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  1. Works well in Kontakt. Some interesting effects. thanks, Jesse!
  2. I had this behavior for quite a while. For what ever reason, it stopped about 2 months ago. I wish I could tell you what happened to correct it.
  3. In the JRRSHop, the RX 9 advanced update from RX8 advanced was $125.16 with the GROUP code. A small, but nice savings over the $149 advanced update price in my 'Loyalty Offers' on the Izotope site. Now to get my hearing aids updated.
  4. Judging from this thread, I may have been the 11th one to get this today! Thanks!
  5. I am not sure if anyone answered some of this question. In SynthMaster One click on 'Browse,' then left click on KV331 Audio Shop. Go to the right side of the window, and scroll down through the KV331 products to the BluffMonkey Darkwave Sounds. Highlight BluffMonkey. Right click, then click on the Refresch my licenses. I got a small window saying I had an expansion to download. I clicked to download it. And then the Darkwave sounds showed up when I went back to the Presets. Perhaps I didn't need to highlight the BluffMonkey Darkwave Sounds in the KV331 products listing. Maybe just right clicking in there will get you to 'restore licenses.'
  6. balinas

    AAS Bundle for $30

    I just went through my duplicates, and contacted AAS support. They got back to me within 12 hours. Part of their response: ’The following duplicates were obtained through a Stack Social pay as you wish bundle and stack made the mistake of delivering two keys for some products hence the duplicates. We do not replace these ones. We also do not exchange licences for the Session instruments since these were obtained for free. ’ but I did still have 5 duplicates. And within 12 more hours, support had swapped them for 5 new sound paks. I indicated which ones of course. A little Christmas when I didn’t expect it!
  7. You are totally correct! Vague memories of that are now circulating. Cheers!
  8. Once again, the download and installation through the Bandlab app does not work. Perhaps one in 4 times, it has worked as expected. Is there a direct link to update this most recent update? Frankly, I am about ready to give up completely on Bandlab Cakewalk. And sometimes I can find the direct link on the Bandlab site, this time I can't, and I dont really have the patience to keep looking. Thanks! Ok. Now I see that when I open up Cakewalk, there is a notification that there is a new update. Clicking on this, thankfully doesn't take me to the Bandlab app, but directly downloads the new update. Now that went smoothly. Perhaps with this type of notification, there is no need for the Bandlab app anyway, as it is pretty worthless on my machine for reliable downloads.
  9. Cart and checkout worked on my iPhone. Now waiting for the next email! edit: confirmatory email arrived in the time it took me to open my browser. Now to download and try it out.
  10. In my youth. I always loved going to Paris boldly clad in my ‘Very Smart American’ t-shirt and watch the facial expressions of the local populous when I would ask ‘Ou est La Bastille?’
  11. SpectraLayers 8.0.10 July 2021 This version contains the following improvements and issue resolutions.Issues resolved A signature error for the AAX plug-in has been fixed (macOS only). Duplicating layers is not possible in ARA mode. Now a warning message will appear when trying to perform this action. Spanish strings for EQ Match and Ambiance Match have been corrected. When hovering over the frequency scale the scroll bar now shows up properly. Menu entries are no longer blocked when working on full screen mode or maximized mode with the taskbar hidden (Windows only). Keyboard input now works as expected after applying a VST plug-in on either standalone or ARA mode (macOS only)
  12. One of the characteristics of Cubase has been to make you upgrade to the next level just to get the bugs in the previous version fixed. And then of course introducing a bunch of new non-functionalities. Any one thinking hamster wheel? right now Cubase isn’t my favorite, but I do like the chord track options even though I read music proficiently. My software purchases have been much more reasonable over the last year and a half. But I have liked each of the version upgrades/updates with SpectraLayersPro. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too Steinberg-ized.
  13. balinas

    Spectralayers 8 out

    Here is a link to a more recent thread on sp8 one and sp pro 8. Hmm. Link won’t paste! But it is one of the more recent topics in the Steinberg SpectraLayers forum. Not sure why it won’t paste! https://forums.steinberg.net/t/disappointed-with-v8-solved-wrong-edition/726827
  14. balinas

    Spectralayers 8 out

    And of course you have to have your licenses correctly displayed on the elicensor.
  15. balinas

    Spectralayers 8 out

    SP 8 one, It is a lite version. Most of the time ,from what I read, folks should install last, SPpro8, version. Then Cubase should correctly display the highest version.
  16. Appears there is an update to Cubase 11, to 11.0.30 WE HAVE CORRECTED THE FOLLOWING FEATURES AND FUNCTIONALITIES MIDI Data in the controller lane for program change events is now displayed consistently with the info line (from 1-128). MIDI notes are no longer missing in exported MIDI files when MIDI parts use Velocity on the info line to subtract values. Using MIDI step input no longer creates hanging notes with external MIDI instruments. SysEx data no longer interferes with MIDI recordings when received in pre-count phase (affects e.g. ROLI devices). MixConsole The on/off state of the Pre filter section is now stored in the Pre filter presets. The link of a send panner to the channel panner now works correctly when send destinations have a different format. Switching faders/inserts/sends in the MixConsole in the lower zone no longer leads to unexpected scrolling positions. Miscellaneous In macOS, the Direct Offline Processing user interface no longer turns red sporadically after a period of extensive operations. When using Direct Offline Processing, Time Stretch on audio files with a sample rate other that 44.1 kHz no longer creates artefacts when auditioning. It is now possible to trigger macros via key commands when the Process Bars dialog is open. Using modifier keys no longer fails when editing in Windows 10 (e.g. Alt-drag for duplicate). Acoustic feedback is now working correctly when clicking on a scale event. Changes made in an ARA extension editor are now restored correctly when the operation is undone and then redone. Switching between track versions no longer resets ARA extension settings. Overwriting existing audio mixdown files no longer creates files with the wrong length in macOS. When executing a job queue in Export Audio Mixdown, an incorrect error message about missing cycle markers is no longer displayed. Note names in the Inspector for expression maps are now shown correctly. Importing a track archive that references multiple audio files of the same name now works as expected. Using the Project Logical Editor to enable/disable Track Operation: Inserts Bypass is now working for all track types, e.g. instrument tracks. It is possible to add additional lines for Logical in the Filters area again. The user interface of FabFilter plug-ins is now displayed correctly on screens with 21:9 ratio and 125% or 175% Windows scaling. The project cursor no longer changes to a thin line in Windows 10. Toggling Record Enable no longer interrupts the audio output when a project is playing under heavy CPU load. A maximised Project window now remains maximised when working with sampler tracks in Windows 10. Using Undo in the Score Editor no longer closes the editor window when Show Chord Track is activated and the chord track has Lock enabled. Several window focus issues have been resolved when switching back and forth with other applications in Windows 10. Several graphical issues in SuperVision have been resolved. The Low-Cut parameter in the Delay Character section of the MultiTap Delay is now working correctly when a delay module is used for effects. Stability We have improved the stability in several areas of the application: When selecting scale events in the In-Place Editor. When importing tracks from a project with only channel settings selected. When using the Chopper plug-in with a high ASIO buffer size. When MIDI CC values above 127 are used. When resizing the Key Commands dialog. When using Send MIDI Clock in Stop Mode.
  17. balinas

    Spectralayers 8 out

    I do like this program. I will be checking out the SP8 forum over the next several weeks to make sure no major incompatibility changes were added!
  18. I had a very minor update to Halion6 which I may have missed before. When I find my pants, I will muster up enough presence to edit this post with the number. Ok, no pants but as long as my camera is off, everyone is safe. The changes were from Halion 6.4.20 to 6.4.30 HALion 6.4.30 / HALion Sonic (SE) 3.4.30 The following lists all new features and improvements in HALion 6.4.30 and HALion Sonic (SE) 3.4.30 ID # Area Issue HAL-8539 General Fixed crash during AU validation at Apple Logic startup HAL-8550 General Fixed possible crash in Ableton Live HAL-8605 General Fixed text glitch which occurred when renaming programs in the slot rack HALLY-8590 Flexphraser Fixed issue where the Flexphraser did not work for a specific combination of settings HALLY-8598, 8650 Scripting Improved lua script execution
  19. Stark does look interesting. Right now it is only part of the ‘everything bundle’ which is a bit much for me. And they aren’t offering any deals on Stark outside of that bundle. Had anyone ever seen this on sale, or at a discount?
  20. balinas

    FabFilter incoming

    Same here! FabFilter Timeless 3 - Vintage tape delay plug-in (Upgrade) 65% off of $129.00 You save $83.85! Total price: $45.15
  21. I am just glad this update was to 'fix a regression' and not the usual "a fixed effects regression" which is an estimation technique employed in a panel data setting that allows one to control for time-invariant unobserved individual characteristics that can be correlated with the observed independent variables. Besides me the parrot, who writes this kind of stuff?
  22. The download for Pigments 3 went smoothly this morning. Let us see how this baby handles turning on the nitro!
  23. Downloading the new version of Pigments keeps giving me an error. I tried through the ASC, and then I went directly to the Arturia site to download the installation program for Pigments. Doesn't work there either. So, try, try again, all for another day of trying. Is it really 'trying' to keep trying to download this today? Or am I just looking for something from which I can justify these irritation dreams!?
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