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  1. InstrEd

    A new beginning

    Hmm I pledged to go electric in 2019..............................
  2. Larry you made it Happy New Year
  3. Welcome Mr. Pickle. Yes I'm assuming you are a he with a name of Pickle. If I'm wrong my apologies.
  4. You mean I have to know how to read. 😕 Off to school to learn I guess 😟 😁
  5. Neighbor's kid that was 10 years older then me had a Datsun with stick of course and gave me lessons on how to operate stick shift. So I'll always have a soft spot for Datsun as it is a memory.
  6. pistachios pudding Will its the holidays 😎
  7. No Chord track and I don't believe they have implemented ARA2 support yet.
  8. I heard B.A.P.U. is free to entice you to upgrade to version 3.0! Yes it is such an improvement that they are skipping version 2.0. Version 3.0 comes with not one but 3 of what we have no idea but you get three of them!
  9. Agreed.Plus I do believe we will have an influx of new forum members that got CbB after the cakewalk forum was closed to new members and the separation might be good to have.
  10. Thanks Colin I always wondered what Enya used for that sound
  11. So since its in coffee-house- I like to order a decaff-vanilla Latte with whip cream with my latest deal buy. You do accept PayPal don't you LOL
  12. I look back and I wish I had the time to take some more diverse classes. I was a commuter college student and working all different hours to pay for college. I didn't have the luxury to stick around the campus. It was a large urban university too. So college age students that have the luxury of not worrying about paying the bills, partake in the full offering the University offers. Okay off my soap-box now.
  13. Have to agree that it should be included for a DAW
  14. Or how about some picture of your studio setup Craig. How about a SOS article about your studio set up. Doesn't have to be CbB specific. I bet a lot of us would like to see your Cave.
  15. I might even have one of those in my collection. Just remembered I have Imitone too. found here
  16. scook our knowledge base. I think I'll pick up the bx-tune, on sale now.
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