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  1. funny I was thinking who will be first ezbass or rayzoon bass software.
  2. Andromeda is on Comet TV here. I watch it sometimes but I agree after the first season it wasn't all that special.
  3. M32 does look interesting
  4. InstrEd

    @ NAMM now

    I'm jealous. Have a good time and buy Noel a drink 😀
  5. Funny side note here. I got my teen age daughters hooked on Marvel Agents of Shield. My 16 year old is upset that it is not on yet for the season. We are watching from the beginning on Netflix. So I think to myself, I must be doing something right. My kids want to watch Sci-fi with me Wife is even watching with us😎
  6. I got into the Star Trek Enterprise 2001-2005 episodes too with Jonathon Archer and T'Pol too. My wife says I'm definitely a trekie nerd.
  7. Well they were lost in the Delta quadrant and nothing else to do
  8. Wish I had the money for it Looks like a nice update.
  9. They seem to be trucking along
  10. I don't have enough time to watch all these shows😐
  11. Wish they still they made M-Audio Deltas Audio Cards for PCI bus. Well now PCI-express slot.
  12. Imitone had an email out a few days ago with an update on his product and hinting at with MIDI 2.0 he will be able to do more things automatically then he can now with MIDI 1.0.
  13. Just wanted to wish the whole Cakewalk and Bandlab group well wishes for a great NAMM show. Go break a leg😉
  14. Yep 24/96 highest I would go to. I'm almost always at 24/44.1 - Good enough for my needs.
  15. LOL I have been there more then once and with my older brain I tend to forget things.
  16. I'm hoping CbB will get some new videos tutorials for beginners. Presonus has a boatload of videos showing how to use the program.
  17. The sustain pedal really fills the room with sound if you know what I mean. I still like to listen to these older pieces of music to. Wim Winters is doing a wonderful job playing.
  18. The faster the 32bit plug-ins are gone the better IMO
  19. So True! Still they could but up the older manual for download.
  20. Yes I totally agree. Long live Cakewalk 😃
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