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  1. I am having really bad audio drop out issues not matter how little or how many plugins or files are loaded, found a tutorial in regards to setting latency and other parameters but no change. Had none of these issue on the previous version I was using. Where is the link to roll back as I have work to do and this is frustrating.
  2. Where is the information on rolling back from the current version release of Version 2022 11 Build 21 64bit? I am having major audio drop out issues and nothing is fixing it and its only since the version upgrade. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Gees maybe you are right maybe I was dreaming it???????? F#$k Rolled back and the same
  4. I can hear the metronome click but my audio device I'm recording cuts out eg my guitar.
  5. Direct USB is selected on my device which is the correct settings for my device. I can hear my guitar no problems right up until I hit record and the metronome starts count in then the audio cuts out until the first step of the bar.
  6. There is an issue on audio when pre click of metronome count in, the audio cuts out on the armed track until it hits the point of record. This is only come about in the update. Having no audio on the pre click is detrimental as you often use the time to prepare to hit the start point.
  7. Awesome I'll find the post. I'm using a M Audio dual track 2 these days, I have a digidesign 003 sitting on a shelf but given I'm on a windows laptop it's a paper weight these days. Thanks for your help
  8. Yes I have twice and also tried opening another project and same issues happens. Its only stated since the new updated rolled out a few days ago, never had an issue on the last version at all and nothing has been installed in the last few days that could be a possible issue besides the update. So how do I roll back and will I loose files? Do I have reinstall all my plugins again? Pain in the ***** is what it is.
  9. No that is on, and I just noticed that there is also a good 2 sec delay after hitting the stop button mid count in before the instrument sound comes back on so there is something going on with the processing
  10. Hi All, Updated a few days ago and just been trying to carry out some recording, the ability to hear your instrument prior to the start of the record sequence when the metronome is counting in has gone since the latest update. This is extremely detremental as you can not prepare yourself prior to hitting that first note. Has something been switched off that I am missing or has something in the programing been disabled? If its the latest version and nothing can be done how do I roll back to the previous until this is resolved as I render this version nearly useless until it is fixed.
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