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  1. If I bought in at this level, I would get only one extra product I don't own. The only things I don't have are B3 and Sampletron. And a few sound libraries, but I am already in for them at the $49 level.
  2. clicking on above link brought me to this
  3. Danny just released his new album. Waiting on it to come in. Anyone interested: https://www.the-music-shop.net/ Scroll down and look for Danny Danzig name then click the buy button. I still listen to Danny's "Danziland" cd. Still get blown away by his phenomenal playing.
  4. Yeah I went to my Crossgrade page and there is nothing there that would entice me to join this GB.
  5. Yes I agree. Just d/l and installed today. Didn't have much time with it but I like what I have seen so far. I opened a project that I started with 2 and it loaded and played fine with the update to 3. I only looked at the Chords module but it seems to me that things are laid out more logically, intuitive. Really am looking forward to my days off so I can really spend some time with it.
  6. I hope we do. That's one of the reasons I paid for the upgrade. Future investment!!
  7. This is the route I took. At least this will bring BFD back into a usable state for not much outlay. I never had the full version of BFD, only ECO. I really enjoyed the sounds and the work flow of ECO.
  8. Last time I updated T Racks it was almost a 2gb dl. Took well over and hour!! Really? IK need better servers. Probably getting slammed with the GB dls.
  9. I was going to ask didn't we just get an update??!!
  10. Yeah I got in on 2 also. I like this program and am impressed with the video announcing Orb 3. Very high quality video. Glad it's on sale until the 22Sep21. I also got an offer for $39 and will get this before the intro sale ends.
  11. @mibby near Baton Rouge Louisiana!!
  12. Figures.... ordered mine last night
  13. Grem

    WUP Sale 25% off

    This is why I don't mind WUP. I can take it or leave it and my projects still work. 100% agree with this. There, fixed that for ya!!
  14. Grem

    WUP Sale 25% off

    I am with ya on this one.I decided to do it once and get up to date and that should carry me for a good while. The give a free Mix Rack that's really nice too. It has an option to split any signal into different frequencies and route how you want to the plugins in the rack. It really is nice. You don't hear much about it at all.
  15. Grem

    WUP Sale 25% off

    Agree 100% Under the radar plugins Waves Tune Waves Tune Real Time Greg Wells stuff C1 comp F6 EQ All the Renn stuff All the H stuff
  16. Grem

    WUP Sale 25% off

    Agreed!! I never WUP'd until recently. And I really can't see me doing it again. Unless it gets down to that $29 majik mark!!
  17. Grem

    WUP Sale 25% off

    You have 3 Mercury bundles?!!! I am impressed!! Seriously. Also, how did you get the $350 discount!!??
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