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  1. Please everybody! Think harder about how drinking water could rinse out toxins in your body. Google and you will find that it is a myth.
  2. Google about "hosts". There's many and Savihost and Nanohost is some free ones. Use vsti's from the "freeware instruments thread".
  3. Smoked for 40 years. 20 cigarettes a day. Very deep inhalation. Soo, to the smoking mystery. It surely has more dimensions than written here and other places. I am and has always been healthy. My last job, i worked there for 12 years, before pensioning had me on sickleave only for half a day because of food poisoning. After approx every 10 years i would stop smoking for exactly a year to give my body a chance to clean itself up. Maybe that helped? Or was it that i seldom sat down. Always walking and used public transportation to work. The last work place was a ten minute walk from the tube. I preferred that instead of waiting for the bus to travel that last bit. Maybe that helped? I like to walk and did so on the weekends if it was sunny. Usually for 2-3 hours without pause. I still do it every day it's sunny. Maybe that helps? I felt relaxed when i smoked. Maybe the rise in bloodpressure was something my brain needed to feel relaxed. It definitely was relaxing in the workplace when you had an excuse to go out and take a smoke break for 5 minutes. Non-smokers was a bit jealouse of that. They was afraid to go out for 5 minutes without an accepted reason. To quit cold turkey or using nicotin gum depends on the individual. To keep being smokefree i think there has to be a big reason. Could be economic if the income goes very low. Or choosing between the one you love and a smoke. For me it was my body signaling something wasn't quite right. Tested change of foods and some other small changes and it didn't help so i quit cold turkey. Smokefree for approx 6 years now. PS. The only water i drink is the coffee. 5 mugs a day = 1 litre. And 1 glass of lactosfree milk with dinner.
  4. When downloadin/installing Cakewalk there was also an option to dl/install add-ons. One of them being studio instrument suite. Cakewalk Studio Instruments includes a Drum Kit, Bass Guitar, Electric Piano and String Section. You can, in the daw, go to help menu and select "check for updates" and that should give you the option to dl/install the add-ons you want if you didn't go for it the first time. There is lots of free vsti plugins from third parties. That also goes for free effect plugins. This forum has topics for that:
  5. I use this one when i miss an emoji in a forum. https://emojikeyboard.io/
  6. Musicradar write: As well as being offered as a standalone download, Pro Tools Intro also comes baked-in to all Pro Tools 2022.9 installations, meaning that, if your paid subscription or trial version of that software expires, you’ll still have a DAW that offers basic functionality. We should also mention that Pro Tools Intro can be installed and used without the need for an iLok.
  7. One thing that you can't solve by using a plugin is CLAP. Hopefully they adopt this format. 👍
  8. Maybe it has to do with keyboard shortcuts that's messed up? Check W (delay) and D (remove) in preferences. Another way is to remove all songs from the playlist and close it. Shutdown Cakewalk and restart the computer. Try with a new playlist.
  9. These guys is part of an acapella group called Home Free. They had opera training in college 15 years ago. The last ten years they have been singing country and pop. Stunning performance. 🤩
  10. You could try a search on KVRaudio forum for syxg50. I remember seeing someone had made an interface for it. Don't remember if it said to show patches. It was over a year ago.
  11. Yes. I have installed it on two pc's and activated them with the same license (redeemcode).
  12. The guitar pro tab archive marked with "download" in red is a working dl. It's gp3 and gp4 files. Viruscheck after download but before you open the zip. I checked it with MS defender. Didn't find anything bad. http://alwaysoldschool.blogspot.com/2014/07/guitar-pro-tab-archive-55000.html I stayed away from those further down. Seems a bit too eager.
  13. I got my licence (redeemcode) now and dl'ed the exe. You dl the trial from guitar pro site and then use Jrr's licence to unlock it.
  14. How long do you usually have to wait on the redeem code, and the plugin itself? Jrr way to handle things is new to me. Manual handling? Waiting time?
  15. Thanks. It's nice of you. I already use protonmail and like it. I have bought it and waiting for licence. PS. I'm registered at 43 different plugin sites. It seems that every plugin that interest me is sold from a different site. Apart from Ample Sound. Is it some law of nature?🤪
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