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  1. Update: Last one for this thread. Ordered the S-Style kit last night . Will be here in a few days. I plan on doing this one slowly. Mostly so I don't mess anything up, but also to try and teach myself some patience's when doing this type of work.
  2. You have to "Register Interest" to find out more info. To me that means $$$! SO I went ahead and registered!! LOL! It looks really good to be honest. From Roland website: To express our gratitude to all the loyal Roland customers throughout the world, we’re pleased to present the JC-120 Jazz Chorus Roland 50th Anniversary Limited Edition, a special collector’s version of the classic JC-120 Jazz Chorus amplifier. A true legend in music history, the JC-120 has been in continuous production since 1975 and is Roland’s longest-running product. Offering the inspiring “JC clean” tone and immersive stereo chorus of the standard model, this special release features a natural cherry wood finish, dark gray grille cloth material, and a commemorative badge with a hand-engraved serial number. Only 350 of these special amplifiers will be produced, so reserve yours today!
  3. Do you still have m perpetual license? After the update. Or did you update?
  4. You are kidding... LOL!! That was a good one!! 🙂
  5. No the confusion is on me. Your giving great advise. I watched it (finally!) ands now I see what your saying. I also see why everyone was really adamant about getting the pilot holes correct!! DEAD CENTER!!! Someone in this thread had an idea/method about a drill bit with the little point on the end. I don't know what they are called but I know what they are talking about, and completely understand the why of using them. I knew about putting the two strings on the guitar to align the neck. What I didn't understand was how was I gonna align the neck, keep it aligned, flip the whole shabang, then drill into the neck without getting it out of alignment!!! I now see that I will only make small pilot holes while the neck is aligned, then take it off and drill the holes!! Duh!!! I have had one of those AH-HA moments. I will place my order tonight. I now understand the most critical part I was concerned about. Thanks to metelus and all the others who posted for sticking with me and helping me understand. I am teachable!! It just takes a little bit of work on my part... (and a lot of work on those trying to teach me!! LOL)
  6. In Reference to Above Comments: 1. It is accurate. I have no idea what happened. Maybe it was adjusting to the air in my home. I did test it right after my wife brought it inside. And it was sitting in a mailbox in the Louisiana sun. (Just for reference: It's 80+ degrees right now. Sitting in a black box in this sun will heat you up!!). I have checked it with two different straight edges. It's square. 2. This is another user error. I assumed that I would start from the first fret by the nut, or the first fret by the pups. Wrong in both cases. Apparently you start at the second fret. When I did that it matched all my guitars. One side for Les Paul style, the other for Strat style. 3. I was right about this!! : ) So sorry for the confusion to anyone reading these posts!
  7. Great advise mettelus. Now that I think about it my father in law had a drill press I can use. Your idea about getting the screwd started on the body with the tips sticking out is a good idea that I have used before so I am familiar with it. Seems like the way to go for sure. I just not have put my head around putting on a c-clamp to hold neck and body, and still be able to work around it. IOW how will I put that configuration on the drill press? LOL!! Nor am I seeing how I would be able to get a drill around that without leaning in some direction because of c-clamp. Will require more thinking on my part.
  8. Excellent point. Great to point that out. Some would not know that a gap would be forced between the body and neck in a situation like that. It would be desirable for the body and neck to have threads for strength and stability. It is this exact process; dilling, then screwing the screws into the neck and body, that I am most concerned about. I don't have a drill press. Suppose I could rent one for the day. Even so, how I will keep both the neck in place and the body stable and still allowing me to do the work I need to do is what I am trying to figure out.
  9. Yes! This sub stuff is crazy. I was getting some meal supplements for my pet, and they wouldn't let me order anything unless I went with a sub. They stated the reason was short supplies so only subscribers would get it. (Side note, they are back to selling like they use too.) This is just a bunch of BS! Good grief!!
  10. Update#2: Heard back from Stewmac in reference to drill holes in neck. The body has holes drilled. There are no holes drilled in the neck. From the email: Hi Michael, Thank you for contacting us. The body is pre-drilled, but the neck does need pilot holes drilled for mounting.
  11. I have to amend and retract some things I stated here. So I Posted Below A Full Explanation. Ok, update: I got the notched straightedge that I ordered from Amazon for$12. A few things to note: 1. It is not accurate. Closer to the smaller notches the more it goes out of square. I didn't measure it but it's at least eighth of an inch off. 2. The notches doesn't fit any guitar I have. It will fit some on the small side, but doesn't fit all the way to the nut. Try going other direction and it fits by the nut, but soon goes out of wack the smaller the frets get. I tried it on 5 guitars. A Carvin (25" scale), Lp, G&L Legacy, MIC Squire Strat, and a custom Strat style. Tried both sides, both ways, and it doesn't match one guitar. 3. Sharp edges on the smaller fret sides. I could fix that with a file or dremel. Now the fret rocker tool that came with the set is dead on accurate and works as expected. Guess I will find a use for that notched thing eventually!
  12. Agreed. [edit] I have to say, as of today, I love my Waves plugins. Great quailty, all of them. Outstanding sound from all of them. License systems works well. Are there some things I don't like about Waves plugins? Yep, sure is. But none of them are a show stopper. If they still sell perpetual licenses after the 26th, I will still probably buy more of them. However, if it's sub only, I am outta here. Ever since PA started really I pushing thier MegaDeal sub, I have bought very little from them. Very little. Only reason I buy anything from them is I get a perpetual license. I ain't doing no sub, don't want no sub, ain't down with subs at all. They can take that sub and stick it....
  13. If it's in your Waves Central account, (IOW, showing in Waves Central app), then it's registered. You can have different plugins "activated" on different devices. Some on the computer your using, some on a usb stick, some on another computer located half way around the world. Activated means (afa Waves plugins) you can use it on that "device". And that "device" can be a computer HD, a USB stick, or Waves cloud. Your choice. It's actuallly a good system. Other than only allowing one Activation per product.
  14. Wow! unfreaking believable. Thanks for posting
  15. I love Garbage. I never liked Nirvana. I did not like the Pumpkins either. I had no idea Butch was a founding member of Garbage! I watched the whole video though. Imagine my surprise when I realized he was the drummer for Garbage!
  16. And they kept your money, made interest on it, and then blame you for not getting in touch with them.
  17. Wow! That's our government working!
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