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  1. Very good composition. I would agree you acheived your goal and created a fitting tribute to your father, and, perhaps hit on a theme for that generation in the process. Really enjoyed the song and the orchestration. Regards
  2. Rik, Great to hear some new music from you and this track sounds fantastic. One of the things I really like about your playing is your timing and groove are always impeccable. Many guitarists struggle with timing. You hit all the right notes and keep it flowing smoothly all the time.. Great stuff and look forward to hearing more..... Regards
  3. Johnbee58 - Thanks John, appreciate that. John Maar - Thanks for listening. Bob - Hope your doing well and very glad to hear this song brought back good memories. My parents were NKK fans so was also lucky to hear this stuff growing up too. Have been thinking about picking up a turntable lately as I miss the groove noise (seriously). Glad to see you back at writing and recording, I know you took a break for awhile. Haven't been too active lately due to work but will check out your new stuff. Thanks Wookie, appreciate the mix review. Was worried about a few elements and may take a stab at fixing a few of them when time allows. Hope all is well in your world. Regards
  4. Great listen gents. The song and performances are outstanding and the mix sounds really good. Very cool chord progressions, vocal harmonies and the bridge is a nice twist as well. Very well done. Regards
  5. Thanks everyone for the listen and comments. I was thinking initially that the mix may be a bit too bass heavy but I guess it works. There is a lot going on in the track so I always worry about something like too much bottom end or lower mids stepping on everything else. Fortunately Eastwest Hollywood Strings is pretty good at fitting into mixes without a lot of tweaking as it is very well recorded. Used the new UAD Capitol Studio Chambers on the Lead Vocal, strings, guitar and a little bit of the bass. Just a fantastic plug. Also used Line 6 Helix Native on the guitars. Of course at the end of the day the vocals make or break the track so thanks to Bacco for delivering a powerful vocal performance. Regards
  6. Hello, finally made it to the new Bandlab Forum. Good to see a lot a familiar people here. Have been working on a cover of Mona Lisa for awhile and finally think it is close to complete so looking for critiques or suggestions. This version is loosely based on the Nat King Cole hit, however, does have some elements pop, country, etc... Bacco Music had posted an acoustic cover of this song on the old Cakewalk forum and I asked him to re-record the vocals for this backing track. He did a fantastic job on the vocals and contributed greatly to the overall direction of the backing track. Link below. Thx. https://www.soundclick.com/html5/v4/player.cfm?songID=13880243 Regards
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