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  1. Although a Queen fan I never heard any of their solo stuff including this song. You did a really awesome job and after hearing the Roger Taylor version, I like your backing track better. I think it has a better overall sound and flow than the original (IMHO). Vocals are really good and a seriously good mix. Regards
  2. Nice cover, well mixed, well performed and you can't ask for more than that:) The only thing I would change is that drum fill around 2:10-2:11, to me the fill breaks the momentum of the verse. I would start the drum groove without the fill at 2:10, maybe put a short fill ahead of that 2:10 mark to give a hint the drums and bass are coming. But really fantastic work, had a couple listens through. Regards
  3. Well you fooled me:) Seriously though, my observation is based on timing, phrasing and note choices/melody. When I listen to guitar players that I like, it is usually about these elements ahead of speed, tone and other factors. I think the overall feel of your guitar playing is really good and very much enjoyed the tracks. Very convincing. Regards
  4. Very well done, I like all the songs but gravitate more toward the ones with the edgier guitar sounds. Couple tracks have a Frank Gambale vibe to them. Had a number of his instructional DVD's and hear some similarities or influences. Certainly not bad company to be in:) The tracks are well played, well mixed and the songs are all unique in their own right. Listened to the whole thing this afternoon at work and will probably have another listen over the weekend. Nice work across the board and enjoyed the songs and your playing very much. Regards
  5. Keith, Great job, had to go back and listen to the Beatles version again. I actually prefer your arrangement and tempo over the original. Vocals are really well done. Regards
  6. markno999


    Wookiee, Very cool track, had a few listens through. The themes are all very interesting and the mix is really solid. Sounds like you are getting back in the saddle after your break and hope you are feeling well. Regards
  7. Wookiee, Really cool track, you have a way of creating some very interesting soundscapes. 2:18 forward really took off into the stratosphere. The drums sound great, will have to check out the SD3 Orchestral SDX. Regards
  8. Steve, Great job on this track. You captured the overall Motown vibe of the era and the performances and vocals are really good. Huge thumbs up. Regards
  9. markno999

    Blind Boy Blues

    Rik, Sorry to hear about your continuing health issues. Hopefully your surgery will prevent any additional eye problems. Great track, you certainly cheered up your listeners with your playing. Fantastic phrasing as always. Regards
  10. Kevin, Your mix is pretty good. I like the song , playing, production, etc... I think if you push the HiHats up bit and bring out the kick a bit more (more punch) you will have a winner. The guitars, vocals, stereo field, etc.. all sound good. Reminds me of some early Tom Petty. Regards
  11. Tim, Very cool song, you guys are great players and it looks like you have a lot of fun playing live. I like this more traditional metal style and your mix is terrific. Regards
  12. markno999

    End Game

    Wow, you have some great tracks in your archives. Really like this performance. Top notch work. Regards
  13. Daryl, As always, fantastic original song and production. This song's use of lyrical dissonance does an exceptional job of contrasting the subtle and unpredictable path of the person with the writer's perspective of who the person "was". Really clever production. Regards
  14. Sounds great, vocals are fantastic. +1 on the Hall and Oates comparison, definitely has that feel. Really well done. Regards
  15. markno999

    Si tu savais

    Rik, Thanks for the info, greatly appreciated. I ordered a Zoom so if my Ovation doesn't work out will just have to get a new acoustic that will work:) Regards
  16. markno999

    Si tu savais

    Rik, I have an old Ovation Legend Acoustic from around 1981 with an awful piezo pickup. It records terribly unless using a condenser mic. I wonder if it would sound good with the Zoom? Is your Ovation a similar vintage and how would you rate the sound from it going DI with the Zoom? Regards
  17. Great track, glad you pulled this one out of the vault.
  18. markno999

    Si tu savais

    Rik, The tone is amazing, had to have a look at the Zoom AC-2 after hearing this, looks pretty cool. I always dread acoustic guitar recording because it is a hassle with mics and I am getting old and lazy:) The Zoom seems pretty versatile,convenient and most importantly, realistic. Your improv is really good. I like how you started with the original them of Si tu savais and then did your own thing. Really fantastic sound and playing.... you have a real talent. Thanks for sharing. Regards
  19. Tom, Fantastic song and production, very creative. The only "critique" I can find (since you are looking for them) is that the horns seem pretty stiff and straight. I think they need to swing a bit more to get with the rest of the track, particularly in the beginning. I might also add a little muted trumpet riff in the very beginning just before the bass comes in to set the tone for what's coming. I was initially thinking, "this really needs some horns," and of course they came just a bit later. Couple places the drums could also swing a bit more... That said, had a few listens through and found it a very excellent listen. Love the latin vibe that comes in after the piano break. The piano is so good....really enjoy your playing. Regards
  20. markno999

    Valse a deux,

    Rik, You did a nice job with the Django style vibe over the backing track. Never get tired of hearing your playing and original songs. Fantastic work. Regards
  21. RSCain, You did a really good job on this track and that guitar does sound pretty awesome. You also put some Donald Fagan style in your vocal delivery which makes it even more believable. It is a taste thing, but I would pull the vocal reverb back just a hair, when people mix their own vocals they tend to push them back or stick a lot of reverb or delay on it. Your voice sounds really good so no reason to hide it:) Regards
  22. Very good composition. I would agree you acheived your goal and created a fitting tribute to your father, and, perhaps hit on a theme for that generation in the process. Really enjoyed the song and the orchestration. Regards
  23. Rik, Great to hear some new music from you and this track sounds fantastic. One of the things I really like about your playing is your timing and groove are always impeccable. Many guitarists struggle with timing. You hit all the right notes and keep it flowing smoothly all the time.. Great stuff and look forward to hearing more..... Regards
  24. Johnbee58 - Thanks John, appreciate that. John Maar - Thanks for listening. Bob - Hope your doing well and very glad to hear this song brought back good memories. My parents were NKK fans so was also lucky to hear this stuff growing up too. Have been thinking about picking up a turntable lately as I miss the groove noise (seriously). Glad to see you back at writing and recording, I know you took a break for awhile. Haven't been too active lately due to work but will check out your new stuff. Thanks Wookie, appreciate the mix review. Was worried about a few elements and may take a stab at fixing a few of them when time allows. Hope all is well in your world. Regards
  25. Great listen gents. The song and performances are outstanding and the mix sounds really good. Very cool chord progressions, vocal harmonies and the bridge is a nice twist as well. Very well done. Regards
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