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  1. Padshop is one of my favorite synths. Beautiful sounds.
  2. Some Nice Free Sounds for Padshop 2 Youtube Video Direct Download from Steinberg
  3. Go Big Red! (Born in Omaha, raised just north of Beatrice...)
  4. Arturia really hit it out of the park with Pigments
  5. I ditched MF emails awhile back as well. Who thought it would be a good idea to send multiple emails a day?!?!? I think I'll do the same for several other companies soon. Larry does a better job anyway.
  6. Yeah, that was me. I was originally told it was a system problem that would be fixed, but later found out that they actually were not offering the deal. I called them on the phone and raised enough Cain that they honored it.
  7. UVI Product Portal = Waves Sales Infinite Loops.....
  8. Great, just when I thought I was done with Arturia. I have the 12 other effects, and my price is $49. Do I really need three more reverbs?
  9. Today, MF had a crazy deal on a cheap midi controller that came with some software and a Studio One 4 Pro Upgrade. I didn't care about the controller (and most of the software, save a one year Groove 3 subscription). I attempted to purchase it this morning, and the site gave an error - I "chatted" into the support, and was told that it was a "system" issue, and that it would be fixed in a few hours. They gave me a cart number in case there were issues. I tried to purchase tonight, and received the same error. I chatted into support again, but this time the girl told me that it was out of stock, and there was nothing she could do. I gave her the cart number, but she didn't budge. Obviously, this isn't what they told me this morning. I figured I would just call them instead. I explained the whole thing, and the guy told me that the cart number I was given this morning had no notes on it. It took quite awhile, but he came through for me. They honored the deal (minus the controller, which I didn't want) in the end. I received the Producer Pack (bunch of stuff, but includes the 1 year Groove 3 pass), plus an upgrade to Studio One 4 Pro for a grand total of $109. I feel good!
  10. All have similar release notes: New Features Added undo/redo Added compatibility with macOS 10.15 Catalina Improvements Preset browser and plugin toolbar is now unified across all FX Collection Various GUI and compatibility improvement Removed Drop of 32 bits support Remove MIDI Learn
  11. All nine of the Arturia "Effects You Will Use" have updates. Run the Arturia Software Center.
  12. On chat with MF right now.... EDIT: No interface is included. I think I'm going to get a bundle - don't care about the controller, but I can get S14 Professional AND a year of Groove 3 for $120! Not bad.
  13. Run Native Access to Update. (Full Kontakt Not Required)
  14. husker

    UVI Vintage Vault 3

    Did you get it Reid?
  15. husker

    UVI Vintage Vault 3

    Ok, I only have VV2. That's why no coupons.
  16. husker

    UVI Vintage Vault 3

    Did you ask them for a code? I have VV2, but my email says $199
  17. husker

    UVI Vintage Vault 3

    Yeah, that's about it. I'll tell myself I don't need it for a few days, then I'll cave. I mean, have you heard that String Machines 2???
  18. husker

    UVI Vintage Vault 3

    I show a price of $199 of you own VV2. Decisions, decisions.
  19. Does anyone have both FMTines 1 and 2? Is the second one worth it if you have the first?
  20. As I've gotten into home music production, I've learned so much from everyone here. I pay close attention to pricing, structures, and how companies operate. I've looked at IK before, but never really had a strong desire to jump into their ecosystem - it just seems too confusing. Jam point, credits, custom shop, etc. There are great options out there without having to jump through hoops.
  21. Yes! That is exactly it. Thank you @Matthew Sorrels
  22. For the past few years - there has been a company that has given away about 1GB worth of random foley and sound effects, usually at the end of a calendar year. I download them each year, but for the life of me, I can't figure out who gives them away. Its a fairly substantial sound effect pack they give away. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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