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    How Will You Know?

    Hey, this is a terrific demo of your song -- the mix is great -- I like your reverb choices a lot. Another good from one you I'd say.~~Allan
  2. ABull

    Light Up the Dark

    This is a good demo of your song -- clear mix and the arrangement is interesting -- solid work. ~~Allan
  3. ABull

    Hey There

    Hey Freddy --another cool song and terrific demo -- really enjoyed this~~Allan
  4. Hey Freddy -- sorry for the delay (see what I did there?) in listening to this -- as usual, clever song-wise and mix-wise -- you don't take the easy way out -- looking for different angles. I like that. ~~Allan
  5. Hey Kenny, while the track itself could be funkier (think Sugarfoot), your playing as usual was very good -- I enjoyed your tones and the jazzy lines you constructed. ~~Allan
  6. Thank you -- I'm glad those lyrics resonated with you. ~~Allan
  7. ABull

    A New Day

    Hey, your vox sounds a little like Liam Gallagher - nice. You need to do some work on this demo but it's a good start you've got here. I'd like to hear a future version of it. ~~Allan
  8. Hey, I've been there done that on those recorders. You did terrific work on this demo -- I like the bass sound of that synth in particular -- just the right tone. Everything sits well in the mix. Vocal sounds good and well recorded. The acoustic guitars are a little bright but so what. You were making good home studio demos 30 years ago -- I'm impressed. ~~Allan
  9. Very nice sounds -- some hints of Santana's Caravanserai in this piece. ~~Allan
  10. I can't get the hang of Windows 13 -- just accidentally hit the bump button on my keyboard -- sincere apologies.
  11. Hey Freddy, I like that chooglin' beat - an early 60s toe tapper fo sho. Cool use of those drum fills too -- bass could use a tad more compression I think. Another good one in the Freddy canon -- see what I did there? -- ~~Allan
  12. Man, I know -- and dread -- those feelings so you had me from the get-go. However, the song really picked up interest for me from 3:25 onward. Some very nice stuff going on there -- in fact, you could turn some of those chord changes and such into a song with vocals. It would work well, I think. ~~Allan
  13. I always find a lot to like in your instrumentals and this is no exception. The transition in sound from the dense sounding intro to the sparser verse is very nice -- my nit is that the "harmonica" sound is a bit stodgy. A different synth sound would give it more umph. As usual, I think your tracks would make a good basis for some 80s style pop tunes but that doesn't seem to be your direction. So, keep 'em comin'... ~~Allan
  14. Hey Freddy -- another very well done blues numba from you -- I can dig it. ~~Allan
  15. ABull

    She's Top Shelf

    Terrific demo of your song -- I enjoyed listening! ~Allan
  16. ABull


    7-4-2019 Hey fellas -- thanks for listening and posting comments -- much appreciated. ~~Allan
  17. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  18. ABull


    Much thanks mate, but we know that's not always the case, right?
  19. ABull


    Thanks Freddy -- glad you like the song esp. the lyrics mate.
  20. ABull


    Thanks mate.
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