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  1. I probably won’t be purchasing any ‘lifetime’ updates from NI this year!
  2. This is a most excellent deal!
  3. Looks like you may have had to register for this event to sign into this virtual booth.
  4. Not sure if this has already been posted, but there is an update to build 130 for Sound Forge Pro 14. I couldn't find when this exactly came out. Build 130: ARA - ARA plug-ins work synchronized with the destructive processing in Edit and Event Mode - Backend improvements - event management, undo/redo/ui handling - Bugfixes More MP3 mono export options DSD handling improvements Marker names for scripting fixed (this bug came with Patch 3 - build 111) Textured background fixed Visualization files reset while program start with STRG + SHIFT keys
  5. This is definitely something I will check out. There were a few things with Vocalign that didn’t quite work before. A further transparency of operation would be great!
  6. This promo was still on hold today Sunday, Jan 17, 2021.
  7. I have pretty much given up any expectations that Cakewalk will add a chord track. Anymore, I almost always use SOne, because of this perceived limitation of Cakewalk.
  8. XLN on my machine also says Addictive Keys needed an update!
  9. Thanks! Opened the UVI portal, it indeed needed updated from the update that occurred a couple of weeks ago. It also says I have an update for one of the products: Digital Synsations - 9.3GB Installed version: is 1.4.4 ChangeLog 1.4.5 - [FIX] Tuning in some "DS1" presets This is where i always ask, couldn't they have just updated those few presets where the 'tuning' was off, rather than only offer the entire 9.3 gb library as one huge download? 😁
  10. This is soooo disappointing!!
  11. balinas

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! Wild dreams for everyone!
  12. Every once in a while i take my own advice. I wiped out cookies and then DR connected! Doh! (No offense to anyone named 'Doh!' intended, although I might use it in the future.)
  13. 😀 Actually it was SpectraLayers Pro7. And the truth is I love it! My brother left a legacy of wonderful original music, and SL pro7 was perfect in helping me polish his work!
  14. My internet service cant seem to reach blackmagicdesign.com today to check this out!
  15. So, as I told my wife, I only bought one thing music related in 2020. Was it my best purchase, or was it my worst purchase?
  16. I uninstalled everything, and then reinstall 2.99. No initialization of the program. Uninstalled 2.99 and reinstalled 2.98. Works just fine! I will contact the developer here in the next few days, to see if they have any suggestions. I did do a manual download, disconnected from the internet, turned off all antivirus, firewalls, but not a sound was to be heard, except the clicking of the keyboard and mouse!
  17. Happy post-conjunction days to all from the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. May everyone's plugins continue to work when this happens again in 800 years! Actually, that almost seems like a depressing thought!
  18. I'll try that, and see how that goes! thx for the experience suggestion!
  19. I updated, but now Synthmaster 2.9 standalone and plugins wont open. Over the last year or so, I have had multiple issues with this synth and its presets on my machine. As it goes, I get less interested in this because the time I put in to getting it to work, which it was before this update, seems to eat away at the energy that I could be putting into something productive. I will revert to the previous version.
  20. I have had long waits with Steinberg support in the past, but a support issue I had with the recent Cubase11 rollout was answered in 4 days. Might be a record. After the last update, the Steinberg Download assistant is working (for me on my machine) as expected. For a while it wasn’t working at all.
  21. a lot of Star Trek episodes between now and then!
  22. Just noted today that the Izotope Product Portal was asking to update to 1.3.7
  23. Good to see that Steinberg finally has the direct links to Cubase11 and SpectraLayers 7 pro up on their website. Steinberg Download Assistant did go through a couple of updates this AM, and now SDA appears to be making a meaningful connection to Steinberg software as well. At least right now, with these links up on the Steinberg page, I can relax about making sure the chicken feet aren't exactly north and south to mitigate the effects of the magnetic poles on SDA.
  24. Always funny! The update for mine didn't show up until today! Vinyl was also updated as well.
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