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  1. Maybe it should be called the Axe O/I? : )
  2. This show for me at $147.52
  3. Grem

    Magix Acid Pro 9

    @Starise I agree with you on this. Using loops in CW just isn't as easy as I thought it would be. I played around with BandLabs Android app and was really surprised at the ease of use. I mean for a phone I got some really decent results!! That got me wondering when I was following this thread: If Acid makes using loops as easy as the Bandlab app did, I think I could get into this. Thanks Kenny. Right in the middle of a new PC build. So I haven't d/l and installed it yet.
  4. Wow!! That looked..... trippy!!
  5. I would let Support know. You may have found a major bug that slipped through testing.
  6. Grem

    Sandisk 2 TB SSD

    Some guy is correct. These drives also don't have a very good garbage collection routine. The performance will continue to drop as the drive gets older.
  7. That is strange Larry. That's the first I hear of the Axe I/O having an issue with an IK product. Will it work inside a DAW?
  8. Yeah, at work they told us that computers would make our jobs much easier!!! LOL!! I guess ya'll know the moral of that story!!
  9. Agreed. Also late to the party!! Good job Bat. Keep 'em coming!!
  10. Grem

    Magix Acid Pro 9

    I didn't get my serial # till Tuesday also. It will be a few days before I can get into it. Have never used this program so I will approach it with open mind.
  11. Yes PA does up date thier stuff. But not a lot. And to update to a new version requires a reinstall. You can reinstall over the old one with no problem. And since the last time I used thier manager it did not let me know there was an updated version of any plugin. I happen to be in my account and noticed an updated version.
  12. I have Mercuriall Reaxis and really like that amp sim. It comes with a reverb, delay, and chorus that are all decent. I don't fiddle too much with a sound once I get it, but I do work at it with what ever amp sim I got. Learned many years ago that one amp could get many more sounds out of it than I thought it was capable of. So even today I will flip through presets till I hit something I am in the mood for. And after playing it and seeing what it can do, I try to take it someplace else. Doing this process with the Mercuriall Reaxis is really a pleasure. It is something I enjoy and always go back to this amp sim. I also have Mercuriall's Sans Amp but have not sat with it long enough to give much opinion on it. I may give this Spark a demo. Reading the specs on it has my interest peaked.
  13. @antler I agree with you. They handled this all wrong. I ain't getting no subscription from them. I'll get it from somebody else before I get it from them. And me getting on a plugin subscription ain't happening.
  14. So if my math is correct, the bigger the voucher, the higher the minimum order. So the more I spend, the more I am penalized? SMFH I stand by what I said earlier: "They have lost it!"
  15. Got my 'Loyalty' voucher yesterday. Look what it had to say: NEW: Minimum Order Value* Your $50 voucher will require a minimum order of $75 - this means that your net shopping cart subtotal has to be $75 or more before you can successfully apply the voucher. *We saw a lot of people trading our vouchers on the internet in the past. Some users were even using multiple vouchers, often resulting in multiple free orders in a single month for some accounts. Unfortunately, this is not how we intended these vouchers to be used, so we decided to react. Wondering what the minimum spending is on other vouchers? IOW, is the $25 requirement $50? and the $75 requirement $100? Hey I understand they gotta make a profit. But it seems to me they could have handled this a lot better. IOW, it's not my fault they let the voucher system get abused. I didn't abuse it. The one or two times I did use the voucher to get free plugins I ended up buying something else that same month, so they didn't really loose out. To see this in my email just doesn't sit well with me. : (
  16. If anyone does decide to WUP, do yourself a favor and check out Koby at everyplugin.com, he is a much better option than going through the Waves site. I don't think that WUP has gone on sale this year. Not sure I am right, but IIRC it's this time of the year when it does. You know, BF and Christmas sales.
  17. There is a Version Compatibility tool in the new WC. Has anyone having trouble with V9 and V10 plugins tried that? [edit] The latest WC version is 11.0.41 and it's called Version Organizer under: Settings/Maintenace/Version Organizer. Reading on Waves site I see that trouble can come from any two versions from V9, V10, V11 of the same plugin being installed. IOW if you have C1 V9 and C1 V11 installed it will give you trouble. From what I can understand the Version Organizer takes the older plugin out of the scan path, or something like that.
  18. Despite all this WUP stuff, I still love Waves plugins. I can't even remember ever trying one that I didn't like. And I can't remember how many times I was surprised when I opened a fugly plugin to find out just how damn good it was. C1 reminds me of this everytime I use it.
  19. Yep Larry, they are on to ya. I can select as many expired WUP plugins as I want and it all caps at $240. Select one that is still current and up it goes!! It was good while it lasted!!
  20. SOC is on sale right now! $99 WOW!! Maybe $50 was the lowest they will go for now? https://www.waves.com/plugins/scheps-omni-channel
  21. Grem

    Magix Acid Pro 9

    Never had or used Acid before. Back in the day I never thought I would use loops. Fast forward to today and I see how useful loops can be. So after following this thread since it started, I decided I would make the jump and try it out.
  22. I did the same thing Zinc about 2 years ago.
  23. Grem

    3TB Seagate HDD $79

    1Tb is $40 2TB is $59 4TB is $89
  24. Grem

    3TB Seagate HDD $79

    Newegg has the Seagate Barracuda on sale right now for $79. https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16822178994
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