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  1. Simon! You got me all excited, and for WHAT?! 🙂
  2. The simple route works! I've been really pleased with my Behmor and like how much control it gives you, but $399USD is a crazy price; I think I paid about $300 New Zealand Dollars for mine. At nearly $100 less, I'd get the Technivorm.
  3. I also am a big fan of the aeropress, though I usually use a Hario dripper because my wife prefers it. The machine I've got in my office is the Behmor Brazen+, which is very good. It's designed to be an automated pourer-overer if memory serves, and has certification for things like brewing at the correct temperatures, etc. I'm not sure how easily available they are at the moment, but I'd buy one again. https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/behmor-brazen-plus-coffeemaker
  4. My BF list had one item on it: "nice algorithmic reverb'. https://www.bestservice.com/lx480_complete.html
  5. Any thoughts on the RC24/48 reverbs? I'd been toying with the UAD Lex224 which is $139 at the moment, but $99 for the pair of NI 'verbs doesn't sound bad...if they sound good!
  6. That's exactly what I did. The clean demos of the Soldano have that gorgeous 'hairy' sound.
  7. Good to hear someone else finally give the trace some love! It sounds really close to my hardware TEs
  8. Thanks for the tip on the outside IRs - really haven't had time to play with it much yet! Seriously, how spoiled are we with so many great sounding ITB solutions for guitar/bass amps? The one thing I feel I still don't have is a great Vox-style sound, but there are some cracking ampsims out there!
  9. Blimey, bit of a trip down memory lane, there - good times!
  10. Zo, have you picked up BX's bassdude on your travels through guitarland? If so, what do you think of it? If you still have a voucher you can use, it's hard to argue with $4.99! I put it on something last night that I'd been using Amplitube's Super Reverb on, and it seemed to work better for that track (and I'm pretty keen on IK's guitar stuff!).
  11. I was able to stack the reissued monthly voucher with this; got it for $14.99. I haven't demoed it for sound, but I like that I can read the text on the faceplate so easily! Sad when that's one of the things you think of first!
  12. Underwhelming's put it kindly. I don't have a lot of PSP stuff - just the 2445 reverb (which I freakin' love) and E27 EQ, I think - but I got both of those for about half of what they're on offer for here IIRC.
  13. Sorry Peter - sneakily quoting you in the hope it'll give you a notification. I'm not sure if there's anything you can do to help me--and the group buy is generous as is, so I'm not fussed if you can't Long story short, I wasn't very strategic in how I used my freebie slots. I've bought in three times, twice quite early at the $149 tier and a third time later on at the $99 tier when I couldn't choose between some items! Alas, I did things such as burn a $149 freebie on things like Orange, Slash, and Fulltone before jumping in with my $99 tier option. Do you have any cosmic clout that would let me 'bump' them over so they can count in my $99 buy in so I can free up some higher-tier slots for other things? Gotta be worth a shot, right?
  14. It's pretty amazing what you can do in the new(ish) mic/cab/room area in Amplitube. I'm sure people with the skills and space can better recorded sounds from a regularly mic'd amp, but for those of us pootling around at home, Amplitube lets us do some great things.
  15. On the main head there are lots of switches affecting the gain. I did also have something weird happen after scrolling back to Slash from another amp where the volume just vanished. Not sure if either of those things sounds like what you're seeing. Sounded great though!
  16. Craig Fowler

    IK Saturator X

    I'm not usually a boogie guy either but I really like the TA-30 in the collection.
  17. Craig Fowler

    IK Saturator X

    Orange, Boogie, and Hendrix are really nice, Zo!
  18. No, but if you get a duplicate you can sell your original copy or give it to a buddy willing to cough up the transfer fee.
  19. FWIW, this is what I did even though I bought Fender 2 from JRR not long ago. Easy enough to transfer the spare license if you want to (I think it was a $20 charge but you can use jampoints on it).
  20. Have only had a chance to throw the EQ4 on drums, but was very impressed! I suspect this will get a *lot* of use.
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