    It just hit me what the biggest difference is. Waves Tune has a rather tiny not scalable window.
  7. Kurre

    Melodyne expiration

    (Obs. It's the scan that takes 5-10 sec to be done after playing.) I have to confess that i've only used Melodyne once so...i know the theory. That's just who i am. I'll be interrested in something and test it once. Then i'll move on to the next thing and when i come back after some months...if it's a trial/demo it don't work any longer. I tend to stay away from trials/demos. Aside from that, WT has two different versions. Waves Tune and Waves Tune real time. Real time is to pitch correct live performance. Waves Tune is an editor and you can edit the audio scan, note by note, in different ways before converting it to midi or save it as a new wav with the corrections you made. Ok, i'll shut up now. I'm hearing myself as a salesman for Waves and that's no fun. I don't like salesmen. It's just that i was so happy to see that it worked ok with that affordable price. I don't have the money to buy extremely priced software as Melodyne. (I don't pay for stripped down software. That's just developers way to milking it and get away with it.) (And the technology of it is over 10 years old so it is like selling a 10 year old car for the same price as it was launched.) I've read up on tuning software and it seems all of them have the flaw that the resulting midi has to be cleaned up a bit. Notes with very short duration often have to be deleted afterwards.
  8. Kurre

    Melodyne expiration

    You seem to have decided to buy Melodyne but for other readers not so sure: Waves Tune: You drag your wav-file to a track. You drag Waves Tune from audio fx to the track and its fx-bin. You play your wav-file and WT scans it and converts it to midi. It's done 5-10 sec after the wav-file finish play. If for some reason it doesn't sync with the play line there is a Rewire plugin that comes with it and you drag that to an empty track2 and the sync should work. I've never had to do that.
  9. Kurre

    Melodyne expiration

    I bought waves "Tune" on sale for 29.95 and am satisfied with the result converting audio to midi. Though their plugin manager is a bit irritating installing tons of vst's where 1 would be enough. The price varies, so right now it's a bit high but probably would decrease in a month or two.
  10. Considering 14% of the worlds pc still uses windows 7 even after the support are gone it would be a mistake to let CbB be unusable on windows 7. It would need some outside the box thinking...and as the time fly by it seems they're back to the old pace i read about and those bugfixes that don't remove but instead put in the bugs.
  11. Noone care, i know. But lack of rollback is why i move over to Reaper.
  12. It's the opposite of Reaper. Reaper expects the track first and everything else inserted into the same track. Cakewalk is more everything on its own track. Instruments first and tracks second.
  13. Kurre

    FXchain custom ui.

    Thanks. I'm not sure if you can do so much more "themes" out of all the objects. These three was the obvious ones and used as examples of the quality of the graphics. With fxchains you replace one object at a time. You can use red knobs with the goldie body if you will.
  14. There are some photos as background. Those are from my fathers digitized slides. I declare these cropped versions and the rest of the graphics as public domain. Body is the same as background. Knob is the same as rotary. Nameplate...well, isn't it obvious. CbB in a file name refer to the pastell colors, red green blue yellow(ish), used in prochannel graphics. I picked those colors and used them for a bit of color coordinating on some of the objects. The theme folders is mostly for organizing. It is about creative graphics and not to copy some hardware look. When you're tired of looking on the same ui all the time, you now have the ability to liven things up. Download zip from here: https://gofile.io/?c=ikgQ8y Info on snapshots: Wood - brown theme, button onoff blue and nameplate silver. Blue - blue theme. Goldie - Yellow theme.
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