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  1. And I know some good friends that did that too!! It's not ya'lls fault!!
  2. I am doing a fresh install of BFD 3 (the new version I just d/l) It took a long time to d/l it last night. IDK how long it really took, I got tired of waiting and went to bed. Now I am installing it and it is taking a long time for this too.
  3. I went to the store and tried to place 'any' 5 expansion packs in my cart (one of which was Horsepower). There was no problem doing that. But when I went to apply the code, the only discount I got was for one expansion pack, Horsepower. I then assumed that it didn't work anymore and just took all the other packs out of my cart except Horsepower, because that's the one I wanted most out of all of them. Then I went back to inmusic and looking around I saw it said get Expansion pack as a gift. I clicked the dropdown and saw that they were giving away 5 'specific' packs!! That's when I realized my mistake. I should have tried to use it with all 5 of those packs instead of the ones I picked. : ( When I picked packs I only chose Horsepower as one of the giveaways, not knowing what the other four were. Again, my loss! So if you still have your code, try to choose all 5 of the packs they are letting you choose from, and see if the code will let you still get all 5!!
  4. This didn't work for me. I tried though!!! I was hoping it would. : )
  5. I jumped anyway. Better get while the getting good!! Now, I am all set for drums... no need for anymore... ever!!!
  6. That's a good idea!! Didn't even think of that!!
  7. All I ever had was BFD Eco. And I can get the upgrade to 3.x for $50. I might get this. I liked how Eco allowed me to alter the midi. This might be a good deal for me
  8. Grem

    Akai VIP 3.1 90% off

    This is what I was getting/understanding from the description on the sale page, but found it hard to believe!! Think it would be worth it just for that feature alone.
  9. That's great news Larry.
  10. Grem

    Akai VIP 3.1 90% off

    Often wondered about this software. Does it do what it says? Can you use it in your DAW or is it just a standalone app?
  11. God Bless to you Terry, and to your family.
  12. Yes Larry thanks for sending such a thoughtful letter. We surely appreciate your help in this. I just finished doing my taxes. What fun... a least they're done now.
  13. You have a 32 core? What DAW do you run? How does it display all the threads?
  14. I did find some 3200 RAM in 256gb modules (sticks). $2500 each!!! $20k for the ram to fill out the $1k motherboard that houses a $5k cpu!!! Just to run plugins? M.2 1tb PCIe 4 = $200 x 2 = $400 (to run raid array) Video card $500 (for one in stock!!) Case $70 After all said and done, around $10k.
  15. But to take full advantage of this CPU, you will have to get the ram to support it. And to fill/max the RAM on the board you would need 256gb sticks x 8 would equal the 2048gb. But I could not find 256gb sticks. Biggest I could find (at Newegg) was 128gb sticks at 2600. Not fast enough to take full advantage of the Ryzen chip. Best I could find, (at newegg again) was 32gb sticks which would give you 256gb total, for around $1500!! And if you can find 256gb 3200 ram sticks, the cost would be almost as much as the proc!??? But it would be 8 channel memory!!!
  16. But Larry... if we dreaming, lets dream big!!! Found a motherboard for that bad boy!! (not in stock at New Egg) Has 8 channel Ram, can hold 2048gb Ram (yes that's 2tb) (each stick would need to be 256gb!! How much would that much ram cost!!?) Has 3 M.2 PCIe 4 (two run off the CPU and one run off add-on chip) What a mixing machine that would be!!! @InstrEd Yep you would have some bragging rights for sure!!
  17. I think you would have to load it up with a ton of ram!! And a fairly large M.2 that's PCIe 4. It would have to be the right motherboard too. But you could most likely get by with this CPU https://www.newegg.com/amd-ryzen-threadripper-pro-3975wx/p/N82E16819113677?Item=N82E16819113677 for half the money and still use all the ram and M.2 drive!
  18. I would not doubt it. AMD is starting to close that performance gap that's for sure. I am not certain any of us would use all 128 threads of a CPU like that in our every day to day audio work at home. Not even sure a studio would get much use out of it. IDK if a gamer would even use all that CPU power!!
  19. Me too! But that one seems to be a long time coming!!
  20. This is a great sounding plugin. And the TMT is a very nice addition.
  21. That's 128 threads!!! How would a DAW report the cpu usage for a chip like that?!!!
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