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  1. my Rowlf had to come over from the old Forum. He would of been lonely. Rowlf is a very social muppet don't you know
  2. LOL Don't do it because your next avatar will be the one banging his head against the computer monitor.
  3. I use 24/44.1 too. Nothing to exciting here mainly small orchestra/ensemble backing tracks for music ministry. Don't see the need for 24/96.
  4. Scook, I was just ribbing you a bit. I appreciate your time and I do agree about RTFM. In my own defense though I couldn't for the life of me remember how to do something and I didn't know what to call it in Corel Draw. Someone like you guided me in the right direction. It was a part of the program I very rarely use. I always appreciate folks like yourself who take the time to help others. What I don't like is when folks get nasty on forums. You handle yourself IMO extremely well. Hope you stick around for a long time
  5. Plus this Forum has only been live 29 days. We have to realize that CbB is a very deep DAW and not a starter DAW. I sure they will cross market each other in the future.
  6. scook, I think you have the online manual open on another tab in your browser how quickly you link to it. Maybe you should have the online documentation link in your signature🤣
  7. thanks Pete for letting us know.
  8. Noel go get some rest for the big NAMM show next week
  9. I had an Alesis QS series keyboard that sometimes would hang Cakewalk and I had to make sure I turned it off before Cakewalk.
  10. Let us enjoy the ride and hopefully it is a long winding road by the coast with a greatview. Hope the vehicle doesn't fall off a cliff....................... Maybe the vehicle is actually the long awaited hovercraft LOL Anyway I think CbB is in good hands and I will exixt this discussion.
  11. Yep the Tip jar right now. I think NAMM next week is when we get to see Bandlab's vision and hopefully announcement of a storefront.
  12. I think scook it is the future that scares people. Right now everything as far as I know does activate.
  13. True scook. I guess I won't worry about it myself the activation process. Most companies are going to some sort of online activation process. So we all have to hope the companies stick around
  14. Glad that CbB has added the Ripple Edit indicator
  15. So if Cakewalk by Bandlab stops producing for some reason or another the program might cease to work. Not trying to start trouble but that is a mighty turn off to learn the software to find out it might not activate in the future
  16. This I can relate to. Last update screwed my network printer and I had to and reinstall drivers. Of course I find out from family while I'm at work and they desperately need to print something for school 😕
  17. What I find funny is the bashing at Microsoft while the herd freely gives its information to Google, Amazon, Apple.
  18. I'll add I would like the store to have gift cards available. Wife, what do you want for your b'day, Cakewalk GC😀
  19. I can't get kicked off until I pass my old forum count. Only Bapu was special and got to keep his post count. Of course if I got kick off I would be like the line in Office and a Gentleman. "I got nowhere else to go"
  20. Welcome aboard Scott. Hope all is well and you continue being involved with Cakewalk publishing articles etc......
  21. "hear ye," "hear ye," "hear ye," "hear ye," Long live the new Emperor Meng😃 Just fulling with you Meng if you see this. Thanks for keeping Cakewalk alive and I hope your vision prove fruitful for us all!
  22. I didn't make the cut😰😀 It's okay I have lots to learn. So much to learn
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